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Darkness Falls

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Summary: Leia has been corrupted by a Dark Jedi and a new rebellion struggles for freedom. Spin-off to Hatten's Knight Verse stories.

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Chapter 3

Darkness Falls Chapter 3


Mara looked at the door for what must have been the third time. Skywalker's actions were not what she expected. From what she had read about him she thought he would be very confident and strong willed. From what she had seen of him so far, he doubted himself and was full of fear. She could feel the guilt radiating off him. He was locked in a sea of despair and for some reason she felt it was up to her to pull him out of it.

Luke sat in the pilot's seat, trying to ignore the nagging feeling that by meeting Mara, he had set something in motion that was very important. He shook his head and checked the navi computer. They were at least nineteen hours from Yavin and that meant he couldn't stay in here for all that time. He would have to speak to Mara again.


Leia watched as Jenna walked into the throne room. She was one of the strongest force sensitives, which the search parties had found. She was a Corellian like Han. She had been working as a bounty hunter when Ja'non had felt her Force presence. It had been easy to turn her to the Dark Side. Her mind was strong, but her desire for wealth and power had been her downfall. She wore a long skirt, which matched the jet black of her hair, her dark brown eyes were filled with anger and hate, like all of the dark Jedi they had mastered. Jenna bowed as she stood in front of her, Leia just watched her. Jenna might be one of their best servants, but Leia could tell that if she saw an opportunity to gain more power, she would take it.

"What is your command?" she asked.

"The capture team failed to take Jade. I want you to take Waku and Tarrick. Find her and kill the man who helped her escape, unless it turns out to be my brother," she instructed.

"Skywalker... but if he is with her, it will be difficult to take her without killing him," Jenna told her.

"You will not kill him! If you do, then you know what will happen to you," Leia hissed, as she stood up. "Luke will join us when we capture him and Jade is the key to doing that," she continued.

"Why don't we use Solo to trap him?" Jenna inquired, making sure to keep her voice even.

"Luke believes Solo is dead, and even if he didn't I doubt he'd take the chance. Solo may be his friend, but Jade is so much more, even if he doesn't realize it. Once we have Jade he'll come, he won't be able to stop himself," Leia informed her.

"Did the tracking station manage to find out where they headed?" She asked, hoping to find a place to start.

"According to tracking they headed for the outer rim, but I doubt Luke went there," Leia told her. "Start in the Hoth system. Luke knows the system is a good place to hide, if he isn't there then go to the Dagobah system. The Jedi Master Yoda hid there for years," she added.

Jenna nodded and then bowed before she left to carry out her task. Leia watched her go and then went over to one of the windows, looking out over the city. Once they had Jade, Luke would come. Then she would turn both of them to the Dark Side, just as their father had been turned. She smiled at the thought of having her brother serving her. They would be unbeatable then. With Luke and Jade on their side, the Rebellion would be destroyed easily, and then she would make Wedge and Lando pay for disobeying her and Chewbacca would pay as well for killing Yarrick.


Mara inspected the lightsaber Luke had given her. This was the first time she had seen one up close. It was a very light weapon, lighter than her blasters, but it was very effective. They had easily managed to take care of those Wookiee's. Granted she hadn't wanted to kill them, but they had been left with little choice. She wondered how things were going to turn out.

The galaxy was in chaos right now, the new Empire was stronger than the old one and the New Republic put together. The Dark Jedi who served as bodyguards for the new emperor and empress, were almost invincible. Each carried a blood red lightsaber and their Force powers were said to be deadly. So far only one of them had been killed and that was by the Wookiee Chewbacca during the battle to try to retake Coruscant. The battle was a disaster in itself, but hope had been gained that someone other than a Jedi could kill them.

"Are you okay?" Luke's voice startled her. She hadn't seen or heard him come out of the cockpit.

"Yes, I was just thinking," she replied, as she looked at him.

Luke nodded as he sat on the chess table Artoo and Chewbacca had once played on. He wondered if they were okay. He knew they weren't dead. He would have sensed it if they had died.

"Luke, why haven't you joined the new rebellion?" Mara asked suddenly.

He looked at her in surprise at the question. He would have thought his responses before would have answered that question easily. "I've already failed them once. I don't want to do it again," he told her simply.

"What happened? What is this great mistake you're supposed to have made?" she asked, digging deeper to find out why Luke had fallen into such despair.

"I don't want to talk about it," he answered.

"Please Luke, I need to know," she told him.

"Not yet Jade, give me time," he replied, although he did feel a strong pull to tell her everything, but he had just met her. He wanted to get to know her first.

"Okay," she nodded. She guessed it would take time. She was not one to befriend many people and those she had, she hadn't told them much also. She didn't trust anyone and yet for some reason she felt as if she could tell him anything.

"They'll sent out search parties. Most likely searching areas they already know have been used by the Republic during the Rebellion such as Hoth," he told her.

"Why?" she inquired.

"Leia will most likely believe I'd go to places I know. Yavin is not known by many people. That is why I hide there. I found it just after Leia fell to the dark side," he answered.

"So we should be safe?" she asked.

"For a time," he answered glumly.
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