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Darkness Falls

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Summary: Leia has been corrupted by a Dark Jedi and a new rebellion struggles for freedom. Spin-off to Hatten's Knight Verse stories.

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Chapter 13 by JCHatten

Note: Hatten joined us now in this little spin off to his Knight Series and most of this chapter was done by him, with some small things added by Razial or me.

Chapter 13

Gelgelar was mostly a water planet. The land that existed was covered with swamps, marshes, wet grass land, half drowned forests and jungles. Some pathetic looking mountains were hidden by clouds or covered by snow some nice glaciers were also seen.

Far away from the normal places tourist or even locals would go or drive to, a small camp had been erected on an island surrounded by swamps and lakes.

The camp was almost totally hidden by the trees and the thick fog that always seemed to be present.

As R3 rolled around peeping and finished of the setting of the insects' zappers, making sure the camp would be mostly insects free.

Xander activated the heater and made the camp warm. Quickly the others joined him around the heater. "Personally I think a fire would be more romantic," he said as he looked at Jaina, who in reply only shook her head.

"You just like to see things burn. Beside everything out here is dripping wet," she replied to that insane idea.

Xander just nodded.

Dannie shivered as she looked at the ever present fog. "It's good we have lots of spare sets of clothes with us."

Luke's curiosity was too much for him and he just had to ask. "When are the lessons going to start?"

Kyle nodded, while scratching some dirt from his boots. This place was nice. It was disgustingly wet, hot during the day and cold during the night. In other words it was a perfect place to torture a student. ‘Whoever showed these two this place must be a real sadist,' he thought to himself and loudly he said, "I'm a bit eager myself."

Xander grinned. "Dawn, what about you? Would you like to start the training?"

Dawn nodded. Sure she knew it would be hell, but how bad could it be. Really come one, can't be that hard. "Yeah, this will be so fun," she replied and smiled.

Jaina smiled and thought, ‘She just doesn't learn does she?'

Xander sighed. "Right, your first lesson is a choice, as I mentioned before in the cantina. I can train you slow and soft, but you will not learn much then or I can push you and train you harder than you ever have been trained before. In result you will be many times stronger by the time I am done with you." He looked at them for a moment with his eerie eyes and then said, "Make the choice."

Luke frowned. "How good are you?"

Xander looked at Luke for a moment and then replied, "I am a lightsaber master of two bladed and one bladed fighting. I know all seven forms and many of the free-forms. I trained under Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and other Jedi Masters. I have a strange gift that allows Force Ghost to visit me and so I can claim training from even Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi and many others that died a long time ago. I personally know that I can beat my Kyle Kartan with a lightsaber and Luke as well. He and I know who the best is."

Jaina looked curios and just had to ask, "And who is it?"

"Give it up. He is never going to tell you," Danni sulked.

Kyle snorted. "I take the hard training. Give me hell, kid."

Luke sighed he had a feeling he would regret this, but said, "Hard it is."

"What? But then I have to take the hard training as well or I will be all alone," Dawn complained with a sigh. "Hard training, it is then."

Jade almost giggled at the fearful look on the girl. "Hard it is."

Xander smiled and thought, ‘Good. Kyle and Luke would pay.'

"Great, once the training starts you will not feel that happy. I can promise that you that." He pulled a computer file. It was a more or less a copy of the training schedule his version of Kyle Kartan had made for them.

Jaina took over. "The first lesson we are going to tech you is one that Luke most likely knows and Dawn is not that good at and Jade? No idea, but we will see. Kyle would need to learn that, but his soldier training has most likely shortened down his need to sleep already." She grinned. "Jedi Meditation, if done correctly, will cut your need to sleep in half. We will spend two days making sure both Kyle and Dawn can do it and meanwhile teach Luke some other meditation and Jedi powers. After meditation we will do some sparing both with lightsaber and unarmed combat will be done. Buffy and Rona will help you there."

Kyle nodded. "Unarmed combat, how good are the girls?" he asked and wondered, he himself was considered a master in both armed and unarmed combat.

