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Darkness Falls

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Summary: Leia has been corrupted by a Dark Jedi and a new rebellion struggles for freedom. Spin-off to Hatten's Knight Verse stories.

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Star Wars > Multiple PairingsRazial + 2 othersFR151751,4552159,26620 Jun 1016 Jun 11No

Chapter 10 by (Recent Donor)Hawklan

Darkness Falls Chapter 10

A week later

Han lay in his cell and was waiting on Ja'non to torture him again. In the last few days that damned Dark Jedi had increased the torture more and more and Han couldn't even guess how much longer he would be able to survive this. Leia was seldom with Ja'non anymore when he came, but he seemed to enjoy torturing Han more and more.

Suddenly Han listened up as he heard strange gurgling sounds from outside his cell doors.



Xander and his wives had introduced the other Anakin in the morning to the rest of his crew and they were told what had been planned. He had asked for volunteers who wanted to go with them and to their credit everyone agreed to come with them. Sadly he couldn't take them all, because they would need a bit of space in the ship.

After a long discussion it was decided that Willow, Riley, Lexa and Anakin would remain at home.

So Xander's Ghtroc called "Enterprise" had the following crew for this journey.

Jedi Master Xander Solo-Harris & Jaina Solo-Harris
Jedi Knight Danni Solo-Harris
Jedi Padawan Dawn Summers
Force Guardian Buffy Summers & Rona

Granted those were not much to fight an Empire, but they would just go there to help out. While their friends, who would remain at home, were traveling on to Shesharile 5, the remaining crew finished the upgrades and repairs to the Enterprise and Jaina's XJ-Wing. With the help of Lando's technicians they had both ready in a couple of days.

They quickly lifted off from Lando's repair station and in deep space Xander and Dawn opened a dimensional rift, under the guidance of Anakin, so that they would travel to the right place.

Both had to concentrate hard, but finally they opened a rift without to many difficulties.

Jaina who had waited for the opening of the rift piloted the Enterprise into the rift and then they appeared in their targeted dimension.

After they were through the rift Xander and Dawn closed it again and then passed out right away.

While Xander and Dawn rested for a bit, Jaina placed the Enterprise into the shadow of a huge asteroid, so that they wouldn't be spotted directly by the ships which were patrolling the system they landed in.

At the same time Danni tried, with the help of the sensor, to find out where they had landed exactly.

After Xander and Dawn were awake again, they all met in the galley to discuss what to do next.


Buffy prepared a nice Cacao for all of them and as she sat down at the table and looked at Xander she asked, "So Xander, what do we do now?"

Xander looked first at her, then at the rest of his crew, the ghost of Anakin and then said, "That depends on where exactly we are at the moment. Has anyone used the time to find that out?"

Danni nodded and smiled seductively at her husband. "Of course Xander, while you slept, your wives were at work. Jaina has hidden the Enterprise and I used the sensors to pinpoint our location. We are in a small system called ‘Nuramar' which is only six light years away from Coruscant. It only has one planet, which is uninhabited, but due to the closeness to Coruscant it has a small garrison and a small space station for a small guard fleet."

Jaina added. "While we were hidden here and you and Dawn rested, a small flight wing checked out the area where the rift had opened, but after they didn't find anything they returned to their patrol. Because we are so near to Coruscant, I would suggest that we try to free my father first and then head to Uncle Luke."

Xander thought for a moment and then said. "Yes, I think that should be our next step also." He looked at Anakin and asked him. "Can you help us to find out where Han is on Coruscant?"

With a sad impression on his face Anakin shook his face and answered, "Sadly no. The Darkside is to strong on Coruscant right now and I can't go there, but from my time as Darth Vader I would guess that he is in the Imperial prison cells directly under the palace, so that Leia and Ja'non would have a quick access to him."

Rona looked at the ghost and said to him, "If you were just half as sneaky in your time as Vader, as your grandson Anakin is, you probably have put a few back-doors in the computer systems or not? Can't we try to use those to find out?"

Anakin smiled at her and nodded. "Indeed, in my time as Vader I added a lot of back-doors into the computer systems of the palace and a few of them should even be still there, regardless of how often they wiped or upgraded the systems, which probably wasn't too often. After all people don't like unnecessary work and why change a running system? But we should use those to sneak into the palace, instead of trying to get into the systems remotely, less chance of being detected."

After a few hours of discussion they worked out a plan and then Xander got into the cockpit. They flew to Kuat where Xander, Buffy and Danni left the Enterprise and bought a ticket to Coruscant. They planned to get there without being noticed. The others stayed on the Enterprise and took off again for their part of the plan.


