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Darkness Falls

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Summary: Leia has been corrupted by a Dark Jedi and a new rebellion struggles for freedom. Spin-off to Hatten's Knight Verse stories.

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Star Wars > Multiple PairingsRazial + 2 othersFR151751,4552159,26620 Jun 1016 Jun 11No

Chapter 9 by (Recent Donor)Hawklan

Darkness Falls Chapter 9

Chapter written by Hawklan with permission of Razial


Unknown System in the Outer Rim

The Falcon dropped out of Hyperspace exactly at the point where the three Force Ghosts had led them. After Luke studied the instruments for a while he thought ‘Damn' and got directly a small slap against the back of his head.

"A Jedi Master doesn't curse," Mara said with a smile in her voice.

Luke looked at her and replied, "And a Padawan doesn't slap a Jedi Master on the back of his head."

Mara's grin widened as she said, "Ahh Master..., but those were the old rules. Now a Padawan has to do it, if the Master needs it."

Luke shook his head in amusement. He was still in awe that the little Minx had pulled him out of his depression, but the results of studying the instruments just made him curse.

There was nothing here, except the yellow sun of the System.

Luke looked at Mara and then said to her, "Looks like we miss jumped. There is nothing in this system."

Before Mara could say something, he heard the ghost of Ben say, "Use the force, Luke. The planet is exactly in front of you."

Luke looked at the ghost and then used his Force senses, but still saw nothing. He meditated for a bit and tried to reach even farther out with the Force, but even then he saw and felt nothing.

Frustrated he looked at Mara and asked her, "Do you sense anything?"

As she shook her head, Luke turned to Ben's ghost, "Sorry Ben, but for us there is nothing there."

Suddenly Yoda and Anakin appeared besides the ghost of Ben. They looked at each other a bit confused. "Strange that is," Yoda said.

Anakin nodded and continued. "Yes it is, for us the planet is right there on the front screen."

Luke looked at Mara and as she shook her head, he said, "We don't see a thing, not with our eyes, the Force or the instruments. It's just an empty System with a yellow sun for us."

Ben looked at them all and then said, "Now I see why Palpatine could find it. Looks like it is perfectly hidden and it seems like we need to talk with the Master of the planet again."

The other two ghost nodded and Yoda said, "Stay here I will, to the planet go you two will."

Anakin and Ben nodded and disappeared again.

Yoda looked at Mara and Luke and told them, "Time for training you will use."

Luke nodded and set the sensor to alarm him if something unforeseen happened and then Mara and he left the cockpit of the Falcon and entered the galley to start a bit of training.


A few moments later on the hidden planet

Ben and Anakin appeared on the planet. They watched the Jedi train for a few moments and then quickly went to the Jedi Master who turned himself into a tree, thousands of years ago.

"Greetings Master Kenobi and Jedi Skywalker, did you bring the two Jedi to us?" The tree asked.

"Yes and no," Ben replied. "Sadly we have a small problem."

"Let me guess. They can't see or feel the planet?" The local Master said.

Anakin nodded, "Yes, sadly. Do you know why and what they can do?"

The old Master was silent for a long while and seemed to be deep in thought. At least Ben and Anakin guessed that, because how do you see if a tree is thinking hard?

After nearly 5 minutes the branches of the tree rattled a bit and the Master told them, "I feared that this might be a problem. Only a real Jedi Master or a Force Ghost can see this world."

He looked at Anakin for a moment before he continued, "Sadly your son is only a self proclaimed Jedi Master, but just saying he is a Master doesn't really make him one."

Ben and Anakin looked a bit confused at tree and finally both asked at the same time, "Why?"

The tree Master looked at them and replied, "I see a lot of knowledge about our Order seemed to be lost in time. To become a Jedi Master the Force needs several requirements to be met. I studied the force presence of your son, Anakin and he might fulfill most of the requirements, but he still misses two."

Ben and Anakin looked a bit confused at each other and then Anakin asked, "And those two requirements would be?"

It sounded like the tree moaned a bit, before he replied, "The first one would be that he needs to train at least one Padawan and after that training is complete to let the Padawan take his trials and become a Jedi Knight."

Anakin looked at the tree and said, "But Luke trained his sister Leia."

The branches of the tree rattled again, before the Master spoke again, "Yes he did train her and the first part of the requirement was fulfilled, but sadly your daughter failed her trials and fell to the dark side and became a sith. So he still needs to train one Padawan successfully to fulfill it completely."

Ben thought about a moment about what the Master told him and then said, "Yes that sounds right, but he could still do that with Mara. Sadly that will take a lot of time we probably don't have."

Anakin nodded and added. "Yes time could be a problem, but that would still be the first requirement." He looked at the tree and continued. "What would be the second requirement?"

