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Xander de Mianna

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Summary: Xander becomes a mighty tinkerer

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Chapter One

Xander de Mianna

Disclaimer: Rise of Legends is owned by Big Huge Games and Buffy the Vampire Slayer is owned by Joss Whedon. Iron Man is owned by Marvel Comics.

As a result of winning a bet with Warren that Snyder used to wear a toupee while he was a teacher and desiring to go as something other than a soldier, Xander walked down to Ethan's.
Actually, Xander was rather surprised that they had long leather coats and pocket watches so he could go as a steampunk character from a video game he was enjoying these days.

Several scenarios flitted through his mind of what he would do with a clockwork army. One was get a huge supply of Twinkies, followed closely by wiping out all the vamps in Sunnyhell.
His ambitious daydreams were interrupted by the cashier starting to ring up his purchase.
He noticed he was in front of an irritated Warren Meers who had purchased a bald cap and a white mustache.

Apparently, Buffy and Willow were fawning over a dress a noblewoman would have worn.
The dress was way too many ruffles for Xander's taste and did he see Willow depositing a toy sword into her bag?

Xander went to his house, dressed up and thought about borrowing one of grandpa's broken walkers to make his, just slap on some cardboard and some coloring....nah. He knew what his costume was and it would go over the head of Sunnyhell's population if he added the walker. Without further ado he headed to the School.


with those words reality bent, Seers screamed and the Hellmouth poured out a little more energy.

Magic raced across Sunnyhell, changing demon garbed children into demons, a boy costumed as Iron Man into Tony Stark and a male Scooby into the Inventor-Lord of Mianna.

Giacommo was puzzled, the lamps were not gas-lit, nor were there clockwork contraptions and he was bereft of his walker. The Doge must have done something to his armies, neither were they or his Pirata allies with him. Maybe the desert-dwelling Alin would have answers, maybe he was not too far from Mianna and he could go home.

Regardless of where he was, he had to find and stop the Doge, maybe this was one of his horrid chemical weapons from the Doge Hammer.

An Alin messenger-spirit floated to him screaming about some Xander and needing to find a Fluffy or Muffy. It obviously spoke a derivation of the Trade Tongue as he could make out that bit. Maybe if Arri was here she could shed some more light on what it was saying.

Iron Man POV

There was a strange reading coming from this town that seemed to be causing his sensors to read his vitals as different. For one, there was no internal struggle to keep the shrapnel from reaching his heart. He would just have to recalibrate his sensors after this adventure.
Around this time, a bust was broken and a wave of magic unleashed that created some changes.

The Iron Man armor returned to its cloth and plastic constituents, leaving a confused teenage geek with memories of Tony Stark.

Xander changed back into a irrevrent American youth with memories of Giacammo de Mianna, Willow became solid and landed in an undignified sprawl on the street. A boy had memories of a much older man in his head and a megalomania to match.

A/N:Reviews are good, according to the Ministry of Fanfiction they stave off a myriad of unpleasant maladies.
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