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The New Guy With One Eye

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Summary: Xander has enough of watching girls die and gets a new job. Read as he bonds and protects his new girls while trying to leave his past behind WARNING future Spike/Xander slash

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It Begins

Alright, before we start the story I’m going to explain a few things a friend brought to my attention when I read this to her. First off, Xander casting charms. She asked how he could do it. I’m going to say that Willow gave him a few different powders and potions after Sunnydale. I’m also going to say that each bottle and bag the potions and powders are I has an unlimited supply. I know it’s unrealistic but it’s my fanfic and damn-it, Xander deserves some cool stuff after all the shit he’s been through.

Also, there were no girls at the school before because it’s the day before the girls get there. Xander is the history teacher because while doing all that research he learned a shit load of stuff.

Also, this fic takes place after St. Trinians 2: The Search for Fritton’s Gold. And I will be ignoring the season 8 comics of Buffy.

If there are any other questions please let me know.

In this chapter I’m just going to introduce the characters and set stuff up. And the school isn’t going to start classes until the next chapter cause in this one it’s the day the girls arrive. And if I have it right, schools like that don’t start until a day or two after that.

Thank you and now on with the story


Xander stood before the mirror in his room. He smiled as he looked at his outfit. He wore black boots that were good for running and jumping, a tight forest green t-shirt, and loose fitting, camouflage pants with several pockets. In each pocket was a different powder for different uses. Over all this he wore a light weight, light brown trench coat that stopped just behind his knees. Hidden on his person were 2 stakes, 2 throwing knives, and one dagger.

Around his neck he wore a simple silver cross, Trina had given it to him a week before she died. It was a special cross she had made just for Slayers. It had the normal cross look but the two lines were shaped like a long sword and a stake. She had made one for every person in Xander’s squad.

The final addition to his outfit was his eye patch. He had painted a smiley face with X’s for eyes and it’s tongue sticking out.

After he was satisfied with his outfit he took a deep breath, turned the doorknob. When he opened the door he almost ran into a girl. She had long, curly brown hair and stood about a head shorter then him. She had a look of shock on her face as she took him in. Then, seeing him looking down at her, she smiled.

“Hello, I’m Annabelle Fritton. I’m Head Girl here. It thought I should give you some warning about what you signed up for.”

Xander smiled, “Well, that’s great Annabelle. I appreciate the thought, but I think I’d like to learn about this place on my own. But if I need any help I’ll be sure to find you.” And without another word Xander walked off, ignoring the stuttering girl behind him

As he went down the stairs he saw a large chalk board in the lobby. It was surrounded by a bunch of different looking girls of different ages. On the board was a chart showing odds on what looked like different amounts of time ranging from 4 hours to two weeks. The longer the period of time the lower the odds were. Then he read the rest of the board and realized they were betting on how long he would last. He smiled and walked up to a pair of twins looking over a ledger and recording bets.

He had heard about these girls, Tania and Tara. And not only from Miss. Fritton, who had told him about which students where the most ‘imaginative’, as she put it. He had heard of them in many a demon bar and underground market, although never by name. They were known as “The Twins” in the underground, which showed how little creativity some demons had. They were most famous for their special brand of Vodka called “Trinski”. It was famous because it was the strongest stuff made by humans in the history of alcohol.

Xander walked over to them and saw the odds on the board. He was so going o have an end of term bonus, “I’ll put 5 Pounds on the new guy lasting the whole term.”

The girls didn’t even look up. The one on the right said, “Yeah, that’s a good one.” followed by the one on the left asking, “Are you just thick or what?” then they looked up and stared, “Who the Hell are you then?” they said as one

Xander just smiled and handed the one on the right the money, “I’m the new guy, now place that bet for me would you, thanks.” Xander then walked off leaving behind two stunned twins who, after a few moments, recorded the bet and placed the money in a steel box on the table

As Xander neared the door he heard a group of smart looking girls talking about how the stock of Lantos Corps was going to go through the roof any day now and to buy as much as they could. Xander recognized the name. The CEO of that company had been using human sacrifice to up his companies business. In three days Slayer Central New York was planning a total wipeout of the company. He walked over to the girls, tapped one on the shoulder, and said, “I’d wait two days and then sell the stock at it’s highest. Don’t ask me how I know but in three days those stocks are gonna be in the toilet.” and hen he just walked off

As Xander stepped into the sun he smiled to himself. He looked around at the courtyard before him. There were girls dancing on cars, getting off busses, and a few doing something that made Xander do a double take.

