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Fateful Encounter

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Summary: Xander has an encounter that changes not only his life, but the lives of his friends as well as a few others.

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Charmed > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Prue HalliwellRazialFR18516,74635722,33327 Jun 1014 Aug 10Yes

Chapter 5

Fateful Encounter Chapter 5


Xander lay on his bed and was thinking over what would happen in the next few days.

He would move to San Francisco in the next five days. Half his stuff had already been moved to his new apartment and he was getting somewhat nervous, as his time in Sunnydale drew to a close.

Facing his parents and informing them of his upcoming parenthood had been hard. His father had gone on a rant and tried to imply how stupid he was and the he has gone one worse by insulting Prue, which almost resulted that he hit his father. However Giles, who had gone with him along with Joyce, who had been brought up to speed as well, had stopped him, before doing it himself.

The look in Giles' eyes had been dark, as he looked down on the elder Harris and he guessed a lot of why he was unsure of his ability to be a good father had been made clear.

His mother had been much more understanding and even happy to hear she was to be a grandmother in the next nine months.

This conversation had also revealed the truth of Sunnydale to his mother, who whilst shocked and horrified had also realized it made a lot of sense regarding the high rate.

The news that this was how Jessie had been killed had hurt them both and reopened old wounds. The relationship between the two families had once been close. Sadly that had changed once Jessie had been killed. The lack of information on how he had died had caused a great distance and mistrust to form, and then the year before, Jessie's family had left Sunnydale. Not that he could blame them.

They had more trouble when his father had woken up and a new argument broke out. The most shocking thing was the attempt by his father to hit his mother. Again Giles interceded and stopped him hard. This time the conversation had shifted to getting his mother divorced, as it was clear she was not safe here any longer.

Xander was reluctant to talk about his families past, but Joyce soon got past his defensive attitude and he and his mother explained their past. For Giles and Joyce this was a shocking time, but it explained so much about what they knew of Xander's attitude over the years. They assured him that the way he had been brought up would not transfer to him, when Prue gave birth to his child.

Over the next three days Jessica Harris had filed for a divorce, with the help of Joyce, who had called in her ex-husband Hank who happened to be a lawyer to take up the case.

Buffy was happy to see her father again after being so long apart. Charges were also placed for the abuse both Xander and Jessie had endured. Of course this also made him confess his past to Prue and her sisters, as well as Tara and Leo.

After all was said and done he felt better than he ever had, now that his past had been resolved. Prue had not reacted as he suspected she might. She had been supportive and understanding, as had Tara who shared a similar background and that had helped them deepen their friendship.

Now his mother would soon be single and his father was headed for a jail term of no less than ten years for the constant beating and abuse he had heaped upon him and Jessica.

His mother had promised not to take any chances at night in Sunnydale. Another good thing to come out of this had been the friendship that had developed between his mother, Joyce and Giles. So he knew she would have some help when he left.

His own friendships with Buffy and the others had deepened with the revelations, which only Willow had known about before. A few old wounds had been closed and they could finally move on.


(Halliwell manor)

Prue watched as her mother and grams appeared, as she finally worked up the nerve to summon them. By her side were Phoebe and Piper plus Leo and Tara. Soon Xander would move to San Francisco permanently and they would hopefully be able to build a lasting relationship, before their child was born.

Now she had to confront her mother and grams with this life changing event. Although as Phoebe had mentioned she was sure they had been watching events unfold from their place in heaven, as she waited for them to fully appear and step out of the summoning circle, her mind drifted to what Leo had told her and Xander about what the elders had said.


(Flashback, Halliwell manor five days ago)

Prue smiled and greeted Xander with a small hug, after Leo had orbed him in. Leo had stated that he had a lot to discuss with them from his talk with the elders and so it was time to learn what they knew. Xander seemed a little nervous, but otherwise a lot better from when she had dropped the bomb of her been pregnant on him. They had talked since then and a lot more had been sorted out between them.

They sat and listened as Leo explained how much of a surprise this was to the elders, as no one had seen this event coming. That it was going to change everything, not that it was such a bad thing depending on what would have happened.

Explaining to Xander about the dormant abilities he and his child had took a lot longer to get through. Making it clear that he did not have to be worried about possession from either of them was the main thing. Combined with the power of the Charmed line, both Prue and Xander came to understand how powerful their child would be.

It made them worry slightly, what kind of response the news of this child would evoke from the underworld, once it got out and it would eventually get out, they both knew that.

The added news of a whitelighter being appointed to Tara and Xander was also news. Xander wondered just who they would get, as he had thought he would only be dealing with Leo. In the end they had a lot more to talk about and deal with, but it also gave them more time to bond, as they spent the rest of the day together.


(Halliwell Manor)

Prue shook her head and concentrated, as finally her mother and grams stepped out of the summoning circle and greeted her with happy and cheerful smiles. This confirmed in her mind that Phoebe had been correct and they had been keeping an eye on them. So that meant they knew she was pregnant and expecting a child. That they were smiling meant they were not angry or disappointed in her for her slip up, in having unprotected sex during a drunken one night stand.