A few days later they landed on Coruscant with a shuttle from the ship they had bought a passage on to Coruscant. Posing as a trader under the name Rednax they got easily through customs with their single crate of sampling goods.

They booked a room in a hotel, not to far from the palace.

Xander looked around the luxurious suite they were in and felt a bit out of place. After all, living mostly on the Enterprise or in his Jedi Academy on Shesharile 5 he really wasn't accustomed to so much space in a room.

A few moments later he looked at Danni, his wife, and Buffy and said, "We still have a few hours until darkness falls and if all goes to plan Jaina and the other should be on station when we need them. Let's get our stuff out of the crate and then we will get ready to get Han.

Quickly the three emptied the crate of the goods they used to hide their equipment in and finally they reached the part where Xander has concealed the equipment. Using the Force he got the concealed part out of the crate.

Danni opened it and got their equipment out and spread it out on the big and comfortable looking bed. ‘A shame Xander and I don't have time to test it out,' she thought while she readied the armor and weapons.


A few hours later Xander quickly dressed in his black and green armor, while Danni slipped into hers, which was dark red on the back with softer red-pink on the front.

After Danni was ready she helped Buffy into her simpler armor, which was in a mix of yellow and red colors.

When they were ready with dressing into their armor, they armed themselves and then Xander spoke again. "Ok, we head out in a few moments. Remember to stay near me, so that I can conceal our presence."

The other two just nodded and then the small team left the hotel unseen.


Half an hour later they reached a small service entry, which Anakin had described to them. Usually it was used to supply the Prison of the palace.

Danni looked at the service pad and quickly entered the code ‘DV-IMP501st' and with a small ‘whoosh' the door slid open. The three quickly went through the door and closed it after them again.

Using the plan of the building, which they had created with the information they got from Anakin, they quickly reached the area where the prison cells where located.

After they took a quick look around, Xander said, "Ok there are 10 cells and five guards. Two in the guard station over there, two in front of that cell and one in front of the last cell. Danni you take the two in the station, Buffy the one at the last cell and I the two in front of the cell there."

The other two nodded in agreement and while they took care of their targets, Xander snuck to his two targets. With a quick stroke he hit the windpipe of one of the guards who then went down with gurgling sounds and the other one he hit with a quick strike to the temple.

After his targets were down he quickly looked around and noted that Buffy and Danni had taken care of theirs also.

He used a nudge with the Force and the door to the cell slid open.


Suddenly the door slid open and Han saw an armored figure standing before the door and his two guards lying on the floor.

Surprised he asked, with a voice which was raw from screaming during all the tortures, "Who are you?"

The figure entered the cell and answered, "I'm Jedi Master Xander Harris-Solo and we are here to rescue you."

Han looked up again and asked again, "Solo?"

Xander paused unsure how to actually respond to that considering what this Han must have been through, but he had to say something and he guessed anything would do. "I'll explain everything later Han, when we get out of here. Now can you walk?" he asked.

Han stared at the kid with a critical eye, before nodding his head and slowly pushed himself to his feet, ignoring the pain he felt from his body. He would not die down here, if he could help it and he sure as hell would not give in. If this was truly a rescue he was all for it and so put everything he had left into moving. He accepted the blaster Xander handed him and felt much better now that he was armed.

"We move as quickly as we can and stay close," Xander told him, before moving out and heading to meet up with Buffy and Danni, who had freed the other prisoner, who all looked not their best, so they could be extracted through the ring transporters.

First of course they had to make it out of the palace onto either a landing platform or a normal balcony which could fit the rings. He was pushing his force senses out as far as he could, but so far he could detect no sign of a Dark Jedi which was strange. He halted suddenly after turning around a corner, which led to a balcony, as a black cloud of dark side energy exploded onto his senses behind them. Cursing he turned around and found three people at the end of the corridor, one with a red lightsaber and the other two with blaster rifles.

"I don't know who you are Jedi or how you survived our purge or hunting parties, but you will not leave here alive," Ja'non spat, annoyed that his favorite prisoner had almost escaped.

"It doesn't matter who we are, the fact we are here is all that counts," Xander replied, as he slowly let go of Han and ignited his own lightsaber and began to advance, intent on killing the corrupter of this dimensions Leia.

The clash of blades was intense and sparks flew as they began to duck, swipe and thrust their weapons at each other. The two guards with Ja'non did nothing, but watch. Clearly this Dark Jedi was very sure of himself. Xander jumped over another wide slash and then let loose a force push which knocked the man off balance slightly, but he quickly recovered and lashed out with force lightening which Xander blocked with his lightsaber.

Xander quickly used his own powers to send a nearby ornament into the dark one, which stopped the attack and allowed him to strike. Ja'non avoided it, but as he turned to strike back a blaster bolt struck him right in the heart and the only thing he had time to do was look in the direction of Han who glared at him.

