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Darkness Falls

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Summary: Leia has been corrupted by a Dark Jedi and a new rebellion struggles for freedom. Spin-off to Hatten's Knight Verse stories.

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Chapter 2

Darkness Falls Chapter 2

He led her quickly through the back areas of the city, making sure to stay clear of the shock troops, which were patrolling the city. As they neared the small hangar two shock troopers appeared in front of them.

"Stay where you are," the first one said, as he leveled his rifle at them.

"What now?" the woman asked her tone somewhat angry.

He sighed, as he raised his hand and sent the two troopers back into the wall, knocking them both unconscious. The woman glared at him, as he led her into the hangar where his ship was hidden. Although it wasn't his ship by right, it had been the only ship left to escape in. The Falcon was one of the fastest ships ever. Granted it was an old Corellian YT-1300 series, but with the modifications Han had made it worked well. At the thought of his friend, he quickly tried to fight the memory of seeing Han being beaten before he had fought Ja'non.

"This ship is familiar to me," the woman said, somewhat confused.

He nodded knowing she had most likely seen glimpses of it through the Force or she had seen this event taking place. They quickly walked up the ramp and into the cockpit. He closed the ramp and began prepping the ship for takeoff. He noticed the woman was watching him, as if she still expected him to try to harm her. He found it oddly amusing. Even after what he had told her, it was obvious she didn't trust people easily. He couldn't help but wonder what sort of life she had been living, before her Force abilities had manifested themselves and led him to her.

As the ship began to lift off they noticed four shock troopers entering the hangar. He just smiled as they began trying to damage the ship by firing their rifles at the engines. He quickly hit the thrusters, causing the ship to burst out of the hangar, knocking the four troopers to the ground as they did.

The Falcon quickly made it past the atmosphere and into orbit of the planet. He noticed two Star Destroyers coming towards them. He began making the calculations for the jump to light speed.

"We have to leave now," the woman said, as she noticed the approaching Star Destroyers.

He couldn't help but smile, as he remembered the first time he had been aboard the Falcon with Obi-Wan, as they fled Tatooine and he had been pressing Han to escape quickly, as a couple of Star Destroyers came towards them.

"Almost ready," he said, as he raised the ships deflector screens.

The Star Destroyers opened fire, as they came into range. The Falcon rocked with the impact of the blasts as he keyed in the last calculations. He turned the ship away from the Star Destroyers and quickly hit the switch, sending the Falcon into light speed.

"We should be okay now," he said, as he faced his companion.

"They won't give up searching for me," she replied, as she sat back in her seat.

"For now they won't find you," he assured her.

"Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Now who are you?" she shot back.

He looked away for a few minutes, thinking about whether to be truthful or not. Everyone believed he was dead. Ja'non had made sure of that, but he knew Leia would know he wasn't dead. He looked at the woman again and noticed that she was studying him intently. He looked away again, before deciding to be truthful would be the best way to gain her trust.

"I'm Luke Skywalker," he told her.

"Skywalker," she repeated confused. "You're supposed to be dead," she told him.

"They want people to believe that, especially those in the rebellion," he said, as he turned away.

"Why have you let everyone believe their lies then?" she asked, not understanding why someone with Luke's history would allow people to believe the Empire's lies.

"Because I can't help anyone," he replied, as he stood and made to leave.

He didn't want to explain to her how he had failed everyone he had known. His friends, his family and everyone else who believed he could help bring peace to the galaxy.

"What do you mean?" she asked, before he could leave.

"I'm a failure, okay. They all had me pegged as some great hero. A powerful Jedi Master, but in reality I'm nothing but a failure," he spat, before he left the cockpit, leaving her to her own thoughts.


The two guards were pushed in front of Leia as she stood, her black dress clinging to her body, she looked at the two guards with a cold glare. They both tried to back away from her as she raised her hand.

"You let her escape," she hissed.

"She had help. The man who was with her, he could use the Force," the smaller of the two guards tried to defend himself.

