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Legacy family 1 - Meet the relatives

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Summary: Xander meets a new branch of the family. One that he actually likes. (-proofread-)

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Television > Poltergiest: The LegacydampyriaFR151236,991118026,94825 Jun 1013 Aug 10Yes

Prologue 1


Author: Dampyria
Fandom: PtL / BtVS crossover
Summary: Xander meets a new branch of the family. One that he actually likes.
Paring: None yet
Spoilers: BtVS - season 3, Poltergeist the Legacy – season 1
Disclaimer: I do not own Poltergeist the Legacy or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Note: Many thanks to HiltonK for her wonderful work as a beta reader. She cleaned up my fic wonderfully in record time and gave me some really good pointers. Thank you!


Xander changed his focus from the scenery to his quarreling parents. Even by Hellmouth standards what had happened to him this morning was surreal.

After pulling an all-nighter with Buffy and Willow he had come home with only two things on his mind - a shower and a soft bed to dive into. But, as it turned out, he was denied both. He didn’t even make it to the front lawn, when his parents burst out of the house, grabbed him and pushed him into the car.

So here he is. Kidnapped by his own parents on a Sunday morning – looking out of the car as they passed the sign ‘You are now leaving Sunnydale’ and having no clue what was going on.

His parents were still arguing about something or other when he dug up enough courage and reminded them of his presence: “What’s going on? Where are we going?”

The banter stopped for a minute then his mother turned to look at him: “We have been invited to my Aunt’s birthday party.”

Xander frowned and tried to remember the mention of an Aunt. There was Uncle Roger, Uncle Pete and Uncle Simon. Nope, no Aunt. He remembered an Aunt Emily mentioned once or twice, but she’d been dead for nearly a decade. He just hoped that they weren’t going to perform some weird voodoo ceremony to bring her back as a zombie, ‘cause having to kill her in front of all the guests would be of the bad. Stopping that train of thought he entertained the notion of just how sick it was to seriously consider that as a possibility. He really needed a vacation. Maybe this trip was for the best.

“Fucking stuck-up bitch!” snarled his father.

Or maybe not.
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