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Darkness Falls

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Summary: Leia has been corrupted by a Dark Jedi and a new rebellion struggles for freedom. Spin-off to Hatten's Knight Verse stories.

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Star Wars > Multiple PairingsRazial + 2 othersFR151751,4552159,26720 Jun 1016 Jun 11No

Chapter 11

Note: Finally the next cowork from Hawklan and me. We hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 11

Several hours later the alarm in the cockpit sounded and told the crew that they had nearly reached their destination. Xander slowly opened his eyes and looked around. It seems like he and his wives had fallen asleep on the chair and both had used him as their pillow, which explained to him why he felt comfortable warm. He first gave Jaina a kiss and then Danni. "Time to get up, girls. We drop out of hyperspace soon."

A still half asleep Jaina mumbled, "Just a few moments, Xan."

"Ok my love, but don't blame me for anything that happens while Buffy is at the controls," he said with an evil smirk.

In the blink of an eye Jaina jumped up and without a word rushed off to the cockpit.

"You are evil Xander, you know that?" Danni mumbled not fully awake yet herself.

"Who me?" Xander asked in an innocent sounding voice.

Danni's only reply was to snuggle even deeper into Xander arms.

After a few moments, in which both enjoyed the warmth of the other, Xander carefully freed himself and slowly got up. "I will join Jaina in the cockpit, could you and Rona check on our patients?"

Danni nodded and gave her husband a kiss, which he returned for a few moments until he broke it. Smiling at his wife he hurried to the cockpit and reached it just in time to see the starlines from hyperspace drop and form to real stars again. While Jaina was busy with the controls he noted that Buffy was checking the scanners for everything nearby and he quickly checked their coordinates. "Good we reached Hoth as planned. Anything on the scanners, Buffy?"

Buffy shook her head. "No, everything is clear. No ships in the system."

Jaina looked up from the controls and said, "We should stay here for a while and see if we were followed here. I will hide us in the shadow of that moon over there and then we can wait for a while."

"Good idea that should also give us some time to talk to Han and Kyle," Xander said and then suddenly he had an evil smile on his face. "Jaina, I just got a nice idea," he said with the smile growing wider and wider.

"Yes?" Jaina asked curios.

"We have a nearly untrained Jedi on board who isn't a Master yet, like the Kyle we know," Xander said.

Now Jaina smiled evilly as well, "Oh...payback is such a bitch."

Buffy looked confused at both of them, but didn't say a thing. Sometimes it is better to not know something, she thought to herself.


A while later the Enterprise was parked in a safe orbit around the small moon Jaina mentioned and Jaina and Xander both got up. Before they left the cockpit Xander said to Buffy, "I will send Rona up to relive you soon, so that you can grab a bit of shut eye as well."

"Thank you Xander," Buffy replied. "I could really use that."

Arm in arm Jaina and Xander walked up to the medbay. As they entered it they both looked around and saw that both, Han and Kyle were still asleep. Jaina looked at their wife, "Danni, how are our two sleeping beauties doing?"

Danni smiled at her and then answered. "Better, the sleep helped them quite a bit, but I better wake them so that they can eat and drink a bit and then I put the first one into the bacta tank."

Xander looked at Han and then winced because of the short force vision he suddenly saw.

Jaina who noted the wince asked her husband, "What is it, Xan?"

"Nothing important and you will see soon," he replied and then turned to Rona who had assisted Danni. "Could you go to the cockpit for a while so that Buffy can get a bit of sleep?"

"No problem Xander, I got a bit of sleep while we were in transit. I go right now. I think you three can handle those two."

After Rona left, Danni started to wakeup Kyle.



Han Solo slowly woke up and found himself still free. He had convinced himself that being freed from prison had been a dream and that his mind had finally cracked. But it would seem it was real, stretching he looked around the medbay and then found his gaze drawn to the site of the young man who had helped rescue him leaning against the hull. He also noted they were not alone two women also stood in the room, one was checking him over and he guessed she was the medic. He also noted that he was close to a bacta tank which might explain why he felt so good and that it wasn't a dream that he woke up before, had nice meal and then was put into the bacta tank.

"Well Danni, how is he?" Xander inquired, not looking forward to this next part and he thought back to how Jaina's Han had reacted to finding out he was dating his daughter and then went on to marry her.

"He's good, the bacta has healed a lot of the injuries he had suffered and it has also removed some of the darkside energy that seemed to cling to him," Danni reported glancing up.

"Ok kid what the hell is going on?" Han asked, as he forced himself to his feet and moved towards him and the girl. "I want some answers as to who you are and why did you call yourself Solo?" he demanded to know. "And last but not least, who called me dad on that radio?" he finished with a glare. "Because I am damn sure me and Leia had no kids before she got corrupted," he added a second later.

"There is no easy answer to that Han or at least not one you will find easy to accept, but everyone on this ship, bar you and Kyle, are from an alternate reality where things have happened differently," Xander answered, running a hand through his hair. "The reason I called myself a Solo is due to the fact I married your daughter in her reality and added her family name to my own," he continued, only to wince as Han's fist came right at him.