"You shouldn't have given him a chance to use it, you were given orders to capture the woman and eliminate anyone who got in your way," she reminded him, as she let loose a streak of Force lightning. The guard screamed in agony, as he fell to his knees.

From the side a tall figure walked towards them, he was wearing a black shirt and pants and easily blended into the darkness of the throne room. As his face came into view the second guard began to shake in terror, as he noticed the cold smile that graced the man's face. His eyes seemed to burn right through his soul, the guard tried to turn and run, but for some reason he couldn't move his legs. He watched, as his fellow guard began convulsing on the ground, coughing up blood, until finally his eyes rolled up into his head and his body fell still. He looked to where Leia now stood, grasping her gold lightsaber. He tried to run again, as she activated the blade, but his legs would still not move. She approached slowly, making sure his pain would not end until she wanted it to.

"Failure is not acceptable," she hissed, as she raised the blade and brought it down hard, cutting his left arm clean off.

The guard cried out as he fell to the floor, he barely had time to breath before she brought it down again cutting his chest open. She deactivated the blade and smiled coldly, as she walked away. Ja'non walked forward and grabbed the guard by the throat, cutting his air off as he bled to death. His body quickly went limp as he released him.

"Dispose of them," he commanded to the two bodyguards. They nodded and quickly dragged the corpses away.

"We have to find her. If we wish to draw Luke out, we must have her," Leia said, as she sat on her throne.

"Skywalker would sense any attack on her, she is bonded to him as he is to her," Ja'non reminded her.

"But he has no knowledge of his soul mate and even though we've tried to block him from sensing her, it's possible that the one who helped her escape us was Luke," Leia replied.

"If Skywalker had been on Coruscant I would have sensed his presence," Ja'non said with a smile.

"If we capture her, we could use her against him. Twist her mind and turn her into the perfect weapon to finish Luke," Leia said thoughtfully.

"She has the potential to be one of the strongest Jedi ever," Ja'non said. "I have foreseen this, and if she ever does meet and join with Skywalker they will be almost unbeatable," he added, as he approached his dark queen.

"Luke is no threat, as long as he allows his guilt to control him," Leia told him with a confidant smile.

"If they find each other, they will be able to overcome anything that haunts them," Ja'non said.

"They will not find each other, we have blocked Luke from feeling her," Leia said standing.

"Their bond may be stronger than our power. They are destined to be together. It is the will of the Force," he said as he embraced her.

"Time will tell," Leia said as she kissed him.


Luke sat on the cold floor trying hard to keep his memories at bay whilst he meditated, but he couldn't stop the images from appearing. He remembered the first time he introduced Ja'non to Leia during one of their training sessions. He remembered seeing a small glint in the man's eye as he got his first look at his sister. That should have set off some warning, but for some reason he didn't question him about it. He also remembered one or two incidents such as Ja'non touching his sister's arm and a slight waver in the Force, but again he didn't do anything about it. He opened his eyes to find the woman watching him keenly, her red hair was tied back and her piercing green eyes were locked on him. He stood up and stretched himself.

"What were you doing?" she asked.

"Meditating," he answered as he sat down in one of the chairs. "By the way, I still don't know your name," he said suddenly, realizing he had stormed out of the cockpit before she could tell him what she was called.

"Mara Jade," she said simply.

He nodded, thinking the name suited her perfectly, and yet for some reason he couldn't explain, it seemed as if he had heard that name before. He shook his head and focused on Mara.

"So what will we do once we reach our destination?" Mara asked.

"I don't know yet," Luke replied, hoping she wouldn't ask too many questions.

"Will you teach me about the force?" she inquired, her voice becoming quite serious.

Luke stared at her as if she were crazy. How could a failure like him teach her about the Force? He had tried to teach Leia and she had ended up being turned to the Dark Side by Ja'non. He had no right to try to be a Jedi Master. He had already failed in that respect. He couldn't help but wish Yoda or Ben were still alive. He was sure they could have prevented this from happening.

"Will you?" she asked again.

"I'm no Jedi Master, no matter what you might have heard," he told her, before entering the cockpit and locking the door.
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