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Buffy Skywalker

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Summary: Okay, Buffy is Luke's twin sister and they are living with their Aunt and Uncle the Lars on their moisture farm. The fact that the twins are together sends out a resonence through the force and calls Vader to them. What next?

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The Hidden Twins

Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or Star Wars. This is for the "Hug a Donor" challenge.

The Hidden Twins

Obi-wan had just finished handing over the twins to their last remaining family, Owen and Beru Lars. He truly hoped that they would remain hidden from their father as their father had once remained hidden from the Jedi scouts, here on Tatooine. He looked back once more toward the farm on which he had left the twins and could only hope that this had been enough to save them from his wayward Padawan...

4 years later...

Due to a problem with the hyperdrive on the ship he was traveling on, Darth Vader had been forced to order a small stopover in the system he had been born in. The problem wasn't so bad that they needed to land but... there was something calling to him through the force from his home planet of Tatooine. He intended to find out exactly what it was. He ordered a ship readied and informed the captain that he would be on the planet below with a group of stormtroopers investigating something while the repairs were completed. The captain was to inform him when they were done, and wait for his return.

"Yes, my lord. We should be done with repairs in approximately 10 hours unless the problem was more sever than first thought. Will you be needing anything else?" The captain asked respectfully. He'd heard about Lord Vader's temper but all of the stories had one thing in common, unless Lord Vader was in an insurmountable rage or you were totally incompetent in the first place he was a relatively fair man to work with aside from being killed for screwing up to many times; and the captain had worked under worse people before.

"No. Have two platoons on standby to come at my order and make sure that we can be underway upon my return should I chose for us to leave immediately. We may spend some time here if I cannot find the source of what is calling me." Vader told him.

"Of course, sir." The captain answered as Vader left for the ship he was taking to the surface of the planet.

Upon entering the hanger bay he was satisfied with the orderly state he found it in. The men present stopped what they were doing, if they could, and acknowledged his presence respectfully and fearfully. Ever since the day he'd lost Padm'e and the baby he'd fully embraced the Dark side of the force and served under Palpitine faithfully as his apprentice. His grief still runs deep at the thought of their death at his hands trying to defend them and she acted to defend Obi-wan, his former Jedi master. Vader strode across the hanger bay and entered the ship that had been waiting on him. The stormtroopers were already on board suited up and strapped in. The pilot and co-pilot were in the cockpit waiting on him and his orders.

"Head for the space port of Mos Eisley. Land, we will go the rest of the way on ground transport." Vader ordered.

"Yes, sir." The pilot responded professionally. Then turned to his consul made sure the ship was sealed up properly and began the liftoff sequence. They began their descent, while Vader continued to stare out of the window at the planet below.

"What is calling me? What is this that I sense?" He mused softly. He then turned abruptly and went to his cabin on the small ship to await their arrival in Mos Eisley and a better sense of where to go from there.

Upon arriving in Mos Eisley Vader realized that they would be needing ground transport. Wherever the force was leading him was some distance from one of the few good sized settlements on the planet but it didn't feel too far away by Tatooine standards. He sent one of the stormtroopers to get them transport for himself and most of their number. He knew how much of a problem the locals could be if their things weren't adequately protected. Some of the stormtroopers would stay behind with the pilots and the ship. Just in case.

The stormtrooper he'd sent after adequate transport returned with said transport and then they were off. Into the desert following Vader's instructions blindly and unknowingly heading right for the Lars' moisture farm. Before they even got there Owen saw them coming and thought, at first, that they were Bantha Raiders and got everyone inside and settled in for a siege. He managed to get little Luke inside without to much trouble but little Buffy was another matter all together. It took him six precious minutes to catch her and get her inside with Beru and her brother. He took one last look at the approaching group and realized that it wasn't Bantha Raiders... it was stormtroopers. He hurried inside after his family and wondered what they wanted. What ever it was, he knew, it wasn't good. He vainly hoped that this was just something minor or a misunderstanding, but in his heart he knew that something very very bad would happen when they arrived. It took the stormtroopers a little bit of time to actually get to the farm, because of how far you can actually see across such a flat landscape, even with the heat coming off the ground and distorting anything you could see in the distance. When they'd finally arrived the stormtroopers looked around for a few minutes. One of them banged on the door.

"Open up! In the name of the Empire!" the stormtrooper shouted.

Inside, Owen looked at Beru fearfully and saw resignation and understanding in her eyes as she nodded. He got up and opened the door, apologizing.

