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Imperium rising

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Summary: Halloween is altered by a series of events which causes everything to change.

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Games > Fantasy > Warhammer 40,000
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween
RazialFR181137,62536557,05322 Jun 1013 Apr 12No

Chapter One

Imperium rising

Author: Razial
Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I do not own anything belonging to Buffy the Vampire Slayer or its connected media. I do not own anything connected to Warhammer 40,000 or its connected media. I do not own anything connected to Stargate SG1 or Atlantis or its connected media. Anything used in the story that belongs to someone else, I obviously do not own as they belong to however owns the rights. I also do not own anything connected to Dogma or its connected media.

Notes: This will be AU from Halloween onwards and will cross over into many other fandoms, timelines will be very messy so be aware of it.

Summary: Halloween is altered by a series of events which causes everything to change.


Chapter 1


Metatron watched the ongoing argument, between the archangels, the powers, the elders and surprisingly the thirteenth apostle, with a growing headache. It had been going on for the last two hours, at least as time on Earth went.

God stood to one side with a very nasty frown on her face. The argument had begun thanks to Rufus demanding to know why the powers were planning to emotional cripple their chosen champions with their insane plans. From there things had spiraled into the tube, as the elders and then the archangels had gotten involved.

He rubbed his head, wondering when they would all shut up. In private he agreed with Rufus. The plans the powers had put in place were just pure madness. He knew for a fact, that God was not happy with them, this was going to get real bad he thought.

Sadly, because everyone was busy watching the developing storm, no one noticed a shadow creep into the inner sanctum and leaving a few seconds later after making the changes it needed to do.


(Sunnydale, Halloween night)

Xander still could not believe the awesome costume he had managed to get from Ethan's the day before for such a cheap price. He still wondered where Ethan had managed to find it. When he asked him, all the man would do was smile. Still he was not complaining, as he looked down and noted that the replica armor of the god emperor of mankind, shone brightly. Going as something from the Warhammer 40k series, which he and Jessie had loved, was great.

He also had a replica bolter and sword. The bolter was on a strap, so he didn't have to carry it and the bolt pistol, Ethan had added, was strapped to his leg armor.

He was a walking tank in a way. Terminator amour was supposed to be heavy and yet fast, thanks to the way it was made. He still couldn't help, but to smile at the look of almost fear on Snyder's face, as he gave last minute instructions to them all.

The kids in his group were all looking up at him in surprise and in one or two cases joy. He guessed they were fans too.

Buffy had been very surprised when he had shown up at her house in his costume, but had recovered quickly.

Joyce had appraised him with a smile and finally Willow had come down in a sheet and they had left. He had not missed the disappointed look that crossed Buffy's eyes, as she saw what Willow was wearing.

He wondered just what Willow had been wearing, before she had put the ghost sheet on. He shrugged his shoulders and concentrated on the fact that Snyder was finally winding down. He glanced over and noted Cordelia was giving him a look over and he gave her a smirk, which she promptly returned for a second, before she glared at him and looked away again.

He was still unsure what to make of their changing relationship. Ever since he had saved her life things between them, even their arguments had become filled with innuendo and flirting.

At first it was disturbing, but soon both of them seemed to fall into the pattern of accepting the change. He wondered just how far the changes would go?


Cordelia also was wondering about the constant shifting nature of her relationship with Xander. Last year she would not have cared one bit about what he chose to come as or what he decided to do any given day.

Now though she caught herself thinking those exact things. She knew when the changes had started, but was she really beginning to fall for Xander Harris?

She knew she would have to be careful how she dealt with this or her position would be threatened by her so called friends. She was under no illusion what they would do, if they find out about her changing feelings.


Buffy was standing in line, wishing Snyder would finishing his little speech so that they could get going. She was desperate to see Angel's reaction to her dress. She was sure he would be surprised, as hell and full of praise for her efforts in finding a dress he liked. The one thing she hated about this thing though was the tightness around her midsection.

She had no idea how women of the actual time period dealt with it every day. The wig too was annoying, but she was willing to deal with it, if it got the reaction she wanted from Angel.

Finally the speech was over and Snyder watched as the teenagers started to get the kids moving. He sneered a little, before remembering to catch himself.

He hated kids of all ages, but he had been paid a lot of money by the Mayor to take this job and he intended to keep it for as long as he could stand it.