He did not even try to block or dodge it and let it hit him. He stumbled backwards and fell onto the ground. He glared as he heard Jaina and Danni giggle at his plight. They were in so much trouble later he decided, he glanced up at Han, who was glaring down at him.

"Don't ask me why I did that," Han said, as he relented and helped him back up.

"Most likely you don't like the idea of some punk marrying your daughter, no matter what universe she is from," Xander responded with a smirk. "Father's prerogative," he added, while rubbing his jaw. "Let's just say your other self wasn't too impressed either at the time, but Leia backed us up, at least in public. Offside she threatened things that still give me nightmares if I hurt Jaina," he added.

Han stared at the kid and the glanced at the woman next to him, who was still laughing and nodded her head in agreement with his statement. It was an insane story, but something inside him seemed to accept it. Maybe it was just gratitude for being rescued from Leia and Ja'non. The chance to finally kill the man who corrupted his love or just the fact he liked the idea somewhere out there he and Leia did get to have a family.

"Oh by the way, allow me to introduce you to Jaina Solo, your daughter from the alternate universe and our co wife Danni Solo," Xander said, hoping Han did not lash out again.

Instead the ex-smuggler glanced at the two women, who just nodded at him and wondered what the hell made the kid think he could deal with two lovers. After giving the kid a little glare he paid closer attention to the young woman, the kid claimed, was his daughter from another universe. She had a strong resemblance to Leia and had his eyes. She also seemed to have inherited his stance.

"You are a pilot?" he asked.

"Of course I am and so are my brothers," Jaina replied, sounding like she took the question as an insult. "You trained us all to be the best and we are," she added with a smile.

Han liked the way that sounded and then he felt the deep pain that none of that had happened in this universe, that Ja'non had taken it all away. He looked away for a few moments as he collected himself.

"So if you are from an alternate reality, how did you get here and why did you come in the first place?" he asked, as he sat down and ran a wary hand through his hair.

"The how we got here can wait till later Han," Xander said, as he sat opposite him, with Jaina on one side and Danni on the other. "What is important is that we were asked to come here by Luke who needed help. He sent the force spirit of Anakin to us, who made the request and we came," he explained. "Once we learned what had happened here, we set out to help in any way we could. We came to Coruscant straight away once we crossed over and rescued you and one other prisoner. However we had hoped to get in and out without being seen. Sadly Ja'non discovered us," he went on.

"Yeah well, he is dead and good riddance kid, he was a monster who corrupted Leia and almost killed Luke," Han shot back, consumed with hatred for a few moments, before he forced it back down. "He started the downfall of everything we achieved in the destruction of the Emperor and Vader. We almost had the Empire beaten," he added.

"Uncle Luke is waiting for us to meet up with him at a secret location, where we will start the next part of our plan," Jaina said, unconsciously using the familiar term to address Luke, not liking to hear such hatred in her father's voice, even if technically this was not her father. "We will also get in touch with what remains of the Rebellion and when we are ready, we will strike. If we can, we will try and redeem mother," she continued, hoping that somewhere inside Leia there was still some good in her.

Han stared at her and noted the naked hope in her eyes as she said this. He shared that hope, but could everyone forgive Leia, even if she did come back from the darkside? Not everyone truly understood what it could do to people, hell he hadn't really known until he got to know Luke and Leia and of course old Ben. That was so long ago now he mused. He wondered what kind of shape Luke was in after everything that had happened. Leaning back, his mind shifted to whether or not he was in any shape to help.

Xander and Jaina left Han to his thoughts and moved off to talk to Kyle now, Danni stayed behind for a few minutes, doing a final check on Han before she followed them.



Leia smirked as she watched Kaira move. Such beauty should be treasured she thought, as she watched the skin tight material show the curves she had come to love. They showed all the more as she went through the kata. Her mind briefly strayed to the newcomers who had rescued Han. The security footage had shown it was not Luke, Lando or anyone else she knew, who had rescued her former lover, but a small group she did not recognize. What had troubled her was there seemed to be Jedi in the group, maybe she had been wrong about how badly Luke was after her fall. Was it possible he had been staying away to train students? How many were out there she wondered? Not that it really mattered.

She doubted he could have possibly trained to many, and against her numerous Dark Jedi they hadn't much of a chance of defeating them, but she would not be as arrogant as Ja'non and take it for granted that she had the upper hand. Clearly things were not so much in the Empire's favor as she had thought, preparations were been made to prepare for an attack. The sudden opening of the doors to her throne room made her look up, as Kaira moved to her side with her lightsaber at the ready, she watched two of her Admirals enter.

"Yes what is it?" she asked.

"Empresses, the defense fleet has been repositioned as you ordered and the 1st and 3rd fleet should reach us and take up station tomorrow," Admiral Vega spoke first. "However the 5th fleet will not reach us for another two days, as they are still aiding in bringing Cloud City under our control," he added.

"All ground troops have been put on maximum alert and your personal guard has been doubled as ordered," Admiral Kragg said next. "Your Dark Jedi are patrolling the palace. However most of the teams are still off world," he stated.

