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Golden Hour

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Summary: Family can make you or break you, sometimes it's those we love who hurt us the most, SLASH FICTION

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Television > Miami MedicalDennSedaiFR1516220185420 Jun 1020 Jun 10Yes
Fandom(s): Miami Medical

Genre: Slash

Pairing/Characters: Chris Deleo (Mike Vogel) / Matthew Proctor (Jeremy Northam)

Disclaimers: I don't own them or claim rights to them. CBS, Bruckheimer, etc own all rights to Miami Medical and associated characters.

Author's Notes: Established relationship, shades of Hurt/Comfort, Serving of Angst as well. This is a drabble, it's a unbeta'ed drabble at that. All errors, misspellings etc are solely mine. The bunny bit while I was trying, unsuccessfully to sleep last night in this bloody heat.

Dedication: Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. In loving memory of a very special family member who I lost a few years ago to Leukemia, when she was not properly diagnosed in time. You were a light to many lives, and you'll always be remembered.

*****SPOILER WARNING***** This fic contains major spoilers for the episode 'Time of Death' aired on Friday June 18th, 2010. If you didn't see the episode this will have MAJOR SPOILERS FOR IT.

"Mike," Matthew called out softly as he looked around the silent apartment before spotting the gentle breeze stirring the windows at the balcony. Not hearing any response, he headed out to the kitchen after a brief glance at the balcony showed his younger lover sitting there staring off into the distance a beer sitting beside his chair.

Grabbing a beer of his own in the kitchen, he popped the lid and joined his lover on the balcony content to wait for the younger man to speak, knowing that something was seriously bothering him. For the silence that had greeted him spoke volumes all it's own.

Finally after almost ten minutes had passed by in idle silence Chris spoke at last. "He couldn't even tell me himself."

"Hmmmm," Matthew offered in reply knowing that this discussion would have to happen as his lover wanted it.

"It's so screwed up, he asked Eva to tell me instead.... I thought...." Chris said slowly hesitantly feeling his way through his own mixed feelings. "Hell if I know what to think anymore."

Sighing mentally, Matthew settled for simply nodding at that, before taking a sip of his own beer.

"It's just.... Eva kept pushing for me to try and settle the old arguments with Rick...talking about the 'golden hour' that exists for repairing relationships....and then he pulls a stunt like this."

"So what is it that Rick asked Eva to tell you?"

Taking a long gulp of his beer Chris stared off into the distance lost in thought. "That he's got cancer.... we talked about how we could meet up for Thanksgiving, how we could drive Mom nuts, and everything else.... then he flies off and leaves her to tell me he's got cancer."

Shaking his head at that, Proctor just let out a weary sigh. "Sometimes.... sometimes it's hard, if not impossible to be honest about things like that Chris.... How do you just tell a loved one about a life changing event like that?"

Chris let out a pained groan at that. "I... I don't know. Hell, his original doc thought it was just a kidney stone.... Eva did the scan for him to confirm.... and.... fuck...."

"How bad?"

"Two.... he's at Stage Two, and it's damn near border line for Stage Three kidney cancer...." Chris said slowly, his voice forced and shaky. "Eva referred him to a specialist group she knows.... but damn it...."

"I know Chris, I know," Matt said softly, as he slowly stood up and moved to stand in front of his lover. Pulling Chris up to his feet, he just held him tight, as silent tears of pain, rage and anguish flowed.

Short, bitter-sweet, and angsty. Just a short drabble as my muses refused to let go of it. Maybe it will spark someone else into trying out this lovely fandom. BTW, the brother mentioned, 'Rick Deleo' was played by the oh so lovely Bailey Chase (Graham) and would serve as a perfect way to add a possible cross with Buffy.

The End

You have reached the end of "Golden Hour". This story is complete.

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