A group of very pale girls covered in black were opening the back of a hearse and pulling out the drawer used to hold bodies. Xander almost jumped when the girl inside sat up and stretched out. He walked over to them and asked, “So, you always travel like that?”

All the girls looked at him with shock, something he was getting used to, and one said, “Yes, it’s very comfortable, sort of peaceful in a way.”

“So, since you travel like that I guess your one of those people who think Vampires are sexual, misunderstood things that only want a friend.” Xander said with his usual lack of tact

All the girls just smiled, “No, we believe they are murderous things that only care about causing pain and drinking blood. We admire them but feel it best to watch from afar.”

Xander half smiled, “Good for you…except the admiring part. Well, I guess I’ll see you girls later. I think you’ll like my classes. I love to cover the bloodier parts of history as often as I can.” Xander left behind a group of smiling girls who couldn’t wait to see if this new teacher was as cool as he appeared to be

As Xander walked away he thought about a certain vampire he used to know so well. He had used to dress like those girls when they went out to clubs together in LA on the weekends. Spike had always loved seeing Xander with charcoal eyeliner on. Said it made him look like a sexy insomniac. Xander felt himself becoming sad at the memories in his head and thought of ways to forget them.

Xander decided to take a walk on the grounds of the school to see what it was like before he introduced himself to any more students. He was in a slightly wooded part when he heard chanting. His heart raced, “Oh God, please, not here.” he whispered to himself as he drew his dagger and silently approached the chanting. He had never been more relieved to be wrong in his life when he came upon a group of girls in a circle meditating…or at least that’s what it looked like.

All the girls were wearing slightly different clothes. They looked like the uniform but made of different material. He had heard about this from one of his girls back home. Some companies made special order clothes out of recycled material. Also, their hair was long and unmanaged. And Xander, having lived with girls for a while, realized it was because they used no conditioner, as little water as possible, and let it dry naturally without using plastic brushes to comb it out. But his favorite part of their outfits were their hats. They appeared to have sticks sticking out of he top. He was pretty sure he knew who the leader was because she had more sticks in her hat.

He listened to the chanting and realized they were meditating to become one with the Earth. If Xander hadn’t known better, which he did, he would have thought them Wicca’s. These girls were just doing a sort of tree hugger thing to make them feel closer to their cause, not actually channeling the Earth as Willow sometimes did.

Xander smiled and decided he could used a good meditation so he sat down silently next to the leader and concentrated with the rest of them. He didn’t chant loudly with the girls around him but whispered a real chant Oz had taught him under his breath. The chant would help him clam himself as well as those around him.

He knew the girls would notice the feeling coming from nowhere in a few minutes so enjoyed it while he could. And he was right to do so because after about 6 minutes he heard the first startled squeak.

Xander opened his eye to see all the girls staring at him. Some in fear, some in shock, some in both. They had all stood up and walked a few paces away from him, and he smiled inside, ‘Smart girls, defensive against strangers.’ he thought to himself. Xander just smiled and waved, but remained sitting so as not to appear a threat, also waiting for them to speak first.

The leader stepped forward, “Who are you and just what do you think you were doing?” she said in an airy voice but it promised pain if not answered

‘She and her friends may be tree huggers but that doesn’t always mean their pacifists.’ Xander thought to himself. He remained seated and smiling as he said, “I was just trying to help with the meditating. I applaud you girls but your form could use some work. Remember that feeling you had a few moments ago?”

A few of the girls nodded and the girl in front said cautiously, “Yeah, a sort of peaceful calm. Don’t tell me that was you?”

Xander just smiled and slowly got to his feet, never taking his eyes off the girls, “Yeah, but it’s not like it’s magic or anything. It’s a sort of chant I learned from a friend who studied with Monks in Tibet. It helps you and those around you find calm and peace. It’s a great thing to do if your scared or angry.” he saw the looks of wonder on the girls faces and smiled a big smile, “I could teach you sometime if you like?”

All the girls smiled and introduced themselves. When Xander said he was the new History teacher they seemed to like him less until he said, “And don’t worry, I don’t like real history very much. I prefer all the myths and legends of monsters and heroes to all those boring names and dates. After the term starts I’ll find some time to teach you girls that chant an a few other things to help with your meditation. How does that sound?”

Celia, the leader of what they called the Eco Freakos, smiled, “That’s great. I hope you do it before you get scared off.”

All the girls looked at Xander curiously as he chuckled and said with a sad smile, “Don’t worry, stuff I’ve seen, I won’t get scared off easily.” and then he walked away, that sad smile still on his face

He was about ready to turn back to the school when he heard a very out scream for help. Acting on instinct he followed the sound and when he got close enough he saw something that made his blood boil and run cold at the same time.

A man, in what looked like a limo drivers uniform, had a girl pushed up against a tree. Xander heard him yelling, “You bitch, teasing me all the way here and then thinking you can just walk away. Your gonna give it up whether you like it or not.” and he then ripped of the young blonds shirt, turning it into shreds on the ground

Xander didn’t even speak as he ran up behind the man and yanked him off the girl, who fell to her knees at the base of the tree. Xander threw him to the ground and sat on his chest. He pulled the knife from his boot for the second time that day and held it to the man’s throat. By this time Xander could hear running footsteps and realized that the scream must have been heard by others. He ignored them as he pressed the knife to the man’s throat.

“What he hell are you doing?” asked the man below him

“I’m trying to hold back from cutting your throat out. Just what do you think you were doing?” Xander growled

“None of your business,” the man gulped

“Well let me have a guess.” Xander leaned closer to the man’s face and growled, “You were going to rape her. You were going to rape her and then do God only knows what.” Before he man could respond Xander punched him once in the face as hard as he could. The man lay still, out cold.

Xander then got up and turned around. A small group of girls were surrounding the girl on the ground. They all looked a bit tough with their side ponytails and long, sharp nails. The girl on the ground was very pretty with long blond hair and a short skirt. She was crying softly while trying to cover herself while the other girls stood in front of her protectively.

Xander dropped the knife to show he meant no harm and then asked, “Could one of you girls fetch me some rope to tie this guy up with? And while I think about it could one of you also call the police to come pick him up?”

The girls hesitated, but at a sob from the girl on the ground a few of them ran off. Xander slowly leaned down and put his knife back in his boot. He then took off his trench coat and slowly approached the group of girls, “I’m not going to hurt any of you, I just want to cover her up and take her back to get looked at. Can I do that?”

The girls looked at each other and then one said, “Yeah, you do that. We’ll stay here and take care of this wanker.”

Xander smiled at her words, “That’s fine, and you can rough him up a little o if you want. Just make sure you don’t kill him. The police will take him and then he can get a taste of his own medicine in prison.”

The girls all smiled darkly as they went over to the fallen man. Just then one of the girls came back with a few lengths of rope and said to Xander, “Lilly called the cops.” before running over to the man with the rest of the girls

Xander slowly kneeled down next to the crying blond. She flinched away from him so he said softly, “It’s alright. No ones gonna hurt you anymore. I dealt with that asshole and you’ll never have to deal with him again. My name is Xander, what’s yours?”

The girl looked up at him, tears running down her face and makeup staining her cheeks, “Chelsea.” she said softly

“That’s a great name. Chelsea, I would really like to put this coat over you and take you back to the school to get looked at. Can I help?” Chelsea nodded and let Xander drape the coat around her to hide her bare chest. When she tried to stand she winced and fell. Xander caught her, “Is your ankle hurt?” she nodded, “Can I carry you back?” she hesitated but then nodded. As Xander lifted her up bridal style he called over his shoulder to the girls that were tying up the man on the ground. He smiled a little at seeing the man was forming a few new bruises and moaning softly, “Girls, drag him back to the main yard so the police can take care of him.”

So Xander lead the troop of girls back to the school. Behind him the girls were literally dragging the man across the ground by some rope. As he entered the courtyard the police were pulling up and all the girls had gone silent. As the police started toward the tied up man Xander took Chelsea inside. She was taken from him by the Matron and Miss. Fritton instantly. Xander turned as a policeman made to follow and held out his arm to block the man’s path, “Let her get fixed up and I’ll bring her down tomorrow to make a statement.”

At the look in Xander’s eye the man just nodded and left. Before Xander could do anything else two more girls came up to him and hugged him. They were crying slightly and thanking him for saving their friend. And as Xander looked around he could see all the girls looking at him with respect.

Xander just smiled at them all before saying, “I expect to see some of you in class tomorrow.” before walking up to his room

Xander almost laughed when he saw the bottle of “Trinski” sitting on his bed and a note saying, “Welcome to St. Trinians.” He was glade he had not put up his pictures yet as he wished no one to see them. After putting up the pictures of his girls, alive and dead, he poured a little of the drink into a cup. He raised it and said with unshed tears in his single eye, “I hope what I did can help you girls forgive me just a little.” before downing the drink. With his experience drinking demon alcohol that Spike had sometimes given him he managed two more shots before passing out on his bed, silent tears falling down his face, clutching that special cross in his hand.

If you ever want to see another chapter I need at least one review. And the same goes for every chapter after this.
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