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Mixing the unmixable

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Summary: Constantine should really listen when people tell him that magic doesn't work for them. Constantine/Xander, (past Constantine/Giles)

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DC Universe > HellblazerdampyriaFR1824,397083,50116 Jun 1018 Jun 10No

Guess who?

Part two – Giles gets the surprise of his life.

Giles sat behind an old mahogany desk, buried alive under a ton of paperwork. Bills to pay, projects to approve, letters to write… the older Watcher attempted to bang his head on the hard surface of the desk, but was stopped before he could reach the wood by one of the paper pillars.

Sighing he leaned back in the chair and for the first time in his life considered to make use of one of those infernal machines that Willow seemed so fond off. Shaking his head he thought that that has to be a sign of an impending apocalypse.

Who would have thought that he would one day long for the time, when all he had to do was deal with a cheerleader Slayer and her friends and fight the sporadic demon. As soon as the thought left his mind, a bright light begun to shimmer in the middle of the room.

“Oh, for the love of God!” he screamed, as he unconsciously reached for the sword hidden under the desk. “I didn’t mean that literally!”

As the damn thing begun to grow, Giles recognized the tell-tell signature that was pure Willow and relaxed, waiting for the witch to materialize in his study.

He didn’t have to wait long. In the next few seconds the ball grew bigger and bigger until it finally spat out four people. Giles immediately zeroed his attention on the one he deemed responsible for all the excitement: “Willow, I believe that we resolved the issue of teleportation inside the Council HQ. What were you thinking?”

The witch blinked at him, still caught up in the spell, “What…?” then her eyes cleared and she blushed a bright red. “Goddess! I’m so sorry… I totally forgot about that,” she babbled as Kennedy stepped in front of her.

“It wasn’t her fault!” she said. “Xander got himself into trouble again. He and his friend summoned a demon and we thought that maybe you would like to talk to them!”

“Demon!?” Giles screamed and for the first time turned to look at the two remaining people that Willow dragged into his den. “What the hell were you thinking…..YOU!”

“Me?” Xander asked confused.

“I believe that he meant me, luv. Hello Ripper.”

“Constantine! You should be in Hell!”

“Why, what a warm hearted welcome.”

“What are you up to? Why are you here?” snarled Giles, reverting for a moment into his juvenile alter ego.

“Well I was trying to exorcise a spirit when your lovely witch brought me here.”

Giles frowned, only then remembering that there were other people in the room. “Willow why don’t you go and check on … that thing.”

“What thing? … … Oh, oh you mean the thing. We were just on our way there.”

The three young adults tried to clear the room as quickly as possible. They all remembered what happened the last time someone from ‘Rippers’ past stopped by. Well two of them did. The third only heard stories about it.

Xander was almost safe on the other side of the door when Giles stopped him.

“Xander, why don’t you stay here for awhile?”

Damn and he was so close to freedom! Willow gave him a sympathetic smile while Kennedy smirked viciously at him. Oh yeah, he was back at Kennedy’s top one hate list. Yay him.

“Sure, why not. It’s not like I had something better to do,” he said, plopping down into the sofa. If Giles wanted to give him a long and boring lecture about the dangers and perils of magic, at least he was going to be comfortable for the ride. Which reminded him…

“Willow, the car!”

“Don’t worry. I have it covered,” she smiled.

“You are the best!” Xander returned her smile.

As the girls cleared the room and closed the door behind them, Giles looked from one to the other and then begun to furiously clean his glasses.

The boy swallowed heavily. This was so not good, he thought. The Watcher only cleaned his glasses before a talk if there was a good chance of blood and death in the near future. Throwing a glance at their visitor he saw that the man was completely relaxed and scouting the room. No information forthcoming on that front, either.

His musings were cut short by Giles’ voice, “So, Xander if you would be so kind as to fill me in on what happened.”

“Ah yeah sure. To be honest there’s not much to tell. John was shoving me a house that I was considering for a dormitory, when we walked into a magic circle painted on the floor and he started up with the magic. A second latter the building starts to shake and we had just enough time to get out of there before the whole thing collapsed. Willow arrived at the scene soon after and it was at that point that we heard the roar. We fought, we bruised, he died and we won. Although it would have been a lot less painful if John had told us how to kill the damn thing in the first place,” he finished glaring at John.