Luke nodded to himself while not the greatest Force user he was great at using the lightsaber. He thought with a sad gloomy expression, as he remembered his mistakes in the past.

Xander grinned. "Buffy and Rona are something that's unique in my dimension. They, like me, came from an alternate dimension where the Force does not exist, once they arrived in a dimension where the Force existed they mutated. In my home dimension they where Slayers, that's what Buffy was or a Potential slayer, of which Rona was one. Girls blessed with the power to fight the forces of evil. They are stronger, faster, have improved healing and prophetic dreams that guide them to the monsters they hunt and kill. They are also more skilled in fighting then any normal human could be. Once the current Slayer died, a new Slayer was called from the potential slayers."

He looked at them. "How the new slayer is called we never really found out, but most of the time a potential slayer closest to the area where the trouble is the one that is called. So far so good. Whatever power is deciding who will be the slayer seems to chose a girl between the age of 12-18, in rare cases older girls has been chosen but that was rare. Most slayers last between half a year to a year then the monsters she fights kill her."

"That's fucking barbaric," Kyle grumbled.

Mara looked sick and asked, "Who chose them?"

Buffy shrugged. "Bad luck, Higher beings, Dark lord of the Sith. Xander said it Mara, nobody truly knows how the slayer is chosen."

Rona continued. "Buffy was the slayer that survived the longest in more than five hundred years. She was the slayer from her fourteenth year or so, until she was 18 years old."

Xander nodded. "Yes. In my home dimension I grew up on a primitive world with real monsters hidden around. The slayer was one out of many champions that kept the human race alive in my home dimension. A Slayer has the instinct to keep beings with a soul alive. The monsters that exist in my dimension are well demons, monsters without a soul an undead. When a Hutt used a trans-dimensional gate to steal gold and treasures from our world he accidentally pulled me and lots of Potentials and with the treasure. Buffy and a few of my friends followed me a while later."

Xander took a breath and then continued. "Whatever power that gave the Slayer her gifts does not exist in a Force universe. So Buffy almost died as her slayer powers were ripped out of her body, but the force compensated it and filled her up, mutated her. All potentials that were pulled through had mutated into Force Guardians as well. Their instinct to protect was left and became an instinct to protect those that serve the Light side of the force."

Luke nodded and asked, "And what abilities do they have?"

"Internal use of the force, the force permanently improved their body speed, strength and endurance. Rona is about four times faster and stronger then a girl her size should be. Buffy is around five times. They also have other gifts and abilities. They learn physical skills like fighting or dancing at extreme speeds and they can for a short moment double their physical abilities. Go from four times to 8 times of her physical abilities in Rona's case and Buffy from five times to 10 times. Each Force guardian has a special and unique gift to them. Rona's gift is learning skills. Any physical action she can see, she learns the first time she sees it."

Rona grinned. "I mastered more martial arts and dances then I can remember. I know some Wookiee fighting arts as well, but I am too weak for them, even when I double my physical skills."

Luke and Kyle blinked their eyes in shock.

Ignoring that, Rona continued. "I have mastered the Coruscant unarmed police fighting art, the classic military fighting art of the Republic and Empire, Nogrie fighting skills and all of the Jedi fighting techniques."

She grinned evilly. "Fact is, I know the Jedi fighting techniques better then Xander does."

Xander nodded. "That's true in a way. The only thing that keeps Rona from being a true lightsaber master is the fact that in many of the techniques you use the force externally. You use telekinesis to launch yourself in gigantic jumps, you use affect mind to lure the enemy or intimidate him and you use mind reading to sense his next action. Rona or Buffy can still mimic that with their impressive strength and speed, but without that ability they cannot truly be a master."

"So they can use the force only on themselves then," Luke said.

"Um yeah," was Buffy's reply.

"In a way, their body is hardwired to do some incredible things as a slayer, but the slayer-power does not exist in a force universe. So the Force compensated. Jedi healing trance is automatically active in a Force guardian, where a Jedi has to activate it, but a Jedi healing trance is more powerful than that of a force guardian's. This mimics the fact that a Slayer has enhanced healing. The slayer has improved strength as a Guardian. The force seems to constantly strengthen them and they, like a Jedi, seem to use enhance strength abilities to double their physical skills," Xander explained.

