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The Cousins with the same taste!

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Cousins with the same taste!". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: How much the Summers cousins actually have in common. This is the first story in the Cousins with the same taste! series.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredAngelsgirlFR1564,692088,58718 Jun 107 Jul 10Yes

Chapter 6: The Hunt is On

Although there were so many super powered people taking care of Bella and making sure that she was safe from James, Buffy was still worried about her. Alice and Jasper had called the airport and scheduled a flight out for tonight from the Arizona airport about twenty minutes ago and they were all packing up their stuff to leave. Alice had drawn an image of Bella’s old dance studio about a minute after she hung up with the airport because she had a vision of what James had decided.

“Paige, what do you think is going to happen next?”

“I don’t know Bella but keep packing we have to get you out of here.” Buffy responded to Bella hastily putting Bella’s stuff back into her suitcase.

With that they finished up packing and went to the airport. When Alice and Buffy were busy getting the tickets and Angel and Jasper were taking Bella to the bathroom. Since Bella and the guys didn’t return from the bathroom by the time Buffy and Alice finished getting the tickets Buffy and Alice headed over to the bathrooms to find them looking around.

“She’s gone.” Angel said.

“What…How did you lose her?” Alice asked.

“We don’t know she went into the bathroom and she never came back out.”

That is when Buffy saw the other door and women walking out and in it. She knew then and there where her cousin was.



“I know where she is...I know where she went” Buffy said running towards the door. By the time the others processed what had happened Buffy was already on her way speeding to where she knew her cousin would be, after all Bella was a Summers and she was just doing what any of them would do in the same situation.

When Buffy finally arrived at Bella’s old dance studio she could sense the supernatural presence that was endangering her cousin’s life and so she ran inside.

“Dinner is served.” James said to Bella in a hungry voice.

“Well why not…..have an appetizer first.” Buffy said.

“Who are you?!” James said with a hit of frustration and confusion.

“I’m your worst nightmare and you’re about to find out why.” Buffy said with a look over to Bella to check on her. When she looked over at Bella it made her even angrier because it looked like her leg was broken and she looked like she was in serious amounts of pain. James rushed up to her underestimating her and Buffy grabbed him by the throat and catapulted him through the air into the mirror that was on the other side of the room.

“You hurt my cousin and now…now you are going to pay.” Buffy said to him walking up to him in a predatory manner.

With a serious of complicated twists and maneuvers James had managed to gain the upper hand back from Buffy and punched her square in the face sending her flying through the air. He then turned his attention back onto Bella. He was walking over to her when Buffy got up and grabbed his hand. They were soon joined by Edward who helped Buffy to take down James. Alice, Jasper, and Emmett pulled him limb from limb and burned him to ashes right there in the middle of the dance studio.

After the fight and after Bella got out of the hospital and headed back to Forks everyone was gathered at the Cullen’s family home once again.

“Hey how you doing Bells?”

“I’m doing good Paige.”

“That’s really good and I’m glad to…”Buffy started saying until she was interrupted by Angel.



“There is something that I need to tell you.” Angel said.

“Ok so spit it out.”

“The thing that I have to tell you is….” Angel said before Buffy’s phone started ringing.

It was Buffy’s cousin that lived in Mystic Falls.

“Hold that thought just one second Angel.” She said answering the phone.

“Hey Elena what’s up.”

“Hey it’s actually not Elena…It’s Jenna.”

“Oh hey Jenna…What’s up.”

“Nothing much but Elena is still not really coping with the accident and I know that you two have been close and I was hoping that maybe… could come by as soon as you possibly can.”

“Um….yeah actually I can stop by today if you want me to…I’m about an hour away from there.”

“Ok that is perfect I’ll see you in an hour.”

So they both said bye and hung up the phone. Buffy walked back over to where Angel was and said “Ok so I really have to go what you were going to tell me will just have to wait ok…Bye guys.” She said leaving the house and running to her car, which once she got in she orb about an hour away from Mystic Falls to make it look like she was actually an hour away from where Elena lived.

Thanks for the reviews....Please keep them coming....Hope you liked the story... :)

The End

You have reached the end of "The Cousins with the same taste!". This story is complete.

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