"The second one would be one that seems nearly impossible to fulfill after everything you told me the last time you where here. To become a rightful Jedi Master the last requirement to be fulfilled would be to be recognized by at least one living Jedi Master," the Jedi Master of this planet replied.

Anakin looked at the huge tree and asked, "Why would that be a problem? You are here and could do that."

"No, I can't," the tree replied.

Ben and Anakin looked confused at the tree and Ben said, "Why not? You are alive and you are a Master."

"Yes I'm, but the recognition must happen in person and as you know, I can't leave the planet and Luke can't come to me," the tree answered.

Ben nodded, "Yes that is a problem. What do we do now? There is no other Jedi Master alive as far as we know."

"In this Universe, at least you are correct," the tree replied cryptically.

Ben and Anakin looked at the tree again, even more confused than before. "What do you mean?" Both asked at the same moment.

"In this universe you won't find another Master. Yoda and you, Ben, were the last ones, but in the millenniums I spent here and trained Jedi I learned much about the Force, the Universe and other things. You know our Universe is only a small part of creation and there are other places."

"Other places?" Anakin asked.

"Yes, other Universes, which coexist with our own and the Force showed me a way to send a Force Ghost to one of those places and for you to get them here."

"Sounds strange, but I will go if we can find help there," Anakin said.

"Be warned Anakin. If I send you, it will cost a lot of your energy and you might not be able to remain there for long and if you then help them to come here it could cost you everything you have left."

Anakin looked at Ben and then at the tree. "Understood, but I will have to go to help this universe."

Anakin looked at Ben, "Tell Luke not to worry and that I'm proud of him, and as he proved with me, it isn't impossible to be saved from the dark side. Farewell my friend."

At a loss of words Ben just nodded.

Anakin turned to the tree again and simply said, "I am ready."

The tree was quiet and for a while it seemed like nothing would happen, but then suddenly Anakin's aura turned green and then he vanished.


At the same time on board the Millennium Falcon

After a bit of training with their light sabers, Luke and Mara meditate and looked in the force if they could find any clues about the missing planet. Suddenly Luke groaned, as he just felt the presence of his father in the Force vanish.


A while later

Anakin appeared suddenly again with a soundless scream of pure agony, after the pain ebbed away again, he felt really quite drained. It looked like the journey across the dimensional boarder took a lot out of him and if he wasn't already dead and a Force Ghost he probably would have died right here and now.

After he pulled himself together again he looked around and noted that it looked like he appeared inside a private cabin on a space yacht.

Amused he saw that his appearance wasn't noted by the three occupants of the cabin, who were quite busy at the moment. He saw a beautiful looking human woman who currently was riding herself to an orgasm on top of a young human male, who himself was busy with pleasuring her with his rock hard dick and at the same time used his mouth to give pleasure to a stunning young Zeltron woman.

Just as he wanted to make his presence known, the young woman spoke, "If you... gasp yes Xander harder... say a word now... yeah Xander right I am close...I'm going to find ....aaahhh Xannder harder...a way to hurt a... aaahhh...Force Ghost, I promise Granddad...yeahhhh Xander I'm cominggggg......."

Anakin looked in disbelief at the young woman, as she and the Zeltron woman seemed to come to an orgasm at the same time. ‘Granddad?' he thought and after mustering the face of the woman he saw a small resemblance. Now he was curios to what he would find out.

After the woman, his granddaughter?, caught her breath again she spoke again in very annoyed tone, "Has no one on this damned ship every heard of privacy?"

Now the young man spoke up for the first time in an amused voice, "Hey sweetie, leave my ship out of it. It isn't the Enterprises' fault that the Solo's and Skywalkers doesn't know the meaning of that word."

As the young woman playfully hit the man on his breast for that, the Zeltron asked, "Anakin, is being green a form of blushing for a Force Ghost?"

Astonished all now looked at Anakin, including himself, he really shimmered in green instead of the usual blue.

"I would say, that would be because this isn't our Anakin Skywalker," the young man said and then continued, "Mr. Skywalker would you please wait in the galley of my ship for us? We will meet you there after we took a quick shower and got dressed. Then we can talk about what brought you here on my ship."

Anakin nodded and replied, "Of course."

He quickly went through the door and flew into the direction he guessed the galley would be.

Out of other rooms he heard several sounds, like music and other things, but after the show he got after his appearance, he was in no mood to find out more about the private lives of the people in the ship.

After a few moments he reached the galley and settle to wait for the young people to meet him here.


45 minutes later, after all a quick shower is kinda hard, no pun intended, with two beautiful women joining you

Anakin saw up as the three people, he saw before, entered the galley. After they all got a cup of coffee they sat down at the table and looked at him.

