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Imperium rising

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Summary: Halloween is altered by a series of events which causes everything to change.

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Games > Fantasy > Warhammer 40,000
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween
RazialFR181137,62536557,09022 Jun 1013 Apr 12No

Chapter 8

Chapter 8


Metatron stood next to God, Michael and Gabriel. They watched the events about to happen and they were somewhat surprised by the appearance of the vampire in question. He was not supposed to show up in Sunnydale for a few years yet, but then again, as with all things on Earth, they could do what they want and demons and vampires did not care about such things.

It would be a hard fight he mused, but then again when you factored in the Emperor, Paul, Prue and Sonya maybe not as hard, as it would have been before Halloween or if Halloween had happened as the Powers had originally planned it. Glancing at Gabriel and Michael he noted the two archangels were looking forward to a good fight. He also suspected they were hoping to witness this particular vampire's destruction as he more than warranted it.

"This should be good," Gabriel said with a smile, which was shared by Michael. "That vamp wannabe should have stayed away from the Hellmouth," he added.

"Yes, but I think the real Dracula has enough on his plate than to worry about every two bit impersonator in the world," Metatron observed. "Still I think should they succeed in deal with the impostor, it might even draw the Hellsing organizations attention to them sooner than expected, especially the one of Alucard," he continued.

"I agree. What has been set in motion is going to shake up a lot of things and cause some problems for her chosen champions," Michael concluded to which God only nodded.

"Still it will not be as easy you might suspect Gabriel," Metatron pointed out.

God held up a hand silencing them all and making them pay closer attention on the events about to unfold. Metatron only glanced to the side for a moment, as Rufus and the Muse joined them.


(Outside the Bronze)

Buffy stepped outside the Bronze and took note of the seven vampires standing around the obvious leader of this particular group. He was tall with longish hair and rather disturbing eyes that seemed to bore right into her. Pike took up a flanking position on her left, whilst Xander took the right. Both were armed with stakes, Amy moved back and prepared to fight, as Max pulled his own stake, whilst Aura and Cordelia remained near the back entrance of the club and watched.

"So you are the slayer I have heard so much about?" the leader of the group said while he stepped forward with a smile. "You are very beautiful," he added and Buffy felt like throwing up as she heard that and a glance to the side showed her friends didn't like it either.

"And you would be?" she shot back trying to ignore the look in the vampire's eyes.

"I am Dracula," the vampire responded, as if it should be obvious who he was.

The group exchanged unsure looks at this, not really sure if to believe him or not. They all knew the stories and myths about the famous vampire, but none of them knew if he was actually real or not.

Xander shifted a little to make sure he could see a little better and not wanting to be caught off guard by any vampires who were hiding out of sight. He noted Amy taking a quick look behind them clearly thinking the same thing, as he was. The Emperor did not bother trying to gain control of their shared body, as he believed Alexander could deal with this threat on his own, he also suspected Paul and Prue would decide the same thing, but if they needed all they needed to do was ask.

"Color me impressed," Buffy finally said, deciding to try and insult the vampire and maybe make him slip up.

Dracula scowled not liking to not been taken seriously, but he was old enough to know not to just rush in. He had to give the Slayer credit, she was not as dumb as some of the ones he had fought before and killed so easily, due to their lack of control.

"Kill her friends and bring her to me," he ordered after a few moments.

The vampires rushed them only to be met by a combined counter strike from now seasoned warriors. Max struck with such speed that the vampire did not even feel the stake pierce its heart. Xander too moved at a faster pace than normal and imbedded his stake right on target, and was watching in satisfaction as the vampire dusted. Amy unleashed Prue's power on two vampires who came at them from behind, as she suspected they might do, they were flung into the nearby wall with enough force to cause a dent to appear. Cordelia and Aura pulled their own stakes and rushed over and staked them. Cordelia was annoyed that their night had been disrupted and so thrust the stake down hard.

Buffy jumped right over the vampire leaving it to Pike to handle and ran straight for Dracula. Her strike was blocked easily and she was pushed away. The smirk he gave her irked her and she lashed out with a back kick which was blocked as well. Growling a little she backed off again and tried to take the measure of the vampire.

Pike flipped his vampire onto its back and twisted the arm he still held back, breaking it and causing the vamp to cry out. Bringing his knee down onto its throat he pulled his stake and plunged it into the things heart, dusting it. Looking up, he watched Max and Xander meet another couple who came off the roof of the club. He moved to help only to see two more charge Amy, who had not yet seen them. He changed direction yelling her name as he went.

Amy turned as fast as she could, but knew she would not be able to cast any spells in time before they reached her.

Prue seeing this came to the fore and Amy allowed her to assume control of the body, Prue used her martial arts knowledge to evade the attack, as Pike intercepted the second vampire. Turning she lashed out catching the vampire in the side forcing it back.

