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The Lullaby Job

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Lullaby Job". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Some jobs? They lasted a lifetime.

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The Lullaby Job

Disclaimer: I don’t own Leverage or Buffy or Angel. That’s Dean Devlin and Joss Whedon.

Author’s Notes: Many thanks go out to TouchoftheWind, who not only has done all the banners for this work, but has been a great encouragement in getting it going.

Author’s Notes 2: Also, this is going completely AU as of Leverage 2x02, although it discusses some situations in the earlier season.

The Lullaby Job


She gently rocked the spirit in her arms. Regardless of what the mortals thought, the Powers were often quite attached to their Champions. Seeing them rise made them deliriously happy and seeing them fall was devastating. Thus, their souls were treasures. Farming them out to new worlds, watching them struggle anew, was always most difficult. Especially with the newer souls.

“Sister, the time nears,” He said and she turned to see him gently cradling the other soul, this one feminine to the masculine she was holding. “Their new destiny awaits them.”

She tightened her arms slightly, aware that clinging too tightly could cause the soul to vanish from all realms and he had been a master creation, a beautifully complicated masterpiece. “I do wish we could keep them, brother. Just a little longer.”

“Sister…” He said, a flicker of something unusual running across His face. Emotions, in all their forms, were a rarity among the Powers. “They must be in place so that they may have the opportunity to learn. It raises their chances of survival by an astronomical degree. They must go now.”

She closed her eyes, bowing into the spirit in her arms. He would be a great warrior one day but he needed years of preparation. Years of preparation that could only come if she could bring herself to let him go. “And the other?”

“She is prepared and will reveal herself when the time is right,” He said, obviously getting a little agitated at her reluctance. “But these two must go. Now.”

“Alright,” She snapped, her ire rising.

They stepped to the Pool of Illithyia and opened their arms, watching as the spirits funneled into the waiting womb. Then the Powers, Brother and Sister, stepped back and linked hands, even as they watched the first spark of creation.

“Brother? Will they be happier this time?” She asked. Their first lives had been literally hellish.

“Yes,” He said instantly, tightening his hand around hers. “They will not discover that they are anyone except who they know themselves to be. They’ve earned a bit of respite, despite the fact that they were created for the singular purposes of their first lives.”

“Good,” She said quietly.

She remembered well their creation. It had pained her greatly, even as it had been exhilarating. Fitting the Key with its very own soul and creating a Miracle Child had been difficult tasks. She was pleased to say they had turned out well.

That didn’t stop her from worrying about them now. She had to wonder if this was a mother’s worry. She had to wonder if the mortal woman would understand what gifts she carried, even if they were to be her last upon the world. Carrying such new, powerfully bright souls would be taxing, especially upon a body that had already come under attack unbeknownst to its owner. She hoped the mortal woman would hold no ill will towards the children that would be her undoing even as they would become her last great triumph.

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