"But if a Jedi lose conciseness before he activates his healing trance, he is still very dead. A guardian's power activates by itself," Rona said proud over how superior she is.

Kyle nodded. "Well, you don't have any reason to lie and I feel the truth in what you say. So I am eager to see how good those two girls are. Perhaps I can even teach them a trick or two."

"What is Buffy's power?" Mara wondered.

Before Buffy could answer to that Xander said, "It took us a long time to figure it out. Buffy is unique, as she was the active Slayer as she followed me later on. On Earth only one potential was active at the time. Buffy gifts are the fact that she is slightly better in all areas. She is slightly stronger, learns physical skill slightly better. Has ESP gifts that are slightly better than the average Guardian." He grinned at the proud looking Buffy.

"At home we have a Guardian named Amanda whose gifts are physicals. She is around six times as strong as a girl her size should be and she can double that strength and become 12 times as strong and fast. She can keep herself super level for almost half an hour before she needs to power down, but her skills in extra sensory ability are weaker. Another girl, Chloe, her gift is extra sensory. She could sense the future almost as good as a Jedi and use the lightsaber to parry a blaster bolt, just as well as a Jedi, but Chloe is weaker than a normal guardian."

He was silent for a moment and then asked, "So does that answer your question, Mara?"

Mara just nodded in reply.

"How will the training schedule be?" Luke asked Xander and Jaina.

Jaina's data pad projected the schedule into the air.


Morning: 4 hours of gymnastic, strength training and endurance training

Breakfast and 30 minutes rest

Lightsaber training 4 hours, trained by Jaina, Rona, Buffy and Xander

Lunch and 30 minutes rest

Theory force skills and Force powers: 4 hours

Dinner 1 hour

Weapon drills, Lightsaber control practice using the Candace and unarmed combat lessons: 5 hours

Cool down exercises and meditation: 1 hour

Sleep 6 hours.


"That's..." Luke started to say, but was interrupted.

"You are trying to kill us," Dawn complained.

Xander shock his head in mock surprise. "Dawn, Dawn, Dawn, would I do something like that? Beside its six hours of sleep. A true Jedi needs only four hours. I said it's hard and Jaina and I will be training right along you, making sure both of us are in shape and to make sure nobody is slacking off."

"This is so going to hurt. I already know the Jedi Meditation, Luke showed me," Mara sighed.

Xander and Jaina's smile was pure evil.

Beside them Danni giggled. They had decided that she as the local healer would not join the training. Instead she would be on medical duty to keep all of them healthy, if an accident did occur.

As darkness fell, the first lesson in meditation started and the next morning came far too soon and so the torture could begin.

First was almost an hour worth of gymnastic, flexing, bending and jumping to warm up the body, combined with some strength training. Then long runs through the swamp followed.

After that they settled down very tired and had a bite to eat. Using Jedi methods to refresh them self while eating and resting.

Luke waited until she was out of hearing. "What is wrong with Dawn? Buffy, Rona and the rest of you seem to keep a special guard around her."

Xander blinked. That was perceptive of Luke. "Dawn has a mental happiness disorder. She is happy and optimistic on a dangerous level. The disorder makes it almost impossible for her to be truly depressed and if something bad happens that makes her depressed, her mind seems to suppress the memory, until she once again is happy. That makes her naïve and combined with her adventure lust she often runs head long into a bad situation or discovers something dangerous to herself and others." Grinning he continued. "But the disorder has its advantage as well. She is immune to the temptations of the dark side. She is utterly immune and unable to even use it."

Kyle snorted. "If she is like that, why did you train her?"

"She is to powerful and so the only option was to train or kill her and Dawn will not die. We are making sure she will have a long life. We normally have a guardian or a Jedi Knight working together with her." Xander said and then was silent for a moment. "Dawn herself has never really understood how bad her disorder is. Every time we tell her, she suppresses or disorders the memory making herself believe it's not that bad. Even with that she is becoming a responsible Jedi, slower than most but she is getting there, even if she always will be naïve."

