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Darkness Falls

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Summary: Leia has been corrupted by a Dark Jedi and a new rebellion struggles for freedom. Spin-off to Hatten's Knight Verse stories.

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Chapter 7

Darkness Falls Chapter 7

Luke sat at the table, trying to ignore Mara's piercing stare. She had finished her meal pretty quickly and had then decided to study him.

'Wish she'd stop watching me,' he thought, as he finished his own meal.

"Sorry Luke," she said instantly.

Luke's head shot up, as she read his thoughts. It was just like he had answered her thought when they had arrived.

"No problem," he replied leaning back into his chair.

"So, what do you want to know?" he asked.

"I wanna know what this big mistake is, that you are supposed to have made?" she asked, keeping her eyes fixed on his.

Luke looked at her for a few moments and then sighed, knowing it was now or never. "I am the reason why the new Empire is in control. I was the one who introduced Leia to Ja'non, I never even saw the threat, until it was too late," he told her. "And even then I couldn't do anything to stop him. He was too powerful. He almost killed me just after he captured Han."

Luke shook his head as the memories began to replay themselves in his head. "Leia was slowly seduced by Ja'non to the Dark Side, and I never saw it. I was too stupid and too damn arrogant to see what was happening," he hissed, disgust filling his voice.

Mara sat and listened intently, as Luke told her what had happened in the events, leading up to the new Empire taking power. She could feel the self- hatred he held for himself, the disgust was evident in his voice. She could feel every emotion coming off him.

"Luke you couldn't have known what was about to happen," she said carefully.

"I am a Jedi, or at least I was," he said. "But I didn't listen to anything. I most likely ignored any warning the Force sent me, because I allowed myself to believe the tales about me. I was the great Jedi Master Skywalker how could anything get past me?" he spat, as he stood up in anger.

"Did any of the others suspect anything? Wasn't Solo dating Leia?" Mara asked, remembering what she read about Luke and his friends. "I'm sure he would have noticed something, if it was there to be seen," she added.

"No, they didn't, but it wasn't their job to watch out for Siths, it was mine. I'm the last of the Jedi," he said turning to face her, his face contorted in pain.

"Not anymore, Skywalker," she assured him. "I'm here now," she added softly.

"You're not a Jedi yet," Luke found it funny, that he was repeating what his father had said to him on Bespin.

"Maybe not but I will be one," she said, knowing it to be true. That was her destiny.

Luke turned away. "The Force is unbalanced again and it's my fault," he said allowing his disgust to run through him.

"Wrong, Skywalker. It was something neither you nor the Force could possibly see," she said, standing as well as she remembered what Ben and Yoda had told her. "Ja'non was supposed to have been dead along with the rest of the Jedi order, so when he re-appeared the Force couldn't or didn't detect him," she said, trying to push through Luke's shields.

"The Force sees everything," Luke told her.

"Maybe, maybe not," she replied. "The Dark Side, from what I have read, can blind the Jedi and the Force," she added, as she remembered reading about the fall of the order.

"So you're saying the Dark Side blinded my vision?" Luke asked her, a shred of hope flaring within him.

Mara felt it as soon as he did. It was working. She was getting him to ignore his self-hatred and getting him to think "That's right and if the old older of Jedi can be blinded by the Dark Side and there were more of them, then it's obvious that the last Jedi can be blinded as well," she finished for him.

"I guess," Luke said, not believing that his disgust was vanishing as she spoke.

"The Force couldn't warn you, Luke, and you couldn't see the danger, because a veil of darkness had been put in front of you," she told him. "It could not be foreseen," she finished, not really knowing where some of this was coming from, just that it was the truth.

Luke turned to face her and he could tell she had meant everything she had said. He smiled slowly, which she returned. "I need time to think," he told her, before he left the room, hope flooding his very being.

As Mara went to return to her own room she noticed Ben and Yoda reappearing.

"Well?" she asked.

"You have begun to put him back on the path, but there is still much to do," Ben replied.

"Train both of you should," Yoda said. "Full Jedi must you be to destroy the Sith forever," he added.

Mara nodded, understanding the challenge she and Luke would be undertaking if he continued to listen.

"I'll do my best," she said to them as she left the room, leaving the two spirits alone.

"All our hopes rest with her now," Ben said, as Anakin appeared next to them.

"She will succeed, she is the only one my son will listen to," Anakin said sadly.

"Help they will need, more Sith than Jedi there are," Yoda reminded them.

"We will search for any possible Jedi everywhere we can, whilst you help Mara bring Luke back into the light," Ben said with a nod as he and Anakin faded away, leaving Yoda to his own thoughts.
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