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A Cloudy Day in Rome

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Summary: Buffy/Carlisle. Carlisle meets his mate

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Twilight > Buffy - CentereddemongalFR711,6882122,45220 Jun 1020 Jun 10No
This plot has been floating around my head for the past month, so eventually had to commit it to paper. In response to “Hug a donor Challenge” this is the challenge set by Chrysanne called So Beautiful, So Cold.

This story takes place after Season seven of Buffy, and about 10 years or so before Twilight.

Hopes you like it. Enjoy

Oh and for the record – I don’t own anything Buffy or Twilight unfortunately.

I have a family, a loving wife and 5 ‘children’ for centuries I have roamed, first in Europe then in America, I also have a good job as a doctor. I was happy, content but then I met her. For the first time I felt the pull I have heard many of my kind talk about the pull of my mate.

I was in Rome on a rare cloudy day and I saw her just sitting at a café reading a text book, which I later discovered was for her Psychology degree. This woman from that moment on became my greatest reason for living as well as my greatest secret. I followed her around that day thinking she was a normal human, though the more I followed the more I came to realise that there was something different about her, something powerful. She however knew I was there all along and was just waiting for the opportune moment to confront me. After 6 hours of following me she struck and did she strike up until that moment I never knew a human could be that strong or that fast.

Initially she did not trust me, I can’t say I blame her I did sound like a fool trying to explain why I had been following her around all day. I believe I came up with the excuse of never meeting anyone quite like her, she just smirked at me and introduced herself and invited me to follow her around some more if I so desired.

I stayed in Rome for a month I had to get to know her; I had to be near her. She was the most extraordinary creature I had ever met; she incited emotions in me that I have not felt from lust to great annoyance (that was with the way she spoke absolutely ghastly). By he end of the month I didn’t want to leave her, I hadn’t realised I had fallen in love with her. In that month I told her everything about me, who I was and most importantly what I was. In return she told what she was, as well of telling me things about herself that she had never revealed to anyone including those she counted as family and this humbled me beyond reason.

By the end of the month we had had visited all so many places in and around Rome. She confessed on our last night together that she didn’t want me to leave even if she didn’t understand why. I could understand why she had been burnt to many times in the past to allow herself to fall that easily, I was patient I could wait – I would wait forever for her. We made an arrangement to meet in 3 months, it was going to kill me to be away from her for that long but it couldn’t be helped. She knew I couldn’t stay as I had responsibilities back home, and she couldn’t come with me as her responsibilities prevented her from coming with me.

I returned home and threw myself into my work, and tried to distance myself from Esme – the woman who had been my wife for over 80 years I was disgusted with myself, even though we both knew that we weren’t mates we still loved each other and it killed me but my mate was waiting for me back in Rome. My family knew something was different with me; the only one that knew the truth was Alice. It was two weeks after my return from Rome when she approached me and told me that she completely understood but also told me that I had to tell Esme or it was going to tear the family apart. I month after my return from Rome found me and Esme away from the rest of our family and I confessed everything to her, to my eternal surprise she wasn’t angry at me far from it she was extremely happy for me and told me that she wanted me to go for it with my mate. From that weekend on we no longer lived as husband and wife but lived as brother and sister. The rest of the family couldn’t understand why we had separated except my daughter.

2 months later I was back in Rome and back in her arms and I never wanted to leave. When I arrived at the arrival lounge of the airport in Rome there she was and the smile that erupted on her face could have outshone the sun. I moment she closed the front door of her apartment she landed a very good punch on me and then proceeded to yell at me for an hour for not telling her that she was my mate and I also caught during the rant that she was in love with me my dead heart swelled. The only way I got her to shut up was by moving fast and kissing her senseless. It was that night we made love after mutual declarations of love. I could only spend 2 weeks with her that time it was the best 2 weeks of my existence. She drove me to the airport the night I was to leave she was crying the whole way. I didn’t want to leave but we couldn’t be together yet.

This arrangement last for 2 years we would meet as often as possible most of the time in different places we would also write to one another which helped eased the constant ache I had when she wasn’t around. I was also shocked that Edward hadn’t managed to read mine, Alice’s or Esme’s mind during this time as to what was going on he did however catch glimpses in my mind but couldn’t put the pieces together. However eventually Edward, Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie cornered and threatened me to tell them what was going on. To say that they were mad puts it mildly, what surprised me was that they weren’t angry that I had mated it was the fact I hadn’t told them.

It started to get even harder to be away from her. The last visit I had with my love I had noticed something was different about her, but she was either not aware of it herself or wasn’t telling me, I believed it to be the former as there was a note to her voice that made me believe that she didn’t know something was different. I did make her promise to go and see a doctor soon, she did pout a lot with this promise but I didn’t back down.

It’s been two weeks since that last visit and am just returning home from a hunt with my sons, and that’s when I smelt it her glorious scent and heard her heart she was here!! I believe in this moment I was even quicker than Edward in reaching the house because she was here.

However my heart would of stopped beating if it was beating as soon as I saw her she was being comforted by Esme I rushed straight to her and asked her to tell me what was wrong. She told me she was here to say goodbye because after so many years of fighting evil something more closer to her had finally defeated her – her own body she had cancer!

I couldn’t believe it, she then went on to tell me that she had told her friends she was going travelling and wouldn’t be returning for quite some time. It shocked me that she hadn’t told them she was dying and had refused treatment. She wanted to die my love, the girl other people call The Slayer or Buffy (I still refused to call her that especially when she told me her proper name was Elizabeth, so I call her Beth) had given up. Until I realised that this was my chance to be with her, I believe it never occurred to her that I could change her and keep her with me forever. When I told Beth this her this her eyes lit up, she was concerned once I told her about the newborn years that she would hunt those she once protected but I made a vow to Beth that I would not allow her.

Two weeks later we were ready, Beth had been accepted into the family with no problem, initially she was weary of Esme due to the fact we had been married but once Beth and Esme had discussed it they became the best of friends. The whole family had planned how we would do it; Beth wanted to give her family closure so that they could move on. We planned a convincing accident and Beth settled her affairs and we were then ready, we decided that for her newborn years that we would live in Alaska. The night I turned her we made love and then I bit her, Beth’s blood was just like her smell it tasted like vanilla.

For three days she burned, she didn’t scream but she did moan ever now and then, for three agonising days I waited by her side continuously asking poor Alice when she would awake. Alice came in on the evening of the third day and told me she would be awaking up in 5 minutes the whole family congregated in the room and waited. The moment I had waited for, for over two years was here when I could finally have her with me for the rest of eternity was here, she awoke.

“Hello Carlisle”

She was mine for all eternity.

So what do you think? Should I continue this? Reviews would make the plot bunny a very happy bunny.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Cloudy Day in Rome" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Jun 10.

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