Luke nodded. "I understand," he said and promised to keep an eye out, so that the girl did not hurt herself.

Xander nodded as he stood up and walked over to take another cup of chocolate or that's what he was pretending to do.

Sitting next to the auto chef that R3 was taking care of was Jaina talking with Danni. Xander interrupted them talking in a silent voice. "Something is up with Luke. He feels weaker. No wait, not weaker more like unsure of himself. It's like he is afraid or limits his own potential. Is it just me or?"

Jaina nodded. "I got that impression also. He is nothing like our Uncle Luke is," she said wondering. "In fact he reminds me of Luke Organa. Remember him?"

"You are right, he feels uncertain. Like he lost his faith in the force and I can't help him. This is something Mara and he have to take care of." Danni said sighing. "This was the reason I took care and helped heal Luke Organa. His emotions after seeing Alderaan's destruction were dark and he had too much hidden anger. Your mother told me Jaina that it took many years before she managed to overcome her own anger and darkness and you noticed the time, right?"

Xander nodded. "Luke must have started training Leia to soon. In our world it took almost four years after Endor before they started to train her."

"It was five years I think," Jaina said and shook her head. "Never mind, Luke must have started training this version of Leia to soon. She was not ready." She sneaked a peak at the man that looked so much like her own Uncle, just a bit younger. "He does remind me of the Prince of Alderaan. He was also slow in learning, careful about going too far too fast."

Xander nodded. "If he would just let go of his own fears he would be ready, I can feel it. He is a Jedi Knight already. He is powerful and skilled enough and he should be a Jedi Master in his own right, but he is not. He is barely working on the level of skill a normal Jedi Knight should. He is holding himself back."

Danni nodded. "It's between him and Jade. We can do nothing, but train them and have hope in the force."

Xander nodded in agreement to that. "R3, could you bring out the training sabers later?" he asked his faithful droid.

R3 peeped happy.

"Thanks," Xander said and then he looked at his watch. "Alright guy's, breakfast is over. Let's start to work."

And work they did the moment R3 had given out training lightsabers. Four hours in taking turns to test their fighting skills against Buffy, Rona, Xander and Jaina.

Training lightsabers are unable to pierce the skin or normal cloth of a human, but a direct hit can give you bruises and it burns. Rona, as always frustrated in training idiots, made sure they would feel burning pain for each mistake they did in combat. Idiots in her mind were anybody who is not able to learn perfectly, just by watching it one time.

Xander, while not as hard as Rona, pushed the others harder as he was evaluating their skill and endurance. He was pushing them to pull out any skill they had.

After two hours of training Kyle, Luke, Jade and Dawn were convinced the others were trying to kill them.

"Sith spit. You almost burned my hand of," Kyle growled out in anger at Rona, who looked at him with a naughty and irritated look on her face.

Xander shock his head. "Rona remember how long it took you to learn how to pilot a ship? Fast physical learning like you and others have is not normal. You have to have more patience with normal humans." He could see Rona blush.

"Sorry, it's just so frustrating having to show them again and again. He just kept doing the same mistake again and again. It's....," she said.

Kyle nodded. "Alright, I do something wrong with the lightsaber I get it. Show it to me again, but this time a bit slower."

Rona nodded and moved. Way to fast.

"SITH SPIT WOMAN. I said show me SLOWER and not faster than I can see." Kyle screamed, now holding his burned fingers.

"Get your ass in gear Kyle. No pain no gain," Xander said withholding a grin.

Kyle snorted. "Sounds like something I would say."

Xander grinned. "Really? One of our Jedi Masters used to say that all the time and then forced us to work twice as hard." He grinned even more. "And I never heard him complain about little girls hurting his fingers. Just work harder, no pain no gain, keep pushing it."

"What a fucking bastard," Kyle grumbled.

Xander snorted and then started to giggle. "Oh yeah, he was a real asshole. I got to show you his picture later."

Not far away Jaina also giggled. She so remembered the painful days with Kyle training them and then the training continued.

