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Better Than The Fantasy

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This story is No. 9 in the series "A Willow in Thorns". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A story in the future of my WIT-verse. It will mainly deal with the adult children of Willow and Cole.

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Chapter One

Better Than The Fantasy

Chapter One

I do not own any of the characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, or Charmed.

Summary: A new story in my Willow in Thorns series. This takes place in the future.

Chapter One

She really needed to let Miss Piper or Mel know about the state that the bathroom was in. She shuddered. There was the detritus of make-up and - ugh - feminine hygiene all over the counter. One of the stalls smelled like sex. She shuddered again. She knew it was unreasonable but she really hated the smell of human sex. She didn’t know why. She was more human than demon, but still…

Another of the stalls smelled like vomit and very cheap beer. She wrinkled her nose and headed for the door. Very, very cheap beer and -- and --- nachos! She exited the bathroom and breathed in fresh a-- magic? Her senses perked up and her aura extended. Her parents had always warned her against that. They felt she could be vulnerable by doing that. She looked both ways and then decided to hell with caution. Whatever magic was being used it was quite deceptive. She looked down towards the dance floor and the bar. Mel was down there - and she even thought she saw Wyatt as well. The band was very disappointing. One of those electronic/grunge bands that were popular. Her dad was right -- jazz was best.

But, the two white witches didn’t seem to notice the magic being used up here. Neither did a couple of warlocks who seemed to be just enjoying themselves and trying not to draw attention to themselves. They didn’t seem to have any ulterior motives. She smiled. They were on a date! How cute!

The magic intensified. She crept slowly forward. There was something sensual and very attractive about the magic. And… familiar? She knew this warlock! She cocked her head and extended her aura farther out towards the magic. As she extended her aura, she crept forward. She’d slipped her stocking feet out of her heels, and tip-toed towards it. She probably shouldn’t. Her father and Ben would’ve been furious. Because the magic, though sensual, was also very destructive. It was probably being used against someone.

Her brow furrowed. Why was the magic so intricate, so devious? If you wanted to kill a human and you were a warlock, there were easier ways. Except… demon? The magic wasn’t just witchcraft, there was definite strains of demonic energy flowing through the air.

She felt her aura approaching the aura of the demon/warlock. How on earth - or in hell - did a demon and warlock get hooked up? They hate each other last time she checked. Their auras brushed and she gasped. Desire… lust… passion coursed through her entire being. She had to concentrate hard just to maintain her human form. The heat started in her core and surged through everything. She felt her aura flare and -- was that a returning flare in the demon/warlock’s aura, too?

It was a novel and unique experience. She was temporarily paralyzed with -- was it lust? She would have to tell Ben and Heckie! She was so different from her siblings. Ben and Hec were very free when it came to their sexual lives. Demon, witch, human -- even a young harpy once in Ben’s case -- they had no problem being attracted to others and acting on those attractions. Ben was even married now - and quite faithful. (She’d kill him herself if he ever cheated on Mel, if Mel didn’t do it first.) She, however, had never been attracted to another living being. Male or female. Humans didn’t interest her or warlocks. Until now. Did that mean something? Should she act on--

The demon/warlock’s aura was --- what was it doing? It was refocusing on its target. But it was also extending itself towards her. What multitasking! And still she had that sense of familiarity. She needed to just round the corner she was sure. But the auras… they would touch again. Should she close down? And then it hit her again! Her aura flashed and she tried to steel herself. She felt the demoness flaring inside her, screaming to be released, but she held on.

As she peeked around the corner, she saw him. A large man -- he seemed to be… well, it looked like he was melting someone. Very messy. The - warlock? - seemed to be rapidly melting into a very sticky looking pool. Piper won’t like that. Why didn’t he just do it with a more complete annihilation. She looked closer at him. He was very tall with very broad shoulders. His hair! A distant memory flashed through her mind.

