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Darkness Falls

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Summary: Leia has been corrupted by a Dark Jedi and a new rebellion struggles for freedom. Spin-off to Hatten's Knight Verse stories.

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Star Wars > Multiple PairingsRazial + 2 othersFR151751,4552159,26620 Jun 1016 Jun 11No

Chapter One

Note: The actual xover will start in chapter 9, so don't be confused if you don't see anything from BTVS or the Knight verse before that, we just need a small for run to place this world a bit.

Darkness Falls Chapter 1

Beta: 1st Nikki and 2nd Hawklan

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from the Star Wars universe. They belong to George Lucas and the authors of the Star Wars novels.

Timeline: Set somewhere after Return of the Jedi

Summary: Nine years after the battle of Endor a new even darker empire rules, controlled by Leia Organa and a Dark Jedi named Ja'non. Han Solo is a prisoner of this empire and a new rebellion has begun under the leadership of Lando Calrissian and Wedge Antilles. Luke has disappeared after witnessing his sister's fall to the dark side and a titanic battle with Ja'non, where he was beaten badly.

Chapter 1

The shadowed figure walked silently through the streets of Coruscant, hugging his cloak tight around himself and making sure not to draw any attention to himself. He still couldn't believe he had come here after vowing never to return, but the force presence he had been sensing for the last week had drawn him out of hiding. It was like nothing he had ever felt before.

Whoever this person was their force presence was very strong. He was amazed that Ja'non's search teams hadn't captured them and started twisting their mind to the dark side. He shook his head trying to clear his thoughts. He had to stay focused and make sure his shields kept his presence here hidden. His mind began to drift on how this had all come about, everything was going so well. The New Republic and the remnants of the Empire had finally called a truce. He had been training his sister in the use of her own force abilities, although she didn't have a lot of time to devote to her force studies, she was becoming quite strong in her knowledge of the Force and how to use it.

Then he had received a call from Han, saying that someone had contacted him about wanting to meet the last member of the Jedi, that he had information about where an old Jedi library was hidden. He had quickly arranged to meet the man, intrigued by the possibility of finding more information on the Jedi ways. Han and he had used the Millennium Falcon to fly to a planet in the outer rim, where the man had said he would meet them.

After a long talk the man had revealed he had been a Jedi apprentice who had managed to hide from the Empire's Jedi Purges. Fascinated he had foolishly offered the man a chance to join the New Republic and help him search for new potential Jedi. He had never suspected it would lead to what it did, the lives that had been destroyed because he was being too trusting.

Thousands of people had trusted him and he had failed them in just one choice. He hadn't felt anything threatening from the man who finally told them his name was Ja'non. He had felt nothing from his scans of the man, felt nothing evil from him and yet he had turned out to be more dangerous than the Emperor and his own father had been.

He quickly shook his head and blocked his memories. He didn't had time to feel sorry for himself. He had to stay focused on what he was doing or he would end up in real trouble. If Leia or Ja'non felt him, he wouldn't have a chance to escape, as he turned around the corner he heard the sounds of a struggle. He was going to ignore it when suddenly a cry for help raged inside his mind. The person who had drawn him here had used the force to call to him. He drew his lightsaber and rushed forward to see a tall woman with fiery red hair barely holding off three wookiee's with two blasters.

He quickly ignited his weapon and swung the blade once for effect and walked towards the woman. She spun around halfway to see him enter the fray and smiled grimly. He pulled a second lightsaber from his belt and tossed it to the woman, who quickly dropped one of her blasters, and ignited the blade. The Wookiee's retreated somewhat unsure how to react to seeing someone other than their master's Dark Jedi wielding lightsabers.

He spun his lightsaber and then placed himself into a defensive stance, waiting for the attack. The woman matched him, after placing her second blaster back into its holster. The lead Wookiee launched himself at the woman, whilst its two companions went for the unknown male, who had interfered in their business.

The woman stepped back as the huge creature landed and then quickly attacked, catching the Wookiee off guard. The male easily blocked the wild swings from the Wookiee's' spears. He waited for them to try again before dropping into a crouch and swung his blade in a wide arc, cutting through the first Wookiee's legs. The second just barely jumped back in time.

The woman knocked the spear from the lead Wookiee and then spun wide and embedded her own blade deep into the creature's chest. It howled in pain as she withdrew it and it slumped forward. She turned to see her unknown helper cut down the last of the Wookiee's with a wide-angle swipe, taking the Wookiee's head clean off. He faced the woman as he shut his blade off. He knew now that she was the one he had come to find. It was her force presence that had forced him out of his hiding place to find her.

He watched as the woman approached him somewhat warily, as the blade he had given her was pointed at him. As she stepped closer he gasped at how beautiful the woman was. Her piercing green eyes seemed to glow with fire. She was dressed in a tight flight suit that fitted her body perfectly. He shook his head and cursed the way he had dropped his guard, as he studied the woman who was now almost right in front of him.

"Who are you?" she asked. "And where did you come from?" she added, keeping the blue blade pointed at his neck. "I heard your call for help," he answered, trying to avoid giving her his name. "I didn't call for any help," the woman shot back. "Maybe not that you're aware of," he pointed out. "Are you one of their search dogs?" she asked, her eyes narrowing. "No, but I am sensitive to the Force and so are you," he told her.

"That's how I found you. I was following your Force presence," he quickly added, as her stance became a bit more aggressive. The woman continued to stare at him, as if waiting for him to try to attack her.

He shook his head and slowly raised his hands in a gesture of trust. "We're in danger here, you must come with me," he told her, using his force skills to do a quick scan of the area.

"Where to?" she asked, as she finally shut off her lightsaber. "Yavin 4," he answered her. "It's a planet full of both Jedi and Sith temples so they won't be able to locate us using Force scans," he added, as she stepped a bit closer.

"Why should I trust you?" she inquired. "I don't know. I only know the Force wants you safe. We must hurry, before they send more searchers. If they learn that I am here neither of us will be safe," he told her, as he slowly reached out and grasped her hand and began leading her to where his ship was docked.
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