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Fateful Encounter

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Summary: Xander has an encounter that changes not only his life, but the lives of his friends as well as a few others.

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Charmed > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Prue HalliwellRazialFR18516,74635722,33527 Jun 1014 Aug 10Yes

Chapter 2

Fateful Encounter Chapter 2

(P3 Nightclub)

Xander sat at the table and downed his drink in one go, as he waited for Prue and her sisters to talk, so far they had remained silent after Prue's initial outburst after they had dealt with the demon. He was still trying to work his head around the fact, that the girl he had encountered earlier that day was a powerful witch. He wondered if he was destined to always run into such strange events.

The witch they had rescued was sitting silently beside him, still coming to terms with how close she had come to being killed. He rubbed his eyes as his mind drifted back to the fight.



Xander groaned as he rolled onto his back and winced as he felt the painful scrapes he had taken from his fall. He blinked a few times, as he noticed the demon advancing on him and he quickly scrambled back to his feet. He reached out for his fallen stake and pushed himself back to his feet and put himself between himself and the unknown woman.

It was here that he first noticed the presence of Prue, along with two other women, which were no older than twenty he guessed. He was confused by their presence here, before the roar of the demon made him turn back to the fight at hand. He charged again and ducked the swing of the demon this time. He rammed his stake into its side before being belted around the face and sent flying yet again into a wall. Only this time the pain was much worse. He could only roll over and watch as Prue and her sisters attacked the demon, showing him exactly what they were doing here.

He should have guessed. Really what normal people would come to the aid of someone being attacked by a demon? They were witches and as he watched Prue raise her hand and unleash her power, he would say very powerful witches at that. He was amazed as he watched them surround the demon and cut it off from not only its target, but anyway out and began to chant a spell. This was unlike anything he had seen back in Sunnydale and he watched as the demon finally burst into flame with a roar of pain and agony which sent a chill through him before it vanished.

Silence descended as he began to push himself back up. The guy who had come with the girls came over and ran his hand over his head before he could object. He was even more amazed to feel the pain vanish, as well as to feel the cuts and scrapes he had also gotten vanish, as the guy moved the hand over his body. He could only stand up and stare, as Prue walked over to him and gave him a very uneasy look before demanding that he followed them to somewhere they could talk. He had just shrugged and nodded not really in a position to refuse.


(P3 Nightclub)

Xander shook his head and cleared the memories of the fight from his mind and concentrated on the others at the table again. He was still waiting for one of them to say anything, but so far all they did was stare at him or exchange looks between each other. The guy who had come with them, Leo he had learned was his name, had gone somewhere he did not know where, so he wondered just what he had walked into.

Prue herself was just plain confused as to what to make of Xander presence at the attack by the demon. He had come out of nowhere to help the witch it was attacking and almost was killed and most likely would have had she and her sisters not been there. The question was why had he been in the area and how had he known someone was in danger. Another one was why did he would risk his life to help when most people would have run the other way. To many questions she thought and not enough answers and Leo had yet to return from the Elders. She rubbed her head and was wondering what her sisters thought of all this.

Of course they had been curious to know how she knew the man's name and once she had told her story, as they walked to the club, they had gone quiet. She could tell by the look in their eyes they were very wary of all this. To them it must seem like such a big coincidence not that she could blame them really, but for some reason deep inside her she doubted Xander was a bad guy or a demon in disguise. His use of a stake, whilst a strange weapon to wield against a demon, seemed to fit Xander. It was almost as if he had been expecting to fight something else, but what that was she could not put her finger on just yet.

Phoebe and Piper were still thinking over the possibility that Xander was a demon, sent to get close to Prue like Cole had been sent to get close to Phoebe and then kill them. They felt it was just too much of a coincidence for her to have met him that day, only for him to show up during a demon attack in time to see her use her powers. No they were beginning to believe this had all been staged. They were just waiting for Leo's return so they could act, as they sensed Prue would not share their reasoning at the moment.

Leon was just orbing into an empty toilet stall, still feeling somewhat surprised by what the Elders had to say on the matter of the stranger, as well as the witch they had rescued. He wondered how the girls would take this, as he opened the stall and walked out. He headed straight for the girls usual table, finding them sitting in silence with the witch they had rescued and Xander. As he sat down, he noted the looks Phoebe and Piper sent him, whilst Prue just looked curious. He smiled somewhat before turning to the rescued witch.

"You are safe now Tara, so relax," he said in a calming tone, causing the others to turn and really look at the witch and finally notice how nervous and scared she looked.

"This is Tara Maclay, a witch heading to Sunnydale, strangely enough in the hopes of staying hidden from her family," he told the sisters, when he noted their questioning glances.

"Why? Sunnydale it's not exactly the safest location in the world?" Xander exclaimed in shock. Shocking the sisters and Tara at the tone he used when speaking of the town.