"I'm sorry, sir. When I first saw you all in the distance, I thought you were Bantha Raiders. What use could anything we have be to any of you?" Owen asked hesitantly as several of the stormtroopers shoved their way past him into his home and Vader followed them in. Beru was holding the twins close, trying to shield them. Owen tried to keep himself between the three of them and the stormtroopers, shielding all three of them with his body. The twins were curious about and slightly afraid of the people in white clunky suits, enough so as to stay quiet. What were they?

"There is something here. Make a through search." Vader ordered, but before his orders could be carried out he caught sight of the children and realized that they were what he was looking for. "Wait! Children, what are your names?"

"Please, leave them alone. They're just children." Beru begged softly.

"What's wrong, Aunt Beru?" Buffy twisted around in her aunt's arms and asked confused and a little scared because of how her aunt and uncle were acting.

"What is your name?" Vader asked again, trying not to be impatient, knowing that it would do more harm than good to rush these children. After all had the padawan children he slew at the temple on that fateful day been any different?

" 'm Buffy. This is my brother Lukey." Buffy answered shyly.

"I'm not Lukey! I'm Luke Skywalker!" Luke declared proudly with a look of extreme annoyance at his sister.

"Then you belong with me. Both of you." Vader told them after he'd gotten over his shock at discovering that his children had not only survived, but their very continued existence had been hidden from him. He'd been told that Padm'e had died before giving birth and that the child had died with her.

"You can't!" Beru and Owen protested.

"I can and I am." Then turning to the stormtroopers. "Do any of you have children of your own?"

Startled, confused, and caught off guard by his question three of them nodded.

"Good. You three will guard Buffy and Luke with your very lives or you will beg for death and your families will share your fate. Take them out side. We're returning to the ship."

The three selected stormtroopers stepped forward to obey. Beru and Owen closed ranks, intent on defending the children with their very lives. Seeing this, Vader spoke again.

"No harm will come to them. I cannot say the same for you if you continue to defy me and neither of us wants the children to witness that." Vader warned.

Reluctantly, Beru and Owen allowed the three stormtroopers to take Buffy and Luke outside. They sadly watched the twins go and glared at Vader.

"For the children. I will allow you to live. You will never see them again, but for them and only for them you live." Then turning he left with the remaining stormtroopers. Everyone got into the speeders and they left for Mos Eisley and the ship that would take them back to their main ship in orbit and away from Tatooine. On the way back to Mos Eisley Buffy's curiosity over came her wariness.

"What's your name?" the little girl asked the cyborg.

"I was born Anakin Skywalker, but now I am Darth Vader." He answered honestly. "I am no longer Anakin, so I no longer call myself that. I would rather not speak of it further." This caused Buffy to tilt her head to the side slightly and look more closely at him, while Luke stared at him in open astonishment.

"Why do you have the same last name as us?" She asked him.

"I will tell you another time. For now we must return to the ship." He told her.

"Why did you tell them you would hurt their families if we got hurt?" She asked after pondering his answer and deciding to drop the subject of their last names for now.

"Because I don't want you hurt. I want you safe." He told her finally starting to suspect that she was on one of those question sprees that young children often indulged in.

Thinking about this for a moment she told him in no uncertain terms. "No. I don't want you to hurt them or their families. Sometimes I fall down when I'm playing and I hurt my knee or my hand. Sometimes Lukey falls down and gets hurt, just because. I don't want them hurt because of something that I did." She then fixed a glare on Vader. "You wont hurt or punish them or anyone else if we get hurt 'cause of something we did!" She told him as fiercely as any little four year old could.

"Alright, little one." He agreed in amusement. Then more seriously. "On one condition. You will let them guard you and your brother. You will obey them when they tell you to do something. To many people would hurt both of you if they knew that you existed. Especially if they knew that the three of us share the name of skywalker, even if I no longer use it. Agreed?"

The twins looked at one another and silently communicated asking each other if this deal was okay. Then they turned as one and answered in unison, slightly shocking everyone present. "Agreed."

The three stormtroopers who had just been drafted as bodyguards for the twosome silently looked at each other, wondering just exactly they had gotten themselves into and wondering how the hell had those two gotten Vader, VADER!, to agree not to hurt them or their families without an actual reason to discipline them. This one act had gained their respect and loyalty for the small children, not to mention set them to wondering exactly how they were related to Lord Vader. Every last stormtrooper in the same speeder as Vader and the children pitied the poor idiot who tried to go after the two children. It was clear that Lord Vader would not stand for them to be hurt and would take it out of the hide of whoever tried to hurt them and whoever failed to keep them safe. It was just one of those days.

A/n: I hope you all like it. Depending on the response, reviews, and my muse to this little Donor Hug fic I might or might not continue it. I even looked up the names of the places to make sure I spelled them right. If you see something missing or there's a thread that I'm missing in this tell me! I don't always pick up on these things. Thanks.
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