Xander held the lightsaber blade in a low offensive position, pointing at Luke's knee. "You use a mix of unorthodox fighting forms. Mostly self trained with Yoda and Ben giving you the only formal training and that was only for a short time."

Luke nodded. "I heard people say that." He wondered where Xander was going with this.

Xander attacked quick and shallow, sweeping moves with the blade forcing Luke to parry and jump back. "The mix of your unorthodox and self made fighting forms has given you an advantage against many enemies. They have no idea what you are going to do next, but an enemy that has fought against you could find your weakness. Leia knows them. She has been trained by you and by now she also knows the real fighting forms."

Luke nodded. "I trained her the best I could."

Xander nodded. "And that's why I am going to teach you and make sure you learn all seven forms. For 10000 years the lightsaber forms have been a part of the Jedi fighting skills and not without a reason. They are strict and formal in the beginning, but each of them is adaptable to the Jedi in question. You can learn them and master them. Then make them your own way of fighting and when you have done that, your ability will grow exponentially." He grinned. "My Luke fights much like you, but he has mastery in all seven forms and most of the free forms also. If needed or just to confuse somebody, he switches between his own and the old forms."

Luke nodded and said, "You said ‘not without a reason.' Why?"

Xander smiled. "Alright, gather around me," he said. As the students finally were waiting and listening he continued. "The seven forms of lightsaber combat were created slowly over 10000 years and some would say 20000 years ago. We do know that the first incarnation of the Jedi order came to be born around 25000 years ago."

He blinked. "Sorry the ghosts and I have been talking too much about history lately. Anyway, the first form was created during the time when Jedi used normal swords. The second and third forms were created during when they started to switch between normal blades and lightsabers. That's around 15 000 years ago. Form four and form five, six and seven slowly evolved out of the first three forms. The first three also grew, were adapted and simplified or distilled into the pure essence of combat."

The others looked at him as he spoke and Xander continued. "Each of the forms is not only a way of fighting. It's also represents a different philosophy of combat and you do not even need a lightsaber. Each of the forms can be used unarmed as well.

They complete each other like a puzzle, if you master all seven you can reach the perfect form."

Kyle looked up and said, "You said they represent a philosophy?"

Xander nodded. "Yes, Form 1 Shii-cho - Way of the Sarlacc is the determination form. The motion of no surrender or retreat, it's specialized against fighting multiple hostiles with long sweeping motions. Against a single skilled opponent its strength quickly becomes its weakness.

It's still used, as it's the perfect form to start training a student and it's an extremely good fall back form. If nothing else works, go to basic Shii-cho. Many use it during meditation and gymnastic training.

Form 2 Makashi - Way of the Ysalamir is the contention form. It's philosophy could be translated to I am superior, so I will win. Makashi is almost a perfect fighting form against other lightsaber users. It's only weakness is, that it's difficult to use against long range weapons and it is weak against fighting groups of opponents in the beginning. A master of Makashi can easily compensate and there by remove that weakness. Against powerful and strong opponents it's weak as well. Makashi uses technique and control to such a degree that it's weak against an opponent, who uses lots of physical raw power."

Kyle nodded. "Like fencing, right?"

Xander blinked. "Yeah, exactly. How did you know that?"

Kyle replied, "Seen idiots using light-foils. They strut around fencing. Some of it is based on old records of Jedi using similar methods."

Xander grinned. "Well base Makashi is fencing, focusing on style over brute force. Once you learn more you find it's far more powerful then fencing could ever be. Jaina is the true master of that form. I can use it, but I'm not comfortable in it.

Form 3 Soresu - Way of the Mynock is the resilience form. It philosophy can be shorten down to a simple I will protect. Soresu was created to protect against long range attacks. It's now the ultimate defensive form that exists. It's strength in defense is also its weakness in offense, as a Soresu user has to trust his defense until his opponent becomes to tired or to frustrated to protect himself or makes a mistake when the Soresu returns his attack."

Luke nodded to that. "I learned a bit of Soresu. Ben showed me during our journey to Alderaan," he said, remembering the training with the blast helmet and the seeker droid.

Dawn complained, "Do we have to repeat this? I am too tired to listen."

