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The Ghost on the Hellmouth

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Summary: Halloween changed Xander, now he's a Hunter and the hellmouth better beware. YAHF. R&R

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Miscellaneous > Surprise CrossoverxandersgirlFR1315800192,50220 Jun 1020 Jun 10Yes
The Ghost on the Hellmouth

Just a very quick one shot. But if anyone can guess the crossover I may continue it. ;)

And of course I don't own any of it!

Xander crouched on the roof of the crypt, watching the graveyard. It was a dark new moon night, but he could see fine. When the others had asked him if anything had stuck from Halloween, he'd said no. It wasn't that he wanted to lie to them, but just seemed to right thing to do. They would have tried to exorcise the memories. However that had been before he'd found out that the physical aspects of the possession had stuck around as well. Three nights ago, on Halloween Xander had dressed as a hunter, but he hadn't specified what kind of hunter. So he'd ended up as Ghost. An enhanced human, enhanced by an alien to help fight aliens.

There was bad, however useful, memories of growing up in a post-apocalyptic world, with everything that entailed. It hadn't been a demonic apocalypse, but an alien invasion one. The Kurians destroyed much of the old world with induced natural disasters and a virus that killed eight-five percent of the world's population. It was less of a war then a walkover, the earth didn't stand a chance. There were monsters in the night, the kind that would give demons nightmares, they would kill you before you even knew they were there, they were Reapers. It was these that Ghost fought.

There were three types of Hunters; Wolves, Cats and Bears. Ghost and in extension Xander was both a Wolf and a Cat. In fact Ghost had just about to start his first mission as a Cat, when he'd found himself in Sunnydale. Quite a shock for him, that was for sure.

Xander had found out about the physical changes from Halloween when he'd been attacked by a vampire the night following Halloween. Not wanting to be a snack, Xander had ran and kept running and running when he'd finally stopped on the other side of town he wasn't out of breath at all. That was when the rest of the changes made themselves known, his senses sharpened to beyond the point they'd been during the hyena incident and his reflexes and agility were off the chart. He wouldn't be able to take a master vampire out on his own as according to his memories he didn't have enhanced strength or healing, that was something only Bears got.

The irony of ending up with both feline and canine characteristics was not lost on Xander that was for sure, it seemed he was cursed by hyenas. The scent of death and blood tickled Xander's now sensitive nose, the scent of vampires nearby. Xander straightened up on the peak of the crypt roof without losing his balance and smiled. Tomorrow he would come clean to the others over what had happened to him, but tonight it was time to see what he was capable of. Xander stepped forward and dropped the ten feet to the ground, landing with bent knees but no sign of discomfort and started to run towards the smell, at a speed only a horse to match. The hellmouth better beware, as the Ghost was out hunting.

I just want to say that if I do continue this, it will not be a Super!Xander.

Please review!

Anything that isn't BtVS related is owned by E.E Knight.

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The End

You have reached the end of "The Ghost on the Hellmouth". This story is complete.

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