He watched as the last kids vanished, before he headed to his office, where he dropped into his seat and poured himself a glass of scotch.

He turned in his chair and looked out into the darkened night, before he downed some of his scotch. Knowing the truth about this town made him wonder if anything would go wrong tonight and if it did would he be able to use it to his advantage somehow?



Ethan Rayne stared at the bust of Janus, as he finished his preparations for his plans. It had taken him a lot of time to get enough special costumes for this, especially one or two really special ones.

He grinned again, imaging the chaos he was about to bring down on this town. Oh he knew exactly what lay beneath it and he was counting on that to enhance the power of his casting.

He also knew somewhere within the borders of this town was his old friend Rupert ‘Ripper' Giles. He smiled and wondered what his old friend would think about what was about to happen?

Finally he began the complex spell casting. It was time to get this party started. The spell quickly built up in power and as he finished the casting he felt a sudden pain in his chest, as more of his power was taken which left him on the floor. The pain in his chest refused to go and so he just lay there breathing hard.



Across the town the magic Ethan had called down through Janus quickly began to take effect. People who had bought costumes from his shop fell to the floor and changed. However there were a few costumes, Ethan had specially bought and prepared. The people who bought them screamed loud, as the changes took place.

In one area Xander collapsed as his body changed, becoming stronger and fitter. His hair lengthened and his armor and weapons became real. These were not the only changes he underwent, as more and more power washed over him, changing him forever, as he became the most powerful psyker ever to walk on Earth.

In another part of town a young girl fell to the floor and began to change also, as the magic hit her as well. Her hair became darker and her complexion a little lighter, but the biggest change came from within her as her magical core grew to ten times of its original size, as well as a special power that was one of three.

Close to this a young boy fell and began to convulse, as he changed once the magic hit him. His hair turned black and shortened and his eyes became blue within blue completely. The suit he was wearing and the plastic crysknife became real.

The last of the four special costumes was a woman, who collapsed as the magic hit her. Her hair became black and lengthened whilst her eyes became brown. The amour and sword she wore also became real, but the magic went deeper changing her very being into something that she knew and feared.



God and Metatron watched as the events transpired and were surprised to find that they were vastly different from the plans the powers had intended to put into place. Someone had acted.

Metatron looked at God. He noted the smirk she wore and came quickly to the conclusion, that she knew exactly who had done this and most likely with her approval.

‘Oh well at least this should really stir things up and may be very useful in the future,' he thought, as he watched the four, who had been so deeply changed.

Two of the people they had become, should not even exist in this reality and their presence here could shift things to far, but he believed God would have taken that into account. The other two had existed in this reality, but both had died. One a long time ago and the other had sadly lost her life only two months ago.

The Powers had gotten an earful from God for their slip up in failing to protect their champions properly, but luckily for them all, there was someone able to take the fallen champions place. She was already been trained by her sisters, still the scars left were deep.

He wondered if that foolish chaos mage knew what kind of events he had set in motion and what kind of powers he had brought into or in two cases back into the world. He doubted it and the mage was paying for it.

Ethan was still suffering from the spell, because the four special costumes he had chosen had taken far greater magic to change than he had expected. He doubted the mage would be up for some time and defiantly not in a position to enjoy his work. The other reason why it had taken more power was only suspected at the moment, but they would soon see what the answer was. Rufus was already taking bets as usual, anything to pass the time.



As the spell finally finished its work and died down, the changed people slowly began to get back to their feet. The children who had dressed as monsters, ghouls, vampires and demons quickly began to run amok.

Willow stood up from her body and screamed, as she realized that somehow she had become a real ghost.

Buffy was no longer in control of her body, as she had become an 18th century woman, who quickly began running and screaming from all the weird things she saw.

The few people who had not bought their costumes from Ethan quickly tried to flee from the horrors they now witness, including Cordelia.

Three of the specially changed people stood up and looked around, two in awe about once more being alive and the other wondering where the hell he was as he did not recognized anything.

The last finally stood up grasping his sword tightly. He noted the bold pistol strapped to his leg and the bolter slung around his armor by a strap. He knew instantly this was wrong and that he should not be here and yet he was. He searched for his people, but found none. He closed his eyes, as memories assaulted him and as his eyes opened wide in shock he realized he should not be in a mortal shell.
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