"Perfect then. Dawn, why don't the two of us go and do some invigorating battle training?" Jaina asked her rhetorical.

"Eeep. I think I need to learn this. I really do need to listen when Xander is talking. I'll be quite now," Dawn stuttered and then swallowed.

Xander almost giggled. "Form 4 Ataru - Way of the Hawk-Bat is the aggression form. It's philosophy is simple, surrender or die. It is an acrobatic form which needs you to be constantly moving. It's weak against multiple opponents and prolonged combat, as it's easily draining your strength. Using Ataru needs open space, in corridors and tight areas the fighting acrobatic Ataru depends on are limited. It's greatest weakness is the constant need to move and acrobatic jumps open up the user for counter attacks. Still Ataru is a strong form and there are not many that are so skilled they can take advantage of that weakness. Master Yoda was a Master in this form."

He looked at them for a moment to let it all sink in and then continued with his lecture. "Form five Shien-Djem-so - Way of the Krayt Dragon is the perseverance form. I will endure any opposition, is its philosophy. In reality it consists out of two forms that were merged together like a coin. Shien is designed to parry and return blaster bolts back to the shooter and Djem-so is designed to use the opponents close combat attack against them. It's basic method is tricking or forcing the opponent to attack you the wrong way and once the opponent is in a weak position you return the attack and press the advantage. Djem So it's all about counter attack and controlling your opponent during combat. It's weakness is the lack of movement. A user has to stand his ground to make it truly effective. It's also weak against opponents who also know this form. I believe Darth Vader was a Master of this."

Luke nodded. He was a Master of this as well, even if he incorporated most of it in his own private way of fighting. "He was and I am also," he told Xander and the others.

Xander nodded at this and then continued again. "Form six Niman - The way of the Rancor. It's philosophy is ‘nothing is too much'. Niman has no weakness and has no special strength. It's my favorite form. Niman tries to balance and combine all elements of lightsaber combat and used them in moderation. That way a jack-of-all-trades is created."

Kyle leaned forward. "What is the last form?"

Xander looked serious. "Form Juyo and Form Vaapad are Form no 7. Juyo was created four thousand years before the Clone Wars. It should have been a great form, but the Jedi knew the user was missing something. It was just before the war that Jedi Master Mace Windu perfected it and renamed it Vaapad, after an aggressive predator with many arms. The secret was that Form seven is not only a way of fighting. It's a way of mind. It's secret is to channel your own darkness into the fight, to accept the fury of your opponent. It's a way of fighting we Jedi are weak in, but the Sith are quite good at. A Jedi can learn and use Vaapad, but it's terrible close to the darkside of the force.

The philosophy behind it would be ‘the state of mind is to enjoy the fight and take pleasure in it and in the winning the combat'. It depends on constantly using the force to improve your speed and strength. A user of it can be described as moving like an explosion. A master of Vaapad moves and attack so fast that it looks like he suddenly has double the number of arms and blades.

It's weakness is that is difficult to learn. It's too complex and too demanding. In combat Vaapad is perhaps the most dangerous lightsaber form you can come face to face with. Amusing enough is that it's especially weak against Soresu. Do not use form 7, if the opponent is a master in Soresu?"

"What other forms do you know?" Luke asked.

Xander looked at him thoughtful and then answered, "Oh there are many. Form Sokan is more of a fighting principle then a fighting form. It's teaching you to use the terrain as a weapon against your opponent. The Jar'Kai fighting form focuses on duel-blade combat. Its main weakness is that you can't use a two handed hold and that makes you lose some strength in you attacks. Jar'Kai is a form of Niman. Another weakness is that is hard to truly master, but someone who has mastered it can have a strong offense and at the same time they have a strong defense."

Luke eyes turned to Xander's lightsaber. "May I?" he asked while holding out his hand.

Xander nodded, pulled out his blade and hold it in Luke's direction.

Luke took it. "Looks like a double bladed lightsaber."

Xander grinned. "It is a double bladed lightsaber or a Sith-blade. I sometimes start a battle using it like that. Double bladed sabers are used like a quarter staff. You hold your hands on the handle and then swing around. It's a wild fighting method."