Constantine just shrugged his shoulders. “I honestly thought that they knew.”

“Xander, can you copy what you remember of the circle?” asked Giles pushing a pad of paper his way.

Xander nodded took the offered pen and started scribbling in concentration. His brow furrowed as he tried to redraw it from memory.

In the meantime the two estranged friends were studying each other. John was searching for signs of his friend Ripper in the face of the old Watcher and disappointed found none. Giles on the other hand didn’t have to look far. Constantine was still the same irresponsible brat as years before only with some new wrinkles and scars.

“Here this is all I can remember,” said Xander handing over the drawing.

Giles took one look at the circle and palled slightly. It was incomplete, true, but there were enough details that he could guess what kind of ritual that was.

“What the hell!” he hissed, only barely restraining himself from attacking the other man.

A knowing smirk crossed John face as he saw a glimpse of Ripper buried beneath all the Watchers bullshit. Definitely worth exploring, he thought.

“It was the only way,” he said nonchalantly. “The spirit wouldn’t rest until he was appeased. But I guess that is now a moot point, seeing as the mansion ended up in pieces. Damn, I will have to avoid the Lord what’s his name. I heard that the last one that failed him ended up in a hospital.”

“A sex spell!” yelled Giles not allowing Constantine to redirect the attention away from the issue at hand.

“What!” gasped Xander, wide eyed.

“Oh come on! Why the shocked expression? You were there, you should have guessed what it was, the moment my tongue dived down your throat, to play hooky with your tonsils, and my hand…”


“No? Well that wasn’t what you were saying as I, how did you put it? Oh yeah, worked my magic.”

“I wasn’t saying anything! I was too shocked to even react to what was happening,” protested Xander indignantly.

“Oh yeah?” purred John, drawing closer to the boy that froze in place unable to move, in much the same way as the first time this happened.

John lifted his hand to Xanders face and begun to slowly run his thumb across his lips, until they parted under the slight pressure. He then looked into his preys’ wide eyes and bent down to kiss the full lips.

It wasn’t slow or sweet. No, John captured his lips like he owned them. Xander had never been kissed like that. Not even by Faith. For a moment he forgot where he was, he forgot Giles standing only a few feet away, he forgot everything that wasn’t directly connected with Johns lips.

He was about to close his eyes in pleasure when with the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of his father figure staring at them in shock. Rapidly regaining his mental abilities he pushed John away and then punched him in the face with all the force he could master.

John, surprised by the sudden shove, stumbled back a little and wasn’t prepared for the fist that followed.

“Knock it off!” screamed Xander.

John took a moment to wipe the blood out of the corner of his mouth and then smiled challengingly, “Well if that wasn’t denial I don’t know what it is.” then, turning toward Giles. “I am surprised that you shoved such restraint and didn’t jump him already. He is just your type, isn’t he? Well our type.”

He enjoyed the shocked gasp coming from the boy. “You remember what great fun we had that summer? Shagging like there was no tomorrow, from sunrise to dawn, being so sore in the evening that we weren’t even able to stand up and get some food. Those were the days…” he finished satisfied.

Giles was gaping at him like he had just declared another apocalypse while Xander had put his palms against his ears in the middle of Johns talk and started chanting, “No, no, no, no. Didn’t just hear that. No, no, no. Need bleach, need bleach for the brain. No, no, no…”

Xanders’ mantra finally seemed to penetrate the fog that set up shop in Giles’ brain and he moved toward the boy to calm him down. This in turn stopped the mantra.

Half way toward the Scooby, Giles stopped and asked awkwardly, “You okay Xander?”

The boy nodded. “I just soooo didn’t want to hear about your sex life. Or the fact that you actually had… have one. I will be upstairs, fixing the wardrobe and trying to forget this conversation ever happened. If we need to talk, about something that is not related to sex, you know where to find me. This after, of course, you kick this person out,” he glared at John and then marched out of the den not looking left or right for fear that someone would stop him and talked to him because right now he really didn’t know what he might blab out.