Off to the side Xander exchanged blows with the vampire he was facing, whilst Max used his speed to dodge the vampire's blows and waited for an opening.

Buffy attacked again, only for Dracula to avoid it this time and then land a hard blow to her face. This unsteadied her, but she quickly regained control and shot her left foot out, catching him in the back of his knee this time, as he tried to turn around.

This forced him to one knee and allowed her to launch a sweeping kick at his head which sent him flying into a nearby bin. He groaned as he climbed back to his feet. He no longer entertained any ideas of playing with this slayer and focused on killing her instead. He did not see another body coming up behind him, until he was sent to the ground from a blow to the back of his head.

Looking up he was shocked by who he saw standing above him. "Angelus, what are you doing?" he demanded to know.

"Name's Liam actually and I intend to help kill you," Liam responded, relieved he had managed to find Buffy and the others in time to aid them fight his old nemesis.

He had only learned he was in town from Willy the snitch a half hour ago, since then he had been searching for him and his followers. He should have realized he would go for the slayer. Buffy was relieved to get some more help, as this vampire was actually no pushover. Dracula got back to his feet snarling, as he realized he was trapped.

He glanced at Buffy and then at Liam, before using his enhanced speed to charge Buffy, who was almost caught off guard.

Xander growled as he just barely managed to block the strike from the vampire and twisting around, he shot his leg out and caught the vampire's own legs, sending it to the ground. Cordelia following some strange instinct inside her shot out from her cover and staked the vampire, whilst it was on the ground before it could react. Xander gave her a small smile, as he helped her up and then turned to help Max. At that point Max got his opening as the vampire lashed out, over extending himself and leaving himself wide open to Max. He quickly plunged his stake right into the things heart and just glared, as the thing dusted.

They turned to see Pike destroy the vampire he was fighting by first breaking the kneecap and then he brought down his elbow onto the things neck with such force they all heard it snap. The vampire dropped to the ground paralysed, leaving it defenceless as Pike staked it. They all turned to Prue who now had her vampire up against the wall, but had not stake so Aura rushed over to help and staked it whilst Prue held it.

Dracula did not notice the destruction of the last of its followers and concentrated on sending the slayer sprawling onto the ground with a viscous backhand. Liam however caught him, as he turned back to face him and sent him stumbling backwards. As he went to strike back he was sent flying into the wall with such force he could not get back up to his feet straight away, Prue concentrated again and sent the vampire right back into the wall. Buffy nodded her thanks and quickly rushed over and thrust her stake straight down into Dracula's heart. She caught the shocked look in his eyes before he dusted.

"Well that was fun," Cordelia muttered.

"Such is our lot in life Cor," Xander replied with a smile. "Our nights always end up disrupted," he reminded her, which caused her to glare at him in return.

"Well at least we killed Dracula," Max put in, replacing his stake and sensing Paul's satisfaction with his performance during the right.

"Maybe," Liam countered. "He has been staked before and come back. He has a lot of tricks up his sleeve," he warned them.

Before any of them could respond they were startled by the arrival of Metatron in a hail of lights, he smiled and nodded in greeting.

"Not bad," he commented. "Destroying that impostor has made some impact with the powers and elders, much to God's delight," he informed them, his smile growing.

"Did you say impostor?" Buffy demanded to know, locking only on that fact.

"I'm afraid so slayer," Metatron responded. "He was just a demonic vampire trying to use Dracula's name to his advantage. With much success I have to admit," he went on with frown. "The real one is a far different game as you may find out in time, but remember this, not all vampires are the same race or type," he advised before vanishing again.

"What the hell did he mean by that?" Prue said, with quite a bit of annoyance in her voice.

"I guess we will have to wait and find out," Buffy shot back almost annoyed. "Come on, we better tell Giles about all this," she added and began to lead them to the library.



God smiled, as she watched some of her chosen champions head back to their base. Killing the false Dracula was a good start and it had shut up a lot of the arguments they had been hearing from the powers and elders since this had happened. Glancing around she noted the satisfaction on Gabriel and Michael's faces, Rufus and the Muse were smiling, clearly also pleased by their success.

Metatron returned looking just as satisfied as he rejoined them. However she knew he also was slightly worried about certain things. She knew also what those points were and if they did turn out to be a problem she would act to correct them. Hopefully her champions were up to the challenges they would face as time passed.


(City Hall)

The Mayor looked up as his aide Alan all but ran into his office, much to his amusement. Alan had always been high strung and right now his emotions seemed to be getting the best of him.

"Problem Alan?" he inquired.

"The Slayer and her friends were involved in a large incident tonight sir," Alan answered. "One of your followers was jus lucky enough to be on site to see it," he added.

"Oh what made this clash so special?" the Mayor inquired, as he leaned back in his seat and folded his fingers together.

"The vampire leading the attack was Dracula," Alan reported, going slightly pale just thinking of meeting said vampire.

