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Darkness Falls

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Summary: Leia has been corrupted by a Dark Jedi and a new rebellion struggles for freedom. Spin-off to Hatten's Knight Verse stories.

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Star Wars > Multiple PairingsRazial + 2 othersFR151751,4552159,25920 Jun 1016 Jun 11No

Chapter 12 by (Recent Donor)Hawklan

Note: And again and other nice (I hope so at least) co-work from Hawklan and Razial...

Chapter 12

(Hoth system on board the Enterprise)

After hearing the status of Kyle's training in the force, both Jaina and Xander had to smile. After a few moments Jaina spoke up, "Good Kyle, Xander and I have a small offer to make in regards of your training, but first we have to meet up with a few friends, because one of them will get the same offer as you. Rest up for now, you will need it."

Kyle nodded and couldn't help himself, but the way Jaina said ‘you will need it' increased the goosebumps even more.

After the two left the small cabin with a ‘See you later' Kyle grabbed something to drink and then did as Jaina suggested and quickly closed his eyes again.

Outside of his cabin Xander and Jaina paused for a moment and after Xander gave his wife a long kiss he asked her, "So what do you think where she should meet up for the training. Tatooine with its hot environment, Dagobah, with its jungles or do you have a better idea?"

Jaina thought about that for a moment and then shook her head. "I would say no to both choices. Luke has too much history with both and Leia knows about those places. If I were in her place I would keep an eye on those."

Xander just nodded in agreement and waited if his wife would come up with another idea.

"Why don't we use Gelgelar again? The Leia here doesn't know about that one and it was a good place to train," she said bringing up her own idea, just as Xander had guessed she would.

Leaning forward he gave he a long kiss again. "You always have the best ideas. Why don't you go up into the cockpit to Rona and place a course for Gelgelar?"

Now Jaina pulled Xander in for a kiss and then she replied, "Of course and what will you be doing?"

"I'll try to find our host in this galaxy, wherever he is again on the ship, and ask him if he can go over to Luke to tell him to meet us on Gelgelar," Xander replied.

"Good idea as well, should be a lot safer than using the Holonet," Jaina said and then pulled her husband into a deep kiss again.

"Urghhs, that's disgusting you two. Go get a room," the voice of the passing Dawn was heard.

Instead of breaking their kiss, they deepened it even more.

"Hello?" Dawn said with annoyance creeping into her voice. ‘Damn, but missing Lexa and Anakin really made me cranky,' she thought to herself.

"Yes, Padawan? Can we help you with something?" Xander asked in a frosty sounding tone, which made Dawn gulp a bit.

"Oh, no I think that can wait for now," Dawn replied, turned around and as she wanted to start heading down the corridor she heard the voice of Jaina. "Xander, don't you think your Padawan would profit a bit from the training for Luke and Kyle as well?"

Xander sent a grin to his wife and said to Dawn's direction, "Dawn? You should go meditate a bit to prepare yourself for a bit of light environment training, as soon as we met up with Luke."

Dawn gulped again. "Yes, Xander, thank you for the advice," she replied and then hurried quickly away before the two had time to think of more evil things. ‘Light training of course," she thought to herself. ‘Sometimes I really should learn to keep my mouth shut.'

After Dawn vanished around then next corner Jaina looked at Xander, "Do you really think we should put her through that?"

"She will get the same options on that as we got and as Luke and Kyle will. Whatever she takes will benefit her in the end," Xander answered.

They quickly shared a kiss again before they parted. Jaina went in the direction to the cockpit and Xander went on his search for the Force ghost of Anakin Skywalker.


Jaina quickly went to the cockpit and nodded a greeting to Rona, who was still keeping an eye on the sensors. "Anything interesting on the sensors?" she asked Rona while she sat down in the pilot chair.

Rona stretched her legs and yawned and the shook her head. "No nothing, the system is totally empty and boring. So are we leaving this godforsaken system?"

"Yes, we are," Jaina replied, while she powered up the engines and then she concentrated to pilot them out of their hiding space. After that she calculated the hyper-jump to their destination and then she engaged the hyper-drive.

"Looks like we now have a few hours to kill. Care for something to eat?" she asked Rona.

Rona only nodded and together they went into the mess-hall where they found a tired looking Danni with a cup of coffee in her hands. Jaina went over to her and gave her a quick kiss. "You look beat Danni."

Danni nodded in reply and took a sip of her coffee. "I am, but sadly I'm too tired to sleep for now and before you ask how our two patients are, they are doing well. They are just sleeping now and should be on their feet in a few hours."

Rona looked at Danni and said, "To tired to sleep? I know what we can do to help you with that."

Danni grinned as she replied, "Me too, but I don't think Xander would approve if we three would do that."

Rona blushed and mumbled, "Training, I meant training."

"Of course you do," Danni teased Rona and Jaina couldn't hide her smile as well. "A bit of sparing sounds good to me."

She drank out her coffee and then got up. "Let's meet us in the training room in five minutes."

Rona nodded and quickly all three left to change into their training outfits.


