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His Legacy

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Hyena Blues". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy's destiny changes after the hyena incident

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DC Universe > BatmancmdruhuraFR182643,524715070,39716 Jun 1011 Dec 14No

Meeting the Benefactor

Title: His Legacy 2/? (R)
Author: cmdruhura
Series: BtVS
Pairing: None
Rating: R
Parts: 2/?
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters from Buffy or DC. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
Beta: Greywizard
Summary: Only a small but important part of Xander survived the Hyena incident.

AN – Janna and Buffy will be referred to by their new names: Janice and Anne.


When they arose the next morning, both women had a very hearty breakfast.

Janice and Anne both dressed in pants suits common to any business office. Even though the favor owed the Kalderash would guarantee the man’s cooperation, Janice still wanted to treat their meeting as she would any job interview. After all, she and Anne weren’t going to mooch off the man, despite the fact that, even if they did, his bank account would hardly notice. At least as long as she reigned in Anne whenever they shopped for things like clothes and shoes, that is.

All she would ask of their benefactor was help in setting up their identities. More specifically, help in getting her a job, help getting Anne enrolled in school, help with finding a good OBGYN for Anne, and finally, help with arranging for them to purchase a house that met their needs and would be affordable on what she would make on her job.

Not only did she not want to freeload off the man, but he was far too high profile for them to be associated with on a continuous basis. She and Anne definitely did not need to end up on the front page of some scandal sheet. Especially given Anne’s condition. That type of attention could lead to far too much scrutiny by all the wrong people. Neither he nor they needed that kind of hassle.

The cab that took them to their destination had also been arranged by the Tribe’s Elders so there would be no official record that they ever met their benefactor.

Finally, they stood before the large front doors of the mansion where the man lived.

The door opened shortly after they rang the bell and a distinguished older man asked, “May I help you?”

“Yes,” said Janice. “My name is Janice Kalder and I would like you to please deliver this for me to your employer.”

With that she placed the envelope with the letter from the Tribe Elders against his hand.

The man gazed at the two young women a moment as he gripped the envelope and then said, “If you would please wait in the parlor, I will pass this along.”

After escorting them to a room just off the entranceway, he then set out to deliver the letter.

It didn’t take him long to reach his destination and said to the man watching a car chase on a big screen TV, “Sorry to interrupt, sir, but two young ladies have arrived and gave me this to give to you. I felt compelled to bring it to you right away.”

Pausing the car chase on the screen, the man looked up and said, “Compelled?”

“Yes sir.”

“Place the letter on the table, please,” requested the man.

“I’m afraid that isn’t possible, sir,” the older man frowned after a moment.

“I see,” came the reply from the younger man with a bit of concern in his voice. “In that case, you might as well hand it to me.”

The older man did so, though the younger man only touched the corner of the envelope with the thumb and forefinger of his already gloved hand.

“Please see if our guests desire any refreshment and let them know I will be with them shortly, as soon as I’ve changed,” said the man as his name suddenly appeared on the previously blank envelope. At least it was the name he had used when he traveled through the Balkans during his journey to make himself into who he wanted to be.

“As you wish, sir.”


While Janice declined anything once the older man, the butler she presumed, inquired if they desired anything, Anne requested a PBJ with a glass of milk. It was just being delivered to her when a younger man, though slightly older than herself, entered the room.

“Was it necessary to use a compulsion spell?” he asked with a frown before saying anything else. His voice reflected his dislike for what had been done to the older man, who was still in the room.

Janice only paused a few seconds before answering.

“I apologize,” she said nodding to the older man. “But I had to ensure the letter was delivered without delay and that it would only be read by the one it was intended for.”

The younger man’s eyes stilled, showing he was upset over what had happened but mentally, he acknowledged it was entirely in keeping with the way the Kalderash did things, though to a much milder degree than he remembered. His quick analysis of the spell on the envelope had shown it was harmless other than the compulsion to deliver it to the intended recipient. That was the *only* reason he was only upset and not outright angry.

“So what do the Kalderash desire from me?” he asked as he sat in a chair facing the sofa the women were sitting on.

Again, Janice hesitated a bit as the older man was still standing in the room, but decided to forge ahead anyway when he neither left nor was dismissed by the younger man. After all, nothing she was going to say would reveal the true purpose for their being there.

“My niece,” she said indicating Anne, “and I are in need of new identities. While we are not in trouble with the authorities, there are those who pose a threat to our safety that requires us to conceal ourselves. It cannot be amongst the Tribe nor will any of the Tribe be anywhere nearby. The need is great enough that the Elders have agreed to allow us to call upon the favor you owe.”

“Is that all?” the younger man asked.

“In addition to the new identities, we would appreciate your assistance in helping me obtain a job here, though it would probably be best if it was not with your company. The fewer ties between us, the better all around. Also, we need to locate a house that the salary from my job will allow me to make the payments on, while still seeing to our basic needs. Then we need to have Anne enrolled in a suitable high school as a junior.”

Janice took a breath prior to getting to the most delicate subject.

“Finally, we need a good OBGYN to provide for Anne during her pregnancy.”

Now it was the young man’s turn to take a few seconds before responding. His analytical mind quickly deduced that the baby was the reason for their needing to hide.

“What of the father?”

“Dead,” came the soft reply from Anne.

Again, his mind recognized her words to be the truth and not just a story being used to get his sympathy. Her body language – the slumped shoulders, downcast gaze and grief-stricken voice - were ample evidence she'd spoken the truth.

Janice took another envelope from her purse and laid it on the coffee table in front of the couch she and Anne were seated on.

“This contains the names you need to set up for us, along with what IDs and background are desired. My resume, Anne’s school transcript, a list of characteristics we desire in a house, and my contact number are also enclosed. And there is no compulsion spell or any other spell on it,” she added as reassurance. “Please contact me when the documents are ready so we can begin checking out whatever properties you found for us to look at.”

With that Janice rose and Anne followed suit. As did the younger man.

“Again, I’m sorry for intruding on your life and once you’ve completed these tasks, you can consider your debt to the Kalderash settled and we will not bother you again.”

“Do you need a ride somewhere?” the man asked.

“Our transportation has been arranged, thank you,” Janice replied.

The older man then led them to the door and showed them out.

He noticed that the same cab that they apparently arrived in was still there.

As she passed by him on her way out the door, Anne turned to him and quietly said, “For future reference, you should never invite anyone in after dark. If they can’t walk through the doorway on their own, then they aren’t anyone you want to be dealing with.”

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