Giles watched the closed door with frustration, not sure what to do or how to proceed. The choice was taken from his hands when strong arms hugged him from behind in a tight, restraining embrace and a sexy whisper tickled his ear, “He really is perfect. Maybe we should teach him a thing or two about fun. I am sure that between the two of us we could really make him scream and beg in no time…”

“Oh, for the love of God, what are you doing here?” sighed Giles.

“I thought that we already covered that,” said Constantine. He liberated one of his arms and started to caress Giles chin, slowly working his way down the exposed throat, toward his chest.

“Yes, and now I want the real reason. Why did you choose Xander for that spell?” demanded to know Giles as he battled the hand away.

“As I told you I needed a magic inclined…”

“Cut the bull-shit!” said Giles annoyed grabbing the arm in a steel grip. “Every fifth person walking this earth had some magic in them. Why did you choose one of the Slayers oldest friends? And spare me the lie, that you didn’t know. Unfortunately the Scoobys have become quite well known in the supernatural circles.”

“I wasn’t going to lie. In the tavern I was about to make my move on a pretty waitress, when this kid walks in. I couldn’t help myself but notice him. Such unusual magical presence, such potential…”

Rippers’ body tensed and the man whirled around grabbing Constantine for the throat and slamming him against the wall.

“If you so much as touch Xander or one of the other children I will hunt you down and torture you until you beg me to end your worthless life. I won’t let you taint them!” snarled Giles, intensifying the squeeze on the others throat.

“And hello Ripper,” wheezed Constantine not at all disturbed by the others actions. “I knew you were still hiding somewhere in there.”

He grabbed Giles arm and pried it open then pushed himself forward and savagely attacked Giles mouth. The Watcher was frozen in surprise until Constantine nipped his lip, drawing blood. The pain unlocked a rebellious part of his brain that had remained sealed for decades and Giles savagely took control of the kiss, pushing the other man more tightly against the wall and trusting his hips against Johns, all pretenses of respectability gone.

A frantic knocking on the door woke Giles up from the maddening frenzy and a young panicked voice brought him back to his senses.

“Giles! Giles! Are you okay? Is everything alright?”

Closing his eyes he steadied his voice as much as he could before speaking, with what he hoped was a reassuring voice, “Yes Bethany, everything is in order. You can go now.”

“Are you sure Mr. Giles?” she didn’t seemed convinced.

“Yes Bethany. Everything is alright.”

The two men stood still, until they heard light steps going away from the study. As soon as they were alone again Giles pushed himself away from Constantine and with unsteady legs walked to the desk and heavily set down.

Constantine, still leaning against the wall fished for one of his cigarettes. “So Ripper…”

“Don’t call me that! My name is Giles or Rupert.”

“You can tell that to the kiddies, but we both know that deep inside you are still Ripper and that won’t change ‘til the day you die.”

“Be it as it may I have responsibilities here and I won’t let you tarnish my reputation in front of the children.”

“Children!” snorted Constantine.

“Yes and if you do…”

“I don’t know where you are looking ‘Giles’ but I see no children around here. And they are not pure either; they were tainted long before I even laid eyes on them. And guess who opened that door for them?”

“It wasn’t like that!”

“I am sure it wasn’t. But the deed is done and there is no going back. So descend from your high horse, Your Majesty and smell the rot.”

“Get out! Get out and leave here. I don’t want to see you ever again!”

“Oh I will… eventually, but I think I will stay here for a while, until the waters calm down. After all it is yours people fault that I am in trouble.”

With that he exited the room leaving a still shaken Giles sitting behind the table with his head in his hands.

He always knew that he was the one that had led those children into the world of the supernatural, but he always rationalized that it was the only way to keep them safe.

Opening the lower drawer, he dragged out the single malt that he kept there for special occasions and gulped down a generous dose right from the bottle. This was not good. He couldn’t begin to doubt himself, not now. He had a job to do and currently there was no one else that could do it.

‘Fucking Constantine!’ he thought. It was all his fault. Everything that he touched begun to crumble under his hands.

Everything, even Giles. It has been years since he had felt this alive, this real. No amount of fighting and almost dying had made him fell like when he had Constantines body restrained under his.

Ripper got a taste of freedom after being locked away in the depths of Giles psyche for decades and now he won’t shut up.

“Fuck! I am so screwed.”

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Mixing the unmixable" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Jun 10.

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