"What, what do you mean?" Tara asked meekly, still very unsure about the company she had found herself in.

Being confronted by a demon was bad enough, but now she was facing three unknown witches and two men she was very uneasy about. Although she trusted the first one a little, as he had risked his life to save hers when the demon had shown up.

"You might as well tell them Alexander, as they will learn about it anyway," Leo said with a smile, as he turned to the younger man who looked somewhat unsure what to say.

"How do you know my name?" Xander inquired, suspicious after everything he had seen in Sunnydale. He had learnt to be very cautious.

"Part of my job and I will explain it later on, but to assure your fears Alexander we are all on the same side," Leo replied, understanding the reason for the question. "So you two can relax and stop thinking he's some demon in disguise," he added pointedly at Phoebe and Piper.

Prue was not surprised by this, as she noted her sisters exchanged surprised looks before apologizing to Xander for the assumption. She guessed after the whole Cole thing they were not willing to take some things on faith anymore. She was at least relived her first impression of him had been right and he was a good guy. That made her feel a whole lot better and she relaxed a bit more.

"Sunnydale is not a safe haven Tara," Xander's voice broke her out of her thoughts and she concentrated on what was being said. "It was built on top of an active Hellmouth by a man who wanted to ascend to a full demon, although we managed to stop him with a lot of luck on our side," he added with a grin, which looked very strained to them all. "The Hellmouth draws in a lot of demons and especially vampires, plus the odd warlock," he informed them, as he leaned back a little in his chair. "I would rethink the idea of using the town to hide, unless you are confident that you can protect yourself, because as a magic user you will draw attention," he advised.

Tara took all of this in and sat back in her chair to think it all over. She had thought Sunnydale would be the perfect place to hide from her family, but maybe she had been wrong. The idea of being on a Hellmouth was truly scary. She remembered reading about them in one of her mother's books before she had died.

The supernatural aura of a Hellmouth could be a corrupting influence on white witches and that was not something she wanted to deal with. The amount of demons and vampires would also be large, as they were attracted to the same aura.

"So that is why you were armed with a stake," Prue suddenly spoke up. "You are a vampire hunter," she added.

"I guess you could call me that," Xander said after thinking it over. "My friends and I help the Slayer and her Watcher to defend the Hellmouth as best we can. My best friend has started practicing witchcraft recently and we have werewolf in the team as well," he explained. "We did also have a second slayer in the group, but sadly she was manipulated into turning against us and is currently in a coma. I'm the normal one, but I refuse to sit back and do nothing," he continued, his tone darkening somewhat.

"You've done your fare share of amazing things Alexander, as you well know, but it is your ability as a team that has made the Hellmouth a much safer place recently," Leo pointed out. "However that will also have a down side by drawing in bigger demons wanting a challenge," he cautioned.

"I already discussed this possibility with Giles, before I left on my road trip," Xander said in agreement. "I think we can handle it, as long as our friendship and ability to work as a team holds up," he added. "We've been through a lot in recent years, but I think we are up to whatever comes next," he said as confidently as he could. "So what's your story?" He asked a few seconds later.

Prue exchanged looks with her sisters, before looking at Leo who nodded his head and indicated they should answer him. This was kinda strange, but they guessed Leo had his reasons, as did the Elders as they assumed they had given the go ahead for it.

"We're the Charmed ones," Prue said and quickly noted his blank look, clearly not recognizing the name.

Tara's eyes however widened in shock and awe, so she clearly knew about them. "We are supposed to be the three strongest white witches to ever be born and we are destined to battle evil and save the innocent," she explained, before finishing off her own drink.

"Impressive and I wonder if Willow has heard about you," Xander responded, wondering why he kept running into people like this. "As I said before, she has recently begun to study and learn witchcraft, so maybe she knows about you," he added.

"You should tell your friend to be careful Alexander. Prue and her sisters and even Tara are natural born witches and hence their control and connection to their powers is great, however Willow is nothing more than a practitioner and hence her control is weak and can easily be corrupted, should she over reach herself," Leo warned him seriously.

"I already did Leo, as did Giles, but whether she listens or not is another thing entirely," Xander said with a sigh. "She's a smart person and always succeeded at what she's attempted and so if she thinks she can do magic, she will," he added.

"That's a bad idea" Tara spoke up for the first time in a while. "If she uses spells she's not ready for, it will be dangerous not just for her, but whoever is around her at the time," she added, to which the sisters nodded their heads in agreement.

"I can only try and make her slow down," Xander replied. "So what do we do now?" he asked, changing the topic, as he did not like where this one was going and the picture it painted.

"Well Tara is safe for now, but it is possible that another demon may try and get at her, so I suggest she stays with us for a bit, until we can work out what she wants to do," Piper replied, allowing the subject change. "The question is. What are you going to do?" she asked Xander.