Meanwhile Xander had searched for Anakin in several rooms, but didn't had any luck so far. Just as the girls decided to train a bit he entered the small hangar of his ship and there he finally found the ghost of Anakin, who was ogling Jaina's XJ-Wing. Grinning Xander snuck up behind the ghost and because Anakin seemed to be quite absorbed in his study of the star-fighter Xander let out a "BOOOHHH!"

Anakin's Ghost jumped into the air several feet and then turned around. "XANDER!!!!!"

"Yes?" Xander asked with an innocent expression on his face.

"Forget it. I was just studying this fighter and I really would like to fly something like that again," Anakin said in a sad tone. "But I don't think you looked for me to talk about star-fighters?"

Xander nodded in understanding. "Indeed, I have a favor to ask. Could you go to your son and tell him to meet us on Gelgelar? We would like to train him and Kyle up a bit before we go to that Jedi planet. After all it wouldn't be wise if Luke, as the new leader of the Jedi, would be beaten up by one of their Padawans would it?"

"No probably not," Anakin replied. "I think I should be rested enough now after that dimensional travel, so I will go to my son now and tell him about the new meeting place."

With those words Anakin faded into nothingness and Xander headed to his cabin.


Xander smirked as he used the force to place two buckets of cold water on the top of the doors to Jaina, Danni's and his quarters. He owed both of them a little payback, first Jaina had stirred the pot by calling Han dad in his hearing range, and then when Han had hit him, both of them had laughed themselves silly.

So now it was payback time, once he had balanced the buckets he called Jaina and Danni to come to the cabin so they could have a important conversation, he only had to wait a few minutes before the door opened and he watched as Jaina and Danni were soaked by the cold water. Considering they were in their training outfits the results were something he could admire and treasure.

"Xander, you are so dead," Jaina growled.

"Oh I don't think so my love," Xander responded. "I owed you this," he added, as he used the force to close and lock the door.

Danni just smirked and shook her head before stripping off and jumping at her husband, wrapping her legs around him and kissing him, Jaina growled for a few moments before stripping and joining them on the bed. She would have her revenge, but for now maybe a little alone time was needed.



Leia awoke warm and comfy, but she had sensed a tremor in the force. Whatever had caused it was hidden from her. ‘What was her brother up to?' she wondered, so far there had been no trace of her brother, Jade or the Falcon. She was angered that none of her people could trace them. Luke was clearly avoiding places he had been too before which should have been obvious. Then again her people had failed to even locate the new rebellion hideout. The empire had more ships and more people, but she knew from her own past that a miracle could happen and the new rebellion could overthrow her.

No she had to launch an attack before they could mobilize their entire force, once the 5th fleet arrived she would order the 2nd and 9th fleets to prepare for an attack and order all her spies to find the new rebellion hideout. That should at least wattle down their numbers and if the force was with her, it would even rip the heart out of the rebellion. Then Luke and Jade and whatever pitiful force of Jedi he had trained could be taken at will. She smiled as she imagined the chaos and slaughter before sinking back down in bed and curling up beside Kaira, the end would come soon for Luke, Jade, Han and the others, it was only a matter of time but unlike Ja'non she would take every precaution to ensure her victory.


(Millienium Falcon)

Luke shot up in bed, as he felt something or someone was in his cabin. He looked around his room, after switching the light on, and then relaxed as he finally saw the appearance of a Force ghost. He relaxed even more when he saw that it was his father who had returned, he was relieved to know his father was at least still with them.

"Easy Luke, it is just me," Anakin said, having not meant to startle his son. "I came to tell you Han and another Jedi prisoner are now free and Xander wants you to meet them at Gelgelar for some training before you head down to the Jedi planet," he explained. "Also Ja'non is dead, Han killed him during the escape, but this does not mean the threat is over. We still have to either save Leia from herself or stop her permanently," he warned straight after as he noted Luke's relieved look.

"I will not kill my twin father. I can't," Luke admitted, only for Ben to appear next to Anakin with a sad understanding expression on his face.

"Those were almost the exact words I said to Yoda before I was sent to face Anakin on Mustafar. I did not want to kill one who was like a brother to me, but in the end I had to try," Ben informed him, not missing the wince and dark look this brought him from his friend. "I did not kill him in the end, but I left him in just as bad a condition as if I had, you cannot make my mistake Luke," he continued. "You are the only one who can face Leia head on, you are her twin and that at least gives you the best chance of saving her from the darkside," he finished.

"He's right son, you have to try," Anakin agreed doing his best not to think of his own fall and those fateful events on Mustafar. "You must end the Sith threat once and for all, just like I was supposed to do as the chosen one," he explained. "It is you destiny, you cannot run from it even if you want to," he stated. "Running does you no good, believe me, I know," he added with a dark look.

Luke looked between the two force ghosts and knew they were telling him the truth. He nodded no matter how much it hurt. "I will do as I must," he promised. "I will go and set a course for Gelgelar" he added and headed for the cockpit.

Anakin and Ben shared sad expressions, knowing this was going to be very hard on Luke, but he was their only hope of maybe reaching whatever was left of the real Leia.