The young man spoke, "Mr. Skywalker was my guess correct that you aren't exactly from around here?"

Anakin nodded. "Indeed, I came here in the hope of finding help."

"I see, so I would guess again, that you have no clue about who we are and that you have never met us before from where you come? I could feel your surprise in the Force, as Jaina called you granddad," the young man said.

"Feel in the Force? So you are a Jedi young man? Sorry, but I can't feel you in the Force," Anakin said astonished.

"Yes, we all three are and you couldn't feel us because it's kinda normal for us to hide our presence in the Force, sorry about that. We know who you are, or at least whom you look like, so let me introduce us. Those are my wives Jedi Master Jaina Solo-Harris and Jedi Knight Danni Solo-Harris. I am Jedi Master Xander Solo-Harris," Xander said to the Force ghost in front of him

"And you are allowed to stay in the Order being married?" Anakin could help himself to ask.

"Yes, we are. The rules of the Jedi changed a lot here, since Palpatine and your counterpart of our dimension destroyed the Jedi Order and formed an Empire of terror. After your son Luke rebuilt the order, the rules were changed a lot, but that's a long story we might tell you later." Xander answered to the question and then asked, "So what brought you here on our ship? You said you were looking for help?"

Anakin looked ashamed for a moment as Xander mentioned the destruction of the Order and then replied, "Indeed. In my home dimension nearly the same happened except that my son never rebuilt the order."

In the following hours he told the three Jedi the story of his dimension and why he needed their help.

After he finished Jaina looked at him for a long while and the said in a shocked tone, "My mother a Dark Jedi and ruling a new empire?

Danni added. "And your father sits in her dungeon and is being tortured by her and her new lover."

Danni and Jaina looked at the husband and waited.

After a moment he asked, "What?"

"When do we start to help them?" Jaina asked.

"Uhmm...." Xander said.

At the same time Jaina and Danni said, "XAAAANNNDER!!!!"

"Ok, ok. As soon as the upgrades to the Enterprise are finished and we have restocked our supplies, so much for going home to Shesharile 5. The work should be finished in a week. How are the repairs on your XJ, Jaina?"

"Nearly finished," she replied.

"Good than we will start our new journey in 7 standard days," Xander told the other three people in the room.

"Thank you. That will give me some time to rest as well. The journey was very tiring and consumed a lot of energy," Anakin replied.

"Ok, you rest then and we will go back to our cabin. We still have some unfinished business to finish there," Danni said smiling.

Blushing Jaina nodded and added, "Yes, that would be best for now. We tell my brother and the rest of our friends in the morning, which is in 3 hours...damn."

Anakin watched as the three stood up and quickly went back to their cabin to continue what he interrupted or to catch a few hours of sleep. He really didn't want to know, he thought smiling.

As a former pilot himself he was curios and used the rest of the night to explore the ship, except the private rooms.


Back in Anakin's home dimension Luke continued to train Mara, as best as he could with help from Ben and Yoda. Learning that he was not truly a Jedi Master yet, was kind of a letdown, but it did confirm his own feelings on the matter. He was worried by what his father was attempting to do, but he was confident his father could find and locate help in the universe he had traveled to and would be back soon. What he was truly worried about, was confronting Leia once more.

He still had not gotten over his last confrontation with her. Seeing his twin so twisted by the darkside was hard to take and what was even worse, were her actions. For an instant his control slipped and he cursed, as he felt Leia briefly through the force, before he cut the link. He sighed and hoped he never did that again.


Across space Leia sat watching Han resist Ja'non's attempt to torture him some more. She loved watching this, as it was like a play to her. Han's resistance was truly pleasing to her, as when he finally broke she knew it would be all the more devastating. This is what she was waiting for.

She paused as she felt a shift in the force and frowned, wondering why she had felt for an instant a pull on her link to Luke, before it had gone dead again. What was her brother up to that his control would slip, even for an instant?

It was not enough to locate him, but for an instant she had felt what he was feeling and she was angered to know he was no longer bogged down by guilt and pain. Clearly her idea had been right and he and Mara had indeed hooked up.

Ja'non was becoming more and more erratic and if he could not feel what she had felt, he was too wrapped up in punishing Han. She frowned and began to plan her eventual reunion with her twin.

Note: This is not the official part 3 of Hatten's Knight verse stories "Knight away" and "Knight no more". This is a small spin-off to those awesome stories. If you are reading this on ficsite or TTH you can find those two stories by clicking on the series link at the start of this story or by looking under the name JCHatten on TTH or Hatten_JC on ficsite. You will find those and his other awesome stories there.

Additional Disclaimer: Xander and all things regarding BTVS belong to Joss Whedon. Star War to George Lucas and the versions of the characters were created by Hatten for his Knight Verse stories and used with his permission.
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