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The Lullaby Job

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Lullaby Job". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Some jobs? They lasted a lifetime.

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The day the twins turned one was hectic, but they all got through it. The next day, though, Dawn scratched herself and when the blood dropped from her arm, it hung in the air, turned brilliant green and started to grow as she bled. Her screaming, tears streaming down her face, startled everyone out of their shock and Eliot yanked her up and tamped off the flow until the green thing disappeared with a pop. Dawn’s little body took a shuddering breath as she looked up at him.

And those were his blue eyes in his little girl’s face, so he only murmured, “Let’s get you a band-aid, huh? We’ve got some with kitties on them.”

“Eliot, what the hell?” Hardison hissed when Sophie insisted Dawn needed a little girls’ day out after her trauma and swept her, Tara, and a baffled Parker out of the house.

The sound of tearing rent the air and it was Connor screaming this time, toddling forward with Ellie’s much abused body in one hand and her head in the other.

“Damn,” Eliot sighed, because there weren’t enough band-aids in the world to fix that. Eliot picked Connor up and pried the two pieces away from him, marveling all over again at his kid’s grip, and headed to the closet where he pulled out a bigger version of Ellie, about as tall as Connor was now. “Here, buddy, this’ll have to do. Say hello to Phanty.”

“You’re kids, man,” Hardison said as he watched Connor wrap himself around Phanty and start to fall asleep in Eliot’s lap. “I know you keep sayin’ we’re going to make them weird, but I kind of think we got them, man.”

Eliot kicked him and glared. “Hey, I didn’t do this by myself. They’re our kids. And you are making them weird. They shouldn’t have a natural aversion to princess movies or horses. They got that from you guys.”

“Hey, they like Princess Leia just fine,” Hardison protested.

Eliot kicked him again. “Damn it, Hardison, we agreed no Star Wars or Star Trek or Dr. Who until they were five! I’m telling Sophie.”

And Hardison paled and leaped up to follow him, protesting as hobbled along behind, “Aw, man, that just ain’t right.”

So maybe his kids bled green and destroyed things easily. And maybe his girlfriend didn’t realize she was in a threeway relationship and his boyfriend was addicted to lame sci fi crap. Eliot couldn’t really claim to be that normal, either, and he was happy. He figured that that was the best somebody like him could hope for.

*** *** ***

“Sister,” He admonished, looking away from the odd little mortal family scene playing out below. “I don’t believe they were supposed to have their powers in this world.”

“Of course they were,” She said, shrugging. “Their powers are literally attached to their souls. They cannot be separated. Ergo, they have their powers, regardless of whether this world is ready for them or not.”

And She smiled, glad that, powers or not, her little beauties were loved as they deserved.

Epilogue, 20 Years Later

Amongst the Alphabets and the spooks and the black ops of the world, the Leveraging Agency was a myth, a legend. It was also the boogy man mentors threatened newbies with.

(“If you don’t act in the best interest of freedom and the people, they’ll come for you. you’ll end up butt naked on the evening news babbling about all your evil deeds while the ticker below shows a running commentary and factual evidence. I’ve seen it happen.)

Recruitment was all under the table, there was no training facility, and only the highest placed, more permanent members ever got to go to the real home base. And everybody wanted in. Agents that were pulled in were marked LA and always returned, mostly in one piece, with a wilder natured, a more creative mind, and a tightly sealed mouth. Tattletales never got to come out and play again, after all.

Things leaked, though, and out of the legend of the Leveraging Agency grew that of the Twins. She stole hearts along with wallets and he terrified even the craziest bastards. And everybody said that they were trained by the best, the original crew. Raised from the cradle up to wreak vengeance for the masses.

Eliot always loved hearing his babies talked about with awe. He’d tell everybody that it’d been a harder road than anyone could imagine, if they’d have believed him.

Dawn had gone through a phase where she wanted to be normal, as a teen, and she’d refused to deal with anyone, to help with any jobs until Maggie had come under fire for something at some museum or another and Dawn remembered what it was all about.

Connor could take out anybody that stood against him, but he got all his social skills with women from Hardison, so getting dates was harder than hell.

But mostly, they were everything every spook in the world thought they were. Connor was a better hacker and Dawn the better Grifter, but they stole, hit, and planned with an equal amount of grace and skill. And they always came home flushed with excitement, as much from knowing they were doing the right thing as bankrupting billionaires and embarrassing secret agents. Mostly, though, they always came home, which would never have existed with out them.

Author's Notes: Ria was supposed to be Illyria but for whatever reason, she didn't feel like cooperating. But, you know, she's there and stuff.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Lullaby Job". This story is complete.

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