A few days later they finally reached the Gelgelar system and dropped out of hyper-space. This time Xander sat in the pilot seat, while Dawn was operating the sensors Rona was in the top turrent and Danni in the lower one. Jaina sat in the cockpit of her XJ-Wing and was ready to drop out of the hangar in a few seconds, just in case they would need a bit more firepower. After all this wasn't an abandoned system like Hoth and you never knew who was around.

Dawn quickly checked the sensors and sighed in relief. "Nothing in our near vicinity, but there are quite a lot of ships in this systems, so I better keep an eye out."

Xander nodded and set a course for the planet.

After they where only 15 thousand clicks from the small space-station, which orbited the planet, away their com activated. ‘This is Gelgelar Security, unidentified freighter please state your name and business.'

Xander opened a channel to the space-station and replied, "Gelgelar Security, this is the freighter ‘Klingon' under Captain Rednax. I'm here for a business meeting. Could you please give me landing coordinates to ‘Fenn's Landing' landing bay?"

After a few moments the com activated again. "Freighter Klingon, the landing coordinates will be transmitted as soon as the landing fee of 500 creds is transferred."

Xander quickly wired the transfer of the credits and exhaled in relief after the landing coordinates were transferred, because he wasn't sure if the creds would be taken in this dimension, but luckily for them this reality used the same system as theirs.

They passed the small space-station which was just big enough for a small crew and maximal 3 to 4 defense fighters and for sure Xander could see some old Z-95's docked at it.

"Oh man, my XJ could fly cycles around those Oldtimers," Jaina said who just entered the cockpit, now that there was no need for her to remain in the cockpit of her fighter, because they would be landing soon.

"Damn Gelgelar Free Port looks even shadier than in our reality," she said, while Xander touched down. "What do you think how long it will take for Luke to come here?"

"Two more days I think, he was a bit farther away than we were," Xander replied.

"Good, than we can go shopping," Dawn threw in.

Rolling his eyes Xander said, "We should meet with the owner of this landing bay. I liked Slerog Fenn and he probably can sell us a load of shvash gas. Then we can look around Dawn."

Dawn only grinned and was already visiting shops in her mind and thinking about a few nice things she could buy for Anakin and Lexa.

Jaina only shook her head and replied, "Always thinking about earning creds, Xander?"

"Not my fault that being a Jedi Master with two wives is so expensive. I have to earn a bit of credits where ever I can," he replied with a grin.

"For that," Jaina answered with an evil smile, "I will invite Dawn to a shopping trip."

Xander just groaned and banged his head against the console in front of him.


Two days and many credits later they all met up, which included Han and Kyle, and sat in the only cantina of this Freeport called the ‘Slippery Gelgelar Eel'. They waited on Luke and Mara who had told them over the com that they had just landed.

A while later they saw both of them enter. Han, who was the only one known by Luke here, raised his hand and waved them over. Han rose up slowly, because even after several bacta treatments he still felt a bit stiff, and pulled Luke in a quick hug. "It's good to see you again kid."

Luke who gave the hug back replied, "You as well, you old space pirate."

Han eyed him for a moment, "How is my ship doing?"

Luke gulped a bit, while the all at the table just looked amused. "Not a scratch Han, not a scratch."

"Good for you, kid," Han said with a grin and then continued. "So let me introduce the people your father dragged in to help and who ended my beauty vacation on Coruscant.

Jedi Master Alexander Harris-Solo, my son in law in his reality.
Jedi Master Jaina Solo, my daughter from another reality and wife to that daughter stealing scoundrel.
Jedi Knight Danni Solo, wife to my daughter and Alexander.
Padawan Dawn Summers, who is an even bigger trouble magnet than you are.
Force Guardians Buffy Summers, Dawn's sister, Rona and Kyle Katarn, who enjoyed the same luxurious hotel on Coruscant than I did."

With that Han ended this part of the introduction and enjoyed the shocked face of Luke for a few moments and then he continued, "and those," pointing on Mara and Luke, "are Luke Skywalker, trouble magnet extra ordinary and," here he paused for a moment, "a gorgeous looking young lady I never met before."

Before anyone could say anything, Jaina quickly got up and hugged Luke and Mara quickly. "Good to see you again Uncle Luke and Aunt Mara." Xander groaned as Jaina did it again before chuckling at the looks on Luke and Mara's faces.


After they all had sometime to familiarize with each other Xander spoke up, "So now enough with the chitchat. We met here on this godforsaken planet because Kyle and Luke need to train up a bit. Kyle because he is a Force Sensitive with only informal training and Luke because even if he might have reached the status of a Jedi Knight, is no Master yet, but that is what you need to be for the sake of your reality. In addition my Padawan Dawn will join in the training and if you want," here he looked at Mara Jade, "can join as well."

After Mara nodded in agreement he continued. "Good, then there is only one thing left to do before we can start. You can choose between an easy training where you learn enough for your needs or you can choose the not so easy training in which you will learn much... much more."
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