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Xander de Mianna

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Summary: Xander becomes a mighty tinkerer

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Spiders and Bank heists, oh my!

Spiders and Bank Heists, good lord!
Disclaimer:see chapter 1

Buffy came back the next morning with the clockwork in tow. She glared at Xander.
“While your gear-thingy did ok it needs refinement. Like a decent blade instead of a chainsaw, I spent an hour getting demon guts out of my hair!” Buffy screamed,

The base of the spider was tricky, he couldn't get the legs moving right. The contacts Giles had failed to even get him an assault rifle so he was stuck arming it with a multi-barreled squirt gun for the time being. Since the spider design was working so well, Xander was now experimenting with a much larger design on paper since something that big could cause issues with parts and the government.

The television that the inventor kept in his basement just started blaring the closing song to Scooby Doo when a news banner flashed across the screen. A moment later an anchor with severely gelled blond hair came on.

“We interrupt our scheduled programing for a brief news flash. A strange six-foot tall figure burst into the First Savings Bank of Sunnydale, ripped the vault door off it's hinges and proceeded to fill several bags with cash. The Sunnydale police have chased the figure into the industrial district. More tonight at five o'clock, now we go back to our scheduled programming.”

Xander frowned, gulped an energy drink he had nearby and worked on finishing the spider for it may be needed sooner than he thought.

That evening there was a Scooby meeting and Giles proposed the theory that it was a Glyss demon. Of course, the unspoken consensus was the Doge was up to no good again.

“Giles, maybe we should call a clockwork a clockwork and just fight the Doge on semi-even terms.
Buffy goes and finds the clockwork, and I lay the hurt on it. It's not intelligent enough to speak, barely intelligent enough to walk and fight. It surpasses even Slayer strength and only another clockwork or my walker will best it.” Xander said.

“It may still be a demon Xander, Glyss demons are known to be six feet tall and the faster we act the sooner we can stop its rampage.” Giles said while polishing his glasses.

“Xander's right, we know it's a clockwork and apparently Sunnydale Syndrome applies to mechanical things duking it out in the streets.” Willow said.

“Xander and Willow are right, I couldn't beat the one that came after Xan and we wouldn't want to tip our hand too far. Let's just send the clockwork and keep Xan in the walker waiting in the shadows, I'll find it first though.” With that the Slayer scurried out the door, leaving the Scoobies behind.

Xander turned towards Giles and smiled. “So any luck on finding that fifty caliber machine gun?”

Giles took off his glasses and started polishing them.

“Unfortunately, no the heaviest thing you might get is an assault rifle.”

Willow stared at Xander, her Resolve face blaring. “Just why do you need a fifty caliber machine gun, mister!”
“Whoa Wills easy with the face, the Xanman is cooking up something special for the vamps. Seriously, it's easier to integrate working technologies rather than start from scratch.” Xander said hands spread in a placating gesture.

“Well, we don't need too much collateral when we're slaying bloodsuckers. We need dead vamps not people.” Willow said.

“Hey, we're facing more and more full-blooded demons and having a little extra firepower might not be a bad thing.” the Inventor said.

“Well ok, just don't go too over the top mister; I doubt we need a bunker buster to take out a demon.”
Willow said.

“I'm American, there's no such thing as overkill only I'm out and reloading.” Xander said at Willow's retreating form which got him a withering glare from Giles.

Xander rushed out of the library to his newly completed walker. His walker had additions compared to Giacommo's chief being the stake launcher. The launcher packed a hell of a lot less oomph than Giacommo's grenade launcher, even though it was supplemented by a holy water balloon launcher.
It would be powerful against vamps and the pneumatic spike gave him some versatility in damaging other things.

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The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander de Mianna" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Jul 10.

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