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Heart = Brains, an Andrew Love Story

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Summary: *ON HIATUS!* Andrew has a date. Everyone is perturbed.

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Chapter One

Heart = Brains, an Andrew love story

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Criminal Minds. That’s Joss Whedon and Jeff Davis.

There was giggling coming from Andrew’s room and Dawn was both baffled and disturbed. It was Andrew giggling, of that she was certain, but Andrew wasn’t, by nature, a giggler. He sometimes laughed like a donkey or snorted or pretended to be sophisticated with a brief, ‘ha, ha, ha,’ but normally he only giggled when terrified.

So she knocked on his door. “Andrew? Everything okay?”

“Go away,” he called, voice going a little shrill on the end. “I’m on a date.”

Dawn blinked at the door, leaning away from it for a second because, ew. Party of one dates were just…and it was Andrew…ew. But then, he wouldn’t have been giggling if he were alone, would he?

Then she frowned because she hadn’t heard anything about Andrew bringing home a strange woman (or man. Honestly, male was more probable, whatever Andrew said. Dawn, occasionally, just knew these things.). And she would have. All the girls knew she paid extravagantly in Godiva for the choicest bits of gossip and Andrew having a date would definitely have made the list.

So she opened his door because she didn’t want him accidentally bringing home an arms dealer (again) or a demon (again) or anything else of questionable moral status. Also, she was nosy and could easily cow Andrew into letting her have her way.

Then she smiled. Because, okay, maybe he did have a date. And she was pretty willing to bet it was even with a normal human being. Because he was in his best nerd t shirt and had a bow tie around his neck and his hair was combed. Also, his computer screen was full of a chat room and it all seemed like the gobble di gook he spouted when he was talking computers.

“Dawn!” he whined, frowning at her. He really did look like a puppy when he did that.

She bit back a laugh, bent forward and kissed his forehead, before saying as she backed towards the door saying, “My bad. I thought…well, never mind what I thought. You have fun on your date.”

He was smiling happily as she gently closed the door behind her.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking