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Not Quite The Casanova

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Summary: Angelus meets a certain someone. Crossover with Daria. 200 word Odd Couple Challenge

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Cartoons > DariaAngrycupcakeFR151221061,45328 Nov 0328 Nov 03Yes
Title: Not Quite the Casanova

Author: Marie

Pairing: Angelus/Daria Morgandorfer

Rating: PG13 (2 b safe)

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon blah blah blah BTVS. MTV? (and whoever else,

yes I am too lazy to check) owns Daria. I lay no claim. I make no

cash. Don't sue me.

Angelus spotted his prey sitting at a table alone. She looked

depressed. Too easy he thought with a mental chuckle. The vampire

smoothly sidled up to her. He sat down without permission, she

wouldn't say no to him. The brunette was momentarily shocked by his

appearance. As she should be, he was a damn fine specimen of manhood.

"I hate to see a pretty young woman look so down," He purred. "I can

make it all better, take all that pain away. I promise not to biteā€¦

hard." Throwing her a seductive smirk all the while.

Daria's shock didn't last for long. "Oh what an enticing offer, the

chance to have sex with a man who prefers the challenge of teenage

girls rather than deal with his own sexual inadequacies regarding

women his own age. As you can see my heart is all a twitter," She

stated flatly.

Angelus stared at the teen in disbelief. Great his first night in

this Lawndale place and his food was giving him lip. This was not

going like he had expected it to. With a labored sigh he regarded the

girl across from him and asked, "You're that misery chick aren't you?"

Daria frowned.

The End

You have reached the end of "Not Quite The Casanova". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking