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Buffy Skywalker

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Summary: Okay, Buffy is Luke's twin sister and they are living with their Aunt and Uncle the Lars on their moisture farm. The fact that the twins are together sends out a resonence through the force and calls Vader to them. What next?

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Star Wars > Buffy-CenteredGenukaFR1557,5632536,64117 Jun 1028 Mar 13No

Old Friends

A/n: Yeah, I'm trying to revive the one...

Old Friends

Obi Wan had only been able to watch when his old apprentice took the children from their aunt and uncle. He was greatful that the force had allowed him to know they weren't leaving the planet immediately and as a result had a chance to ask the Lars what had happened. From the description of events that Owen and Beru provided it might be possible to return Anakin to the light side of the force and the way of the Jedi. He had found his way aboard the Shee-Li Nam and hidden from what he could tell the instant that he got close to either the twins or to Anakin he would be sensed the only chance he would have is if he pledged his service as a protector for the twins. Both Palpatine and Anakin might accept that provided he didn't interfere with their methods of training. As much as he hated the idea of it he could accept it. His mission was now to keep the children safe, at any cost...

Vader could feel another nearly hidden disturbance in the force aboard the ship. The twins were barely 20ft. away so he doubted that they were causing it. As he stood near them puzzling over the almost non-existent yet seemingly familiar force disturbance a droid approached him and offered him a lightsaber, one that he was very familiar with. He stared at the lightsaber for close to 5 min. before taking it from the droid.

"Tell Obi Wan that I will hear what he has to say but if he offers threat to the children then armed or not he dies." Vader ordered the droid who beeped in acknowledgement and headed off to deliver the message.

The stormtroopers who stood nearby with the children observed this exchange and wondered if they would soon have to take on one of the fabled Jedi to protect their charges. Bolt had arrived just in time to also hear and see the exchange between cyborg and droid, he decided that they could sort out the armor later and pocketed the markers.

"Try to avoid using your blasters if it comes to a fight, he will be able to use the blaster bolts against you just as I could. Above all protect the children." Vader ordered them almost softly, as they re-arranged themselves with the children in the center of the group.

"Protect the children? Then perhaps my restored faith is not unfounded after all." Obi Wan said appearing from down a side corridor with the droid in tow. "Thank you, R4. I don't think that we will need anything else, you can go back to your regular duties."

Vader held up Obi Wan's lightsaber. "Why would you disarm yourself? Especially since you believe me to be a Sith? Why come at all? Except perhaps to destroy me..."

"Hey! No destroying Vader! Its not allowed." Buffy shouted mulishly from the center of the group of stormtroopers only to be shushed.

"My priority is the safety of the children." Obi Wan told his old apprentice as he looked toward the group of stormtroopers. "I am willing to swear fealty to you and to them as their bodyguard. I think that Palpatine will accept that, don't you?"

"And if he does not? If he orders your death, old friend?" Vader asked quietly, not wanting to destroy his old Jedi Master and friend.

"If it will ensure their safety then I will allow myself to be destroyed. There is one other that I know of who can take up the position I now ask to take but he is far older than I am." Obi Wan told him with a gentle smile. "I'm not even certain that he's still alive. The last time I spoke to him was oh, about 6 months after I secured the children. He was the one to make the decision to hide them, not I, but I was greatful that a further choice to harm or not to harm you was taken from my hands. To this day I regret having that last duel with you and not having the strength of heart to land the final blow. I am glad that you survived but at the time everything that we stood and fought for... There is a reason for the standing orders to take out any force user who is or even seems to be using the dark side, even one of our own. Your situation was never taken into account except for the once, when you were admitted to the temple for training so much later in life than usual. I ask only to protect your children and that you let me try to make up for the wrong that I have done you. I have surrendered my lightsaber, now I also surrender myself."

Vader looked at his old master for a moment then seemed to make a decision. "We will call Palpatine with your offer. The children's lives already hang precariously, perhaps your offer will improve the situation. Come." With that he turned and led both the children, and subsequent bodyguards, as well as Obi Wan to the Communication Center where he took only Obi Wan with him into the chamber to contact Palpatine with him and provide his unique proposal. When they exited 30 minutes later Vader, in front of the entire bridge crew, both children, and their bodyguards returned Obi Wan's lightsaber to him. Only the three would ever know the details of their deal or each of their reasons behind it, but the speculation would run rampant for years to come in all sectors, quadrants, and levels of society. The children didn't care. They had their father and someone that knew their father. They had also set out on a new adventure. One that would take a lifetime to explore...

A/n: Questions? Comments? Thoughts?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Buffy Skywalker" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Mar 13.

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