"Good, we must be prepared for their attack and I assure you an attack is coming," Leia said, coldly glaring at both. "Ja'non was a fool who got complacent and now he is dead. I suggest, if you do not want to end up the same way you take every precaution you must to stop them when they come," she ordered, making both men snap to attention and bow to her. She also noted they trembled a little, as she glared at them and this pleased her "How soon before Jenna's team returns?" she asked.

"She should arrive in the early morning Empress. She was about to set course for Hoth, but she has changed course as ordered," Vega answered.

"Good, now leave us and remember, any breach of security and it is your heads that will be on the line," she told them with a cold sickly smile, that sent a chill right up both their spines, making them spin and all but run out of the room.

"Do you think they will come soon, Leia?" Kaira inquired, as she followed Leia to their bedroom.

"Not yet, while I think they are more prepared than that fool Ja'non thought they were, I do not think they are ready to take us head on," Leia responded, as she removed her garments and quickly got in the bed, joined a second later by Kaira.

Now she could forget everything else and just enjoy the few hours she would have alone with Kaira, kissing her lover deeply she wondered just what Han would think if he knew she had a female lover. Soon her mind and body was too occupied to think anything else, as Kaira took her over the edge.


(Rebellion hideout)

Lando and Akbar discussed plans and strategy over what to do next, both were tired, but until they had a clear idea of their next step, they refused to stop. Artoo and C-P30 watched silently from the side, suddenly Zars and Wedge all but ran into the room.

"News?" Akbar inquired, as he noted the looks on the two men's faces.

"Someone attacked the prison on Coruscant and got Han and another prisoner out," Wedge reported, ignoring the wince of pain he felt from the injuries he had sustained on Cloud City. "One of our few remaining spies managed to get word out to us only a few moments ago," he added.

"Luke, it had to be Luke," Lando said, with as much confidence as he could, as he truly wanted to believe it was him. "The Question now is where are they heading? We need to join forces," he added.

"Patience, I suggest," a new voice said and they all turned to see the force ghost of Jedi Master Yoda appear. "Young Skywalker has much to do and learn, before he rejoins you. In the meantime you must prepare for all out war," the spirit continued. "Soon the time will come, but not now. Now you must build ships, train men and be ready," he advised.

"Why are we listening to a ghost?" Zars asked.

"Because he was and is Luke's friend and teacher, which means he must have come on Luke's orders," Lando replied. "Tell Luke we will be ready," he said, turning back to the watching force ghost, having seen him once before, just before Ja'non came into the picture.

Yoda smiled and nodded and was about to vanish, when Artoo let out a couple of whistles and beeps, shocking most in the room as the little droid had been so quite since Luke went into hiding. "Tell him your message I will," he responded, before fading away.

The others were not sure he meant Lando's response or whatever it was Artoo had said, still it was the first time Artoo had said anything since Luke had vanished. They watched the smaller droid go off with C-P30 at his side.


(Millienium Falcon)

Luke watched as Yoda returned and told him what Lando had said and then also the message from Artoo. Smiling he stood up and headed for his room. He missed his friends very much, but now was not the time to rejoin forces. Hopefully Lando understood this. He also missed the almost constant presence of his faithful droid Artoo and wondered if he would be forgiven for leaving him behind when he had gone into hiding, he hoped so.

Mara watched from the back of the room, as he vanished and smiled pleased to see that Luke seemed to become more and more like she had always imagined him to be, still what lay ahead of them disturbed her, but she would not fail in her task and so she retired to bed as well.


(Hoth System on board the Enterprise)

Jaina grinned at her husband, who was still rubbing his jaw, and couldn't resist and said, "I think that I now know what your vision showed you, but if you saw that, why didn't you evade that punch?"

"An old and wise man told me once that sometimes it is better to take a hit, if it helps you to avoid a bigger conflict," Xander replied.

Jaina looked in faked shook at Xander, "Who are you and what have you done with that scoundrel who calls himself my husband?"

Grinning Xander opened the door to the cabin in which they had put Kyle and quickly entered the room.

Looking at the bed he saw that Kyle was awake. "Welcome back to the land of the living Mr. Kartan. How are you doing?"

"Fine, thank you. Thank you as well, for getting me out of that hole, even if I would have gotten out there soon enough myself."

"Of course Mr. Kartan, I wouldn't have thought anything else about a former Imperial Special forces soldier and secret hero of the Rebellion," Xander said with a smile.

Tensing up a bit Kyle asked, "How do you know that and who are you?"

"The force is our alley Mr. Kartan. This is my wife Jedi Master Jaina Solo-Harris and I'm Jedi Master Xander Harris-Solo."

"Jedi and you are married? How is that possible? I thought all Jedi were killed? First by Palpatine and Vader and then by Leia and Ja'non," Kyle said.

"That is a longer story and I will tell you about it a bit later, but for now I have a question. I sensed that you are force sensitive. Did you have any training so far?" Jaina asked.

"Nothing formal, only what I learned by myself while I was working for the Rebellion," Kyle replied and suddenly felt goose bumps going up his spine, as he saw his two visitors smile.
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