Xander only paused for a second, before decapitating the two guards who were very slow in responding to their lord's death. He looked back at Han, who was now being supported by Danni and noted the look of satisfaction on his face, before they moved on to the balcony.

"Ok Jaina, we're clear of the palace, home in on our beacons and pick us up. We need to leave quickly and we have a few friends in need of medical attention," he said into his com unit.

"On my way, did you find dad?" Jaina's voice came back a second later and he almost groaned at Han's wide eyed look at that comment.

"Thank you so much for that Jaina and yes we have Han with us," he replied and quickly held up his hand to forestall Han's questions.

He was sure Jaina had done that on purpose, but he was sure once Han had learned the truth of who they were then some real fireworks would go off. He looked up as the Enterprise came in above them and the rings came down, just as a bunch of guards came out of the door and began blasting away at them, but it was too late and they vanished.

Jaina did not wait before igniting the thrusters and heading for space, dodging the incoming fighters with ease. She was an ace pilot and she knew how to handle this ship. She quickly broke orbit and hit the darkness of space and began to set the navicomputer for the location of Hoth. They did not need to be followed and so she would make a few jumps to known locations before heading for Uncle Luke's location, just to be sure. She quickly noticed a Star Destroyer heading for her, but ignored it and hit the button that launched them into hyperspace. Setting the auto pilot, she headed for the back.

She found the alternate form of her father on a bed being tended to by Danni with the med kit, whilst Xander spoke to Buffy and both were caring for the other prisoners they rescued.

She walked over and looked down at Han and noted how beaten and worn he looked and yet she noticed the satisfaction in his eyes. He didn't' seem to notice her, as he had passed out and so she headed over to Xander as Buffy walked off to care for the next prisoner.

"How did it go?" she inquired.

"We got in ok and almost got out without any problems, but then Ja'non showed up and a fight started. Han took care of him, as Ja'non got caught up fighting me and forgot to keep an eye on everyone else," Xander responded. "A simple mistake, but a costly one for him, Han really looked pleased to be the one to take him out," he added.

"Considering the state he's in, I can understand that, so what are we going to do about my mother in this dimension?" Jaina asked while looking over the patient Xander cared for at them moment. "Kyle?" she said as she recognized the unconscious prisoner

Xander just nodded to the last question. "Not sure yet. I guess it all depends on how far she has fallen and if there is a way to redeem her." Xander said with a sigh as he finished his work on Kyle. He sat down on his ‘monster' chair, joined a second later by Jaina and then Danni, who had finished working on Han and both snuggled into his sides. "How is he, Danni?" he asked.

"He needs some time in a bacta tank once he has slept a good while and he may take time to emotionally heal, but other than that he is in good shape all things considered," Danni answered.

Silence fell on the ship as the two girls got comfortable and Buffy headed for the cockpit to keep an eye on things.



Leia looked down at Ja'non's dead both and noted the blaster marks that indicated how he had died and she could even guess it had been Han who had been the one to kill him. Ja'non had gotten more and more careless of late and less helpful and now he was no more. This was not a problem, as she had long been training a replacement. A young female with great force potential, one of the teams had brought in a few years ago. Back then Kaira had been very timid, but now under her training, she was a very skilled fighter and force user and would be a very good apprentice and she was a great lover as well.

That change had came a year and a half into her knowing the girl, by then Ja'non had grown cold and useless in such ways only interested in killing everyone who opposed him and Kaira had been a wonderful surprise, when she had come onto her. She had not resisted, as she had been curious and now their relationship was solid and by being lovers she was sure it would ensure Kaira remained loyal to her. Another thought hit her, that with Ja'non's dead she was now undisputed ruler of the empire, this pleased her greatly.

She quickly gave the order for Ja'non body to be disposed off, before she walked onto the balcony where Han and his rescuers had escaped from, she felt Kaira come up behind her silently. It was no longer necessary for her to hide with the threat of Ja'non dead and so she was free to walk in the palace. She knew their enemies were building up their strength, if they could get into her palace and rescue Han as they had, so plans would have to be laid down and her forces readied.

"Tell the comm officer to send a signal to Jenna to return to the palace with her hunting party immediately," she ordered after a few minutes silence.

"Yes Leia," Kaira replied, before turning and leaving to carry out her orders.

Leia looked off into the sky and wondered if her brother had been a part of the rescue. If he had been that meant he was truly beginning to recover from all the guilt and anger that had been weighing him down since her fall.

Clearly Mara Jade had been all the more effective in helping him recover, this was something she had warned Ja'non about and he had ignored her. Now with him gone she would make her own plans to deal with the woman, who had helped her brother.
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