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Always and Forever

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Summary: Sequel to Dont Know Why

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: JamillessthanlucidFR1322,996056,54016 Jan 0317 Jan 03Yes

Always and Forever

Title: Always and Forever (1/2)
Author: lessthanlucid
Pairing: W/Jamil
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: BTVS belongs to Joss, AB to LKH the song belongs to Enrique Iglesias.
Feedback: Yes please it makes me come up with other ideas to try.
Distribution: Anyone can have it just let me know where it goes. Archived at Twisting the Hellmouth.
Notes: Sequel to Don't Know Why. This is done in Willows POV, although Jamil has the occasional thought. Hope everyone appreciates the amount of time I spent looking for the right song to All of 2 minutes since I have all his CD's. Anyhoo hope you like.

Sunnydale, California

Since the begining of time
Since it started to rain
Since I heard you laugh
Since I felt you pain

"How long has she been sitting there Buff?"

"Don't know...couple hours, I think."

"You don't find that....strange for our Wills?"

"Well yes, but she been like that since she got back from LA, like three months ago, Mr. Oblivious."

"Oh. Guess I haven't been much of a friend lately. I mean three months and I just noticed."

"Look on the bright side at least today she gets to look at the rain, I mean yesterday was just gloomy outside and the day before it was pitch black..." Buffy shrugged, she couldn't slay Willows emotions into happiness.

"Maybe we should call...Cordy and ask her?" Xander sounded pained at the thought of his ex.

"Did that. All she said was Willow met a guy but that he lived in St. Louis, guess he went back and they parted ways. Although she made it sound like Wills was the one who left but I don't think she would leave him then come back and be all gloomy you?"

"I honestly don't know, but wait Willow met a in all working male parts?"

"Way to zero in on the important stuff Xander." Buffy answered disgusted.

They were both startled when Willow spoke. "I'm right here you know and yes I met a guy with all working male parts, and yes he left me at my insistence. I couldn't leave you guys and he couldn't come here he's...important to his friends back home." With that she went back to starring out the window.


2 days later.

I was too young, you were much younger
We were afraid of each other' hunger
I have always loved you
There's never been anyone else

"Willow, me and the gang have talked this over and have agreed."

"What?" I wondered if maybe my depression was getting me kicked out of the gang since no one had talked to me.

"As much as we love you and want you with us, we cant stand in the way of true love so we all pitched in and...OK we all owe Anya hard labor at the magic shop for the next month but it was worth it, to see you be our Will's again." I looked at everyone gathered and was confused when they handed me a plane ticket with all arrangements made.

"Um, thanks guys but where am I going?" I looked down at the ticket and almost fainted at the destination. St. Louis. I jumped up and gave them my first real smile in a long time. "Group hug." I called out as they all crowded around me. I felt the guilt lift off my shoulders, I knew I was forgiven for past mistakes. Maybe now I could move on.

When Buffy spoke again I was almost afraid to hear what she had to say the look on her face wasn't reassuring. "Now, we love you and want you to be happy, however you have a sacred duty much like I do...." I didn't let her finish.

"I know, that why I stayed when he asked me to go. I couldn't just leave to be happy and leave you alone on the hellmouth, which is why I cant go visit cause I'll want to stay." I finished my babble, I knew I was crying.

"Um....well if you would have let me finish you wouldn't have made yourself all red eyed and blotchy." That confused me. "Your sacred duty was to go and be happy but you have to call us every week, e-mail every day and twice on Sundays. Further more you have to come back and visit us at least once every 2 months, since we don't know how much money your honey makes." For that matter I didn't either, I didn't even know if he'd want me after all and he said he would move on with his life. Felt kinda sheepish now that Buff had explained.

"Now to packing we shall go since you leave tomorrow."

I knew you before I knew myself
Oh my baby, I have always loved you

I was so apprehensive of just showing up on his door step. I mean I hacked into the telephone, electricity, and water companies just to find out his phone and address but what if he didn't want me anymore? Why would he want me back when I was the one that turned my back on him? What if I got there and he said something like sorry I moved on and am married and have 3 kids? Stupid Rosenburg he might be married but 3 kids? One person cant have 3 Kids in 3 months. Oh my God what if he's like married and I was like the other woman? I never asked that. He could have 3 kids...

I was scheduled to leave at noon tomorrow but they way this night was going I don't I would be able to get any sleep. I wondered around my room, then ended up looking out the window, much like I had been doing these past few weeks. You could see the stars tonight, it was pretty. I would always look at the moon and think he could be looking at the same moon, it was comforting to think that. Rewind....moon? Oh shit tomorrow was the full moon. I wondered if I should call tonight and let him know.

I mean was he like very busy with the full moon coming up? I didn't know what kind of hours a Skoll kept. I did however find out about his belonging to the Thronnos Rokke Clan. I also knew where the Lupanar would be, that I found out from a very innocent looking website where I guess werewolves communicated with each other without humans finding out about stuff cause most humans wouldnt look twice at some website called the Lunatic Cafe or bother with the message board for that matter. It wasnt obvious these directions it was like loking for Waldo among countless of pointless conversations but it was there.

Since we kissed the first time
Since we slept on the beach
You were too close for comfort
You were too farout to reach
You walked away, I should have held you
Would you have stayed for me to tell you?
I have always loved you
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