"Hey mum, I take it you know why we summoned you?" Prue finally spoke.

Patricia smiled at her eldest daughter. She detected the slight nervous tone in her voice "Of course I do Prue. You are pregnant and about to make me a grandmother," she replied. "Yes it all came about due to a drunken one night stand, but in the end you and Alex connected so well that it was not that much of a surprise," she explained, relieving some of the worry Prue had felt. "I think the idea of you having a child is wonderful news." Grams quickly agreed to that she was very happy to see another generation of Halliwell's born to continue their family.

"Considering how things could have gone I'm glad as well, and you are right Xander and I did connect," Prue agreed. "I'm glad you're not disappointed in me," she added.

Patricia smiled and pulled Prue into a comforting hug. "Oh Prue, of course I am not disappointed in you. All your life you've had responsibilities thrust upon you, especially in helping to raise your sisters after I died. You've tried so hard to make yourself someone they can look up to and you succeeded," she explained, hoping to reassure her eldest with that statement. "This act of freedom was along time in coming and whilst not something you planned, it may have brought you the one thing you wanted. A family and someone to love, a partner," she continued to press the point.

Prue could not fault her mother's argument, as it was exactly what she wanted deep down inside her. She was fed up of not having someone to love and to share her life with. Since Andy's death, her romantic attempts had all failed as she became consumed with her dedication to being a charmed one.

Now she had found someone in the same business and she wanted more than anything for it to succeed.

"Now you're going to have to be careful from this point on Prue. Being pregnant is going to make fighting demons harder," Patricia warned her, as they all sat down. "I think that maybe it would be best to tell you a big secret, which may be helpful to you all, especially once you progress to a point were fighting demons is impossible," she said. She already had discussed, telling her daughters about the existence of their half sister, with her mother.

The sisters exchanged unsure and confused looks, not exactly understanding what their mother meant by this. It didn't exactly sound bad but clearly something had been kept back from them. Leo leaned back, also wondering what was going on. As far as he knew the Halliwell line had no secrets at this point in time.

Tara guessed that whatever was about to be discussed was going to change the lives of the sisters again. She moved to leave as this was not for her to hear, but Patricia assured her that it was okay for her to stay.

Patricia took a deep breath and after exchanging one last look with her mother, she launched into the story of Paige, her daughter with her whitelighter Sam.

To say the sisters were shocked at the knowledge they had another sister was an understatement, but what really hurt was the fact that she was unaware of her connection to them. All Paige had was some speculations on who her real family was.

Their mother explained why they had put Paige up for adoption, as well as kept the truth from them, but now it was necessary to bring Paige home and begin her training in her powers, so when Prue could no longer fight, she could be replaced by Paige and keep the power of three active.

At the end the sisters forgave their mother and grams for keeping these facts from them for so long. They understood that it was all done to protect Paige and they would make plans to bring Paige in, once Xander had completed his move.

Prue went to bed that night wondering what her half sister was like and what she would say, when confronted with the truth of her existence and the fact she was a witch.



Cole sat down and considered what he had seen while spying on the sisters. They had a new friend, who was hanging around them. He did not know or recognize her from his original contact with the sisters. He was sure she was either a fellow witch or someone who needed protection. She seemed very friendly with the whole group, including Leo. Then there was the new man who seemed close to Prue as he had seen the day before.

Clearly a lot had happened since he had been forced to leave Phoebe. He would have to consider all this before making his presence known to Phoebe.

He sighed as he thought back to happier times, when he and Phoebe were at their best.

He had never expected his mission to get close and then kill the sisters would change his life so much. Now he was in exile from both, but he hoped he would be able to get back in with the sisters if he was lucky. He closed his eyes and drifted into a light sleep. He had learned not to sleep to heavy, just in case any bounty hunters got close to him. He had to be ready to move at any time.


(Sunnydale, five days later)

Xander tried to ignore the pain he felt inside at leaving the gang behind, but this was the best thing he could do. He needed to be in San Francisco with Prue and their child when it was born.

Willow cried as did his mother, who was close to finally being free from the torment of being married to Tony Harris forever, thanks to the efforts of Hank Summers.

Buffy also was fighting tears, but doing a better job of it than the others. He embraced them all and reminded them if they needed him, all they had to do was call him and he would come.

Leo was waiting to orb him to his new apartment; so far they were still waiting for someone to be appointed to him and Tara, as their whitelighter.

"Take care Xander and watch your back," Buffy said, as they hugged.

"Goes double for you Buffy," he replied, before he thanked Giles for all his help.

He took a final look at them all, before moving over to Leo. He nodded at him. Leo just smiled and orbed them out. He knew that a new chapter was beginning for both the sisters and the Sunnydale crew and he wondered just how this would all turn out.

To be continued

(Authors Note: This is the end of this story, as I have decided to make it a series of stories. The next part in the series will start in a few weeks, as some personal events will prevent me from getting to it earlier. I thank everyone who has reviewed and read this fic. I hope you will pick up the sequel when I post it.)

The End

You have reached the end of "Fateful Encounter". This story is complete.

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