"Continue to enjoy the city, before heading home," Xander replied dryly. "I will not be forced home early by some demons," he added.

"Then I suggest you keep an eye out, as this city seems to have its fair share in demons running around," Phoebe added, as she got up as did Piper, Leo and finally Tara at their urging. "Prue you coming?" she asked, as she noted she had not stood up.

"No, I'm staying out for a bit," Prue responded, not wanting to go home right now, as with the demon problem dealt with she remembered why she had bumped into Xander in the first place. She wanted to hold off the inevitable conversation until tomorrow at the least and she was interested in learning more about Xander and what he had gone through.

Phoebe just shrugged and then headed out with Piper, Leo and Tara following behind her.

Xander watched them go and wondered what Tara would decide to do now that she knew how dangerous Sunnydale, her original destination, was. Finally he turned back to Prue, before asking if she wanted another drink. Prue nodded and he went to the bar and ordered another round.

After sitting back down, they began to talk about their various adventures and close calls, both were impressed by the things they had come across and survived. It was a strange realization that there were others out there doing the same thing they did. It made them have a bigger view of the fight at large. It also made sense that they were not alone in the war, as no matter how good they were or how skilled, they could not deal with every threat in the world. They continued to talk not just about the darkness they fought, but also soon about themselves.

They continued to buy rounds of drinks for each other and danced from time to time.

Xander was surprised to learn Piper owned the club and was impressed by how good it was. Unlike the previous club he had been in, this one had a decent band on stage performing live.

Prue was a great dancer and he made sure not to move around to much and just to do something that made her look good. He had learned in the last year how to dance better, so he did not look like an idiot. He put it to good use here and enjoyed each dance he and Prue shared.

As the night wore on, he did not let his guard down and kept an eye out for any vampires in the club, however he was surprised to see none at all. He wondered if the fact that the club was owned by a Charmed one made it safe from them entering it, maybe as some kind of home ground.


(Halliwell Mansion)

Tara could barely believe she had been rescued by the Charmed ones. Her mother had used to tell her stories of the fabled trio to come. It was a well known legend in magical circles and she had read the books her mother had on them, but to actually meet them was huge.

She felt very safe in the manor, as she could feel the white magic which swirled around it. Clearly a lot of protective spells had been placed around it over the years. The fact she was going to be staying here for a time was even more surreal to her, but she was thankful considering what had happened that night. Just replaying the scene in her head was enough to scare her.

She accepted the cup of tea Piper offered her and just listened, as the sisters and their whitelighter discussed not only their options, but also more about Sunnydale, the Hellmouth and the Slayer. She took in everything that was said about the town, so she could later on decide what she would do. At least she was now forewarned about the dangers before she had actually arrived.


(Xander's Hotel Room)

Xander was somewhat still wondering how Prue and he had ended up in his hotel room, making out like there was no time left in the world. Not that he was really complaining, they had drunk quite a bit he recalled, in between a lot of dancing and he guessed things had gotten out of hand, but Prue had started this and until she stopped he wouldn't either. Prue was of a likewise mind, as she was looking for a release from the pressures and danger of her life. Her responsibilities always seemed to keep her from getting further along in the romance department, so for once she was just going to throw caution to the wind and indulge herself.

Since Andy's death, she had little companionship and she at least knew that Xander was a good guy who she did not need to fear, so having sex with him did not seem like such a big mistake she thought, as she fell onto his bed and watched as he removed his t-shirt before joining her.

Removing her jumper and bra she quickly fell back into kissing and groping, as time passed they quickly stripped the rest of their clothes. She groaned as Xander kissed his way up her chest before he began alternating sucking and nicking her nipples and breasts. She wrapped her legs around him, locking him in place once he entered her.

He quickly turned them over so she was on top and she quickly began moving, meeting his thrusts with her own as they went. She moaned in pleasure as he played with her breasts leaning up every now and then to suck them. She enjoyed this, as they increased the tempo and she felt free for the first time in a long while. For once doing what she wanted and not what was needed. She leaned down and captured Xander's lips in a scorching kiss, as they twisted again and she found herself below him, but continued to meet his thrusts.

This continued for another ten minutes as they always slowed down as they neared their climax before giving in to the desire to finish it. They moved as fast and hard as they could and before long, both cried out as they reached their climax a few minutes later. By this point she was again on top of him and she collapsed onto his chest and lay content in his arms, which he wrapped around her. It was only as she drifted off to sleep that she realized that they had not used any protection, but by then it was too late and she fell into a peaceful slumber. It was the same with Xander, who was also just falling asleep before the point came to him, but he was too exhausted to do anything. He knew they couldn't undo what they had had done and so for now let it go and fell asleep.
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