He was always very different. Even from the first she saw him… felt him. She looked up from her conjugation, towards the door. Normally she just worked and worked. She loved learning, especially the history, culture, and philosophy of the Underworld. But that day she was feeling very tense and antsy. All that morning she’d been fidgetting. Something was coming. There was no school aboveground, so they’d had extra time belowground. Ben was irritated. Downright pissed. She smiled. He was only fourteen and he was only interested in one thing -- sex!

She never noticed boys. Human boys, demon boys, warlock boys, ever dark lighter boys. Nothing. But she was only 12. Maybe she had to wait. Though she was already having the bumps on her back and tail. Tallie said that meant she was going through puberty. She said that boys - at least demon ones - would start to be a problem. It had started happening. Even her brother looked at her weird. But she wasn’t interested at all.

But, today. Something was happening. “Selene!” She started and looked up. The Alchemist. She blushed. He’d caught her not concentrating. She smiled shyly at him and refocused - or tried to - on her studies. It was still coming.

“Sir?” She looked up at the strange voice. Her eyes widened. She heard Ben snort and then coughed. He was a strange looking little guy. He was short, for a demon. She was short, sure - but male demons tended to be bigger. Maybe he hadn’t started maturing yet. Why was he here? Very few young demons were taught by the Alchemist. He was very selective. He only taught them as he had been very fond of her grandmother. So, who was this strange little guy? He looked about her age. He even wore glasses and his hair… it was so strange. It was quite spiky and it was mostly black, except for the tips. The tips of his hair were auburn, but she didn’t think that was artificial. She thought it actually was natural. His eyes were…

His cobalt grey eyes widened as he turned to look at the female. He had known that a demoness had been nearby. He had felt her aura approach his. He had reached out to confuse her and had been shocked by what he felt. He had nearly let go of that idiot warlock that he had to kill. He hadn’t started out to do that, but he had to make an example of him. It wouldn’t do to let him get away with what he’d done. If he’d only told him what he did with the trap…

She was much better than his dreams and fantasies. He’d been having fantasies about her since he finally entered puberty. He remembered how her brother had looked at him. They thought he had been a child and his slow development had really mortified him at the time. Luckily, when it had began, it progressed quite quickly. Though, it hadn’t felt lucky at the time. But if that was how she’d grown up, oh, damn, he was so glad he’d grown up, too!

She was standing there, right in front of him. It was really, really her. And he just couldn’t open his mouth. She was still very petite, very vulnerable looking. He’d be damned if she was five feet tall. She had a small waist and hips that his hands just ached to grab. But there was the aura. The dark witch in her was cautious, he knew from his father that you couldn’t just grab a dark witch and expect to have all your bits still attached. And his hands still itched. Her hair was still that wild curls of auburn, copper even. Tonight, they were bound up on her crown with tendrils falling down the sides of her neck. Her pale, slender neck. He tried to breathe, but the air seemed to be so thick.

He moved down from her neck, but that was even more perilous territory. The dress was strapless, but was fairly modest. It technically showed little cleavage. However, it left little to the imagination. It hugged her body and he could see just how much her dimensions changed over the years. She was all female and so much better than the fantasies he’d built up over the years.

He’d walked in to the Alchemist’s study for his first study session. His mother had agreed with his father that he was to take selected studies in the Underworld. He didn’t have any objection the studies. It was his stunted development that he didn’t want to advertise. So, he was even more disgusted when he enter the study to find the boy and girl there. The boy was his age, except he had definitely developed normally or above normal. He had at least 100 lbs on him - all muscle. And that was just the human form. God knew how big the demonic form was. He cringed when he snorted, though he was confused when he covered it quickly with a cough. Surely, a demon could care less about his feeling. He turned his attention to the girl. She smiled, and everything changed. From that moment on, he swore to himself that he belonged to her. That he would do anything for her. He snarled instinctively. He knew that nothing would make him happier than to kill for her.

“Rack is that you?” He jolted back to the present at the sound of her voice. It still had that melodic quality. He realized that he wanted to kill for her still.
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