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Older and More Savage Times

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Summary: Faith meets the legacy of a bygone age

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Chapter One

Officer Ashok Zainta, a three year veteran of the Tucson Arizona police department, was a curious man. His parents were from New Delhi, and he himself was born in New York City, so he spoke with a curious Hindi-Bronx accent. He was about 30 years old, stood well over six feet in height, and with his dusky skin, dark eyes, and shaved head would have stood out in any crowd, let alone one in Arizona. However he was also unfailingly polite, so he always slumped, making himself look smaller than he was, to not overshadow or intimidate anyone more than necessary.

He had come to Arizona, he said, to get away from the family business. Apparently he was one of the heirs apparent to a small family run import/export firm and as his twin sister was the more financially minded one of the two, he had given his portion to her while he made a living in some other field. He lived very simply in his small apartment, had few acquaintances outside of work, and seldom even socialized with them.

His co-workers knew he was fluent in Spanish and Chinese due to working in his parent's business as a youth, had been to college before dropping out, was a teetotaler and vegetarian, and had an instinctive knack of knowing when someone was lying to him. This last piece of knowledge was why his fellow officers on the TPD always wanted him nearby when they questioned a suspect.

At the moment Sergeant Len Havlicek was asking Brooksie Walthers, a suspected meth dealer, why he was hanging around South Freeway at 11:30 at night. Brooksie kept saying he was there to meet a friend, but when Len looked up at Ashok, standing quietly in the corner, all he saw was the quiet Hindi's head shaking in negation.

"Now look here Brooksie. Even Officer Zainta doesn't believe you, and he's only been on the force three years. How do you expect me to believe you?"

Brooksie looked over his shoulder at Ashok as if seeing him for the first time, "That's Zainta the lie detector!?! Ah hell...I'm screwed...What do you want to know?"

After the end of the interrogation the pair of cops exited booking, where they had entered Brooksie to be in-processed.

"Looks like you've gotten a street rep Ashok."

"So it appears," his calm face gave up no emotion.

"Watch yourself. Some might want to target you."

"I am always cautious Sergeant."

"Yeah...okay. Well have a good night."

"And you as well."

The pair headed towards the main entrance when Zainta was waved over by the Desk Sergeant.

"Officer Zainta, you interested in some overtime?"

Ashok saw that a beautiful dark-haired woman was standing next to the Sergeant. She was wearing a suit and carried a black leather messenger styled bag. Her attitude reeked of soldier or some kind of combatant, but her stance was...unconventional, to say the least.

"What kind of work Sergeant?"

"This is Deputy Lehane of the US Marshals. She's on a fugitive recovery and needs a native guide, preferably a Spanish linguist. You haven't been OT tasked for a while so, are you interested?"

Well-hidden curiosity ran behind Ashok's features, "Yes Sergeant, I am interested..."

"Great!" the Marshal spoke up, "Just call m'Faith. M'ride's outside..." with that she headed for the door. "Well, y'comin' or not?"

BtVS property of Mutant Enemy. Ashok's backstory property Conde-Nast Publications.
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