"I somehow doubt it," the Mayor replied after a small silence. "The real Dracula is no longer what he was. Must have been that impostor I have heard so much about," he mused with a slight smile. "What happened?" he asked giving his aide his full attention.

"Dracula or the impostor and all of his followers were staked," Alan reported. "However your spy reported new faces aiding the slayer, we do not yet know who they are, but it seems she is expanding her group," he continued nervously.

The Mayor frowned not liking this piece of news one bit, the more people involved in helping the slayer the more trouble she would be when his time to ascend came. He needed to know who these newcomers were and what skills they had. He also needed to find a way to trim them down and kill some of them without exposing himself as a threat.

"Have our people look into these newcomers. I want detailed reports on who they are and what they can do," he ordered. "And send someone to bring Spike to me. I think he can help me with this problem," he added, after deciding on the best course of action.

"Yes sir," Alan responded instantly and quickly fled the office, easily able to see his boss was pissed and that was never a good thing.

The Mayor stood up and went to the window to look out into the darkened town. Spike would be the perfect tool to use against the slayer and her friends and if he failed then no harm was done.


(Sunnydale High School)

Giles looked up as Buffy and most of the group returned. All were caught up in either small talk or deep thought. He glanced over to where Willow sat and was reading one of his many books and noted she too had noticed the others return. Jenny came out of the stacks, as she heard the noise and noted the group was back, however she quickly noted they were all tense. Thanks to her knew vampiric senses she could detect increased heart rates and blood rush, they had been in a fight.

"What happened?" she asked, as she moved to the table as everyone collapsed into a seat around it.

"We were attacked at the Bronze by a group of vampires led by someone claiming to be Dracula," Buffy reported.

"Good Lord," Giles muttered, removing his glasses and polishing them. "Are you sure it was really him?" he asked his charge.

"At the time we had no reason to doubt him and An...," she stopped glancing at Liam. "Sorry Liam, confirmed it was him however after we dusted them all, including Dracula, Metatron appeared and told us he was an impostor and we may meet the real one someday," she continued.

"Oh dear," Willow gasped in horror at the very idea.

"He also gave us a cryptic warning as well," Amy put in, having resumed control of her body again now that the danger was passed.

"What did he say?" Jenny asked, leaning forward slightly.

"He told us ‘remember this, not all vampires are the same race or type'," Amy answered, still very confused as to what he meant and she could feel Prue was just as confused.

"I see," Giles said, putting his glasses back on as he thought over the archangels words. "Maybe he is referring to the fact the demonic vampires are not the only type of vampires out there," he mused aloud.

He missed the shocked looks most of the group exchanged at this, especially Buffy and Willow. Liam winced as he realised he had forgotten to warn them about this as well. He had never expected any of them to have to face maybe a Nosferatu type vampire, then again they should realized this when Metatron told them about Sonya's type of vampire.

"I would have thought your would all understand this by now," Jenny said, having the same thought as the souled vampire. "I am a completely different type of vampire than the demonic ones you are used to," she reminded them. "Thank god," she muttered under her breath.

"Yeah, I guess we just forgot about that and what it really meant," Xander spoke up, his mind going a mile a minute as he thought over what kind of threats these other types of vampires would be.

Inside the Emperor also turned his attention to this new problem, he had not detected any immediate problems from these other types of vampires when he had scanned for threats, most likely because they meant no harm to his allies. Still he decided he would do a more detailed scan later on tonight and see what they might end up fighting. His mind then went back to the other problems facing them.

"So what do we do Giles?" Buffy asked.

"For now I suggest you all go home and get some rest. Tomorrow I will bring you up to speed on the other types of vampires out there," Giles responded. "Mr. Pike, I recall you need somewhere to stay and I think my spare room will be better than a motel, as they offer no real safety from vampires," he added, glancing at the younger man who nodded gratefully and caused Buffy to give him a large smile in thanks.

The group broke up with Buffy walking Willow and Amy home. Xander made sure Cordelia and Aura got back alright. Max and Jenny hitched a ride with Rupert and Pike.


(Spike's hideout)

Spike leaned against the wall and was going over his sudden meeting with the Mayor he had just got back from. He did not like being bossed around by anyone. However he knew how dangerous the warlock was. So he guessed he would do as he was told and kill some of the slayers new friends and if he could, the slayer herself. Not like he was opposed to some real violence after all.

What he needed though was a good plan, as the last few times he had tangled with the slayer and her friends he had come off worse for wear. Her allies making her a much more challenging enemy, but that just made it all the more fun for him, maybe he should use some outside help before he remembered he had tried that already and failed thanks to the efforts of the second slayer who had showed up. He had been lucky not to be injured worse than he had been during that mess. He would hate to think what might have happened had that damn beam hit him.

Turning away and heading for his bedroom and Drusilla he kept turning ideas over in his head. Ah he would come up with something he was sure, but for now he had other duties to take care off.
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