He grinned and said, "Push the button in the middle."

Luke nodded and pushed it. Suddenly the handle fell apart in two halves. "A lightsword and a light dagger," he said in astonishment.

Xander nodded. "Yes, I normally use a sword and a shoto in my fight. Beginning with a dual bladed one to confuse them, then I switch to sword-dagger."

Both Kyle and Luke nodded.

"And that brings us back to your question what forms I know," Xander said.

They all looked at him. "I have tried some Form Zero and trained in it, but I am not good at that. Form Zero is avoiding conflict. More than once I used Dun Möch, a Sith technique of psychological warfare. Using taunts and telekinetic assaults to confuse and demoralize the opponent. Darksiders are actually weak against this. It confuses them and makes them so angry that they become both stronger and careless."

"That's sound risky," Luke said.

Xander nodded. "Using Dun Möch against a darksider is extremely risk filled, but it's also extremely effective. If you succeed they become too angry to fight."

"Where was I?" he thought for a moment and then continued. "There is Telekinetic lightsaber combat, using your blade from a distance. I used that method to defeat a techno organic being called a Shadow in a dimension far away from us. Then I used mounted lightsaber combat, using both swoops and robot horses. Trakata is another form I trained in for a bit. You switch of and activate your blade to come inside you opponents guard."

He laughed. "Then of course I learned and mastered the Fast Style, the Medium style and the Strong Style. Which were created by the New Jedi Order, as a quicker way to teach the students how to fight. They are weaker than the original seven, but they are much faster to learn. Jedi Master Kam Solust, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and Jedi Master Kyle Kartan created them in my home dimension."

Kyle looked at him, as a few facts added together in his head. "It was me. I was the bastard that showed you hell training."

Xander nodded. "And I am so happy to give it back to you with interest."

Kyle glared at no one in particular. "I so hate myself."

"Let's begin training again," Jaina said while smiling at Kyle's remark and then the training continued.

Now that they had an idea where their students were and so they started on Form one. Drilling its movements inside the students' memories again and again.

Hours later when lunch break came they were tired, so dam tired but instead of resting lessons in theory and force power started.

Four hours of learning theory and testing new powers, Danni joined them for this lesson.

Buffy and Rona decided to sleep a while.

Jaina focused on Kyle and Dawn, helping them to learn force healing and force meditation. Dawn already knew it, but like most of her force skills she needed more training.

When dinner break came they felt like zombies, mind dead and were relieved that it was physical combat next or so they believed.

Weapon drills proved to be different, first lessons in handling the blade, mostly for Dawn and Mara's sake.

They also showed tricks and modifications you could build in your blade, like making it able to work under water.

Then it was time to learn how to translate Form 1 into unarmed combat.

Xander also gave them some lessons in how to use other weapons and showed them the advantage of blasters, simple guns and even how to combine telekinetic to transform a simple rock into a deadly missile weapon.

After that the cool down exercise, healing trance and meditation started and then they could finally go to sleep.

It was a tired group that moved inside the camping house. Nothing was said, as they drifted off to sleep.

Xander sighed feeling his tired arms and legs ache with training pains. He knew thanks to the modifications he got from the angel and devil that he was around twice the strength and speed of a normal human and that his gills gave him the ability to breathe underwater. That of course had its price, he tend to eat more than a normal human and was more sensitive to heat and fire then a normal human was, but if he, with his improved physic, was tired he felt sorry for the others. Jaina looked totally destroyed, as she was asleep long before he had a chance to crawl in bed between her and Danni.

He drifted off to the mostly dreamless sleep of a Jedi.

Only Danni was awake, listening to the sound of the night while watching her beloved two sleeping beside her. All was good in her world, she made them happy and they made her happy. Then she slowly drifted off to the land of the sleeping. Feeling a moment of regret, dreams, she really missed dreaming. A Jedi did not normally dream, instead they just sleep. It could happen, but for a Jedi a good dream or a nightmare was just luxury or a bad luck. Instead it was seeing the future, the past and friends far away, but no real dreams. She really missed dreams.
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