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The Blood Storm

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Slayers of Dune Book II". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Senior Partners conspire to eradicate the Slayers of Dune.

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Literature > Sci-Fi > DunenedwardsFR71316,6760132,43629 Jun 1014 Aug 10Yes

Chapter 2

All characters from the Dune Universe are property of the Frank Herbert Estate. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Nothing surpasses the complexity of the human mind.

-Leto II: Dar-es-Balat Records

The desert air was hot and dry this morning as it was every morning since Spike had altered the planet’s ecosystem thousands of years ago. The first reddish orange light of the new Arrakis day lit the distant sand dunes officially ending the reign of the night watch. From within Sietch Kindle, the slayers began to stir.

Motorria unfurled herself from her sleeping pouch as she rose to meet the new day. She yawned and stretched and then slowly made her way to her feet. Around her hundreds of other people were stirring to life. A great many of them were slayers also. Motorria looked to her left, then right. Lisa and Reverend Mother Bastra were still asleep.

“Great security.” Motorria thought sarcastically to herself. She holstered the polished ebony stake that had been used by her future son to kill a vampire right here in the sietch. She was holding it for him. She would give it back to him when he was old enough to use it properly.

“Of course, I’ll probability will be the one that trains him to use it.” She thought.

Motorria watched the slayers stir and thought of Surayya who had disappeared a few days ago with Illyria. When they got back from wherever they went she was going to give them both a piece of her mind.

“That girl has gotten more impulsive than ever.” Motorria thought about Surayya. She loved her friend dearly. She had known Surayya for most of her life. But she knew that once Surayya had her teeth in something she focused in on it to the exclusion of everything and everyone else.

“Just left Madonna and child stumbling about in the desert.” Motorria smiled to herself at the image. She was glad Lisa had finally showed up.

The events of yesterday still haunted her. Upon their arrival at sietch Kindle she had been attacked by a newborn slayer. Seems they had forgotten all about the new slayers that had been born during the chaos of the last three years. And then to make the weird totally strange, her son had shown up, from the future no less, and killed a vampire. Afterwards, she had ordered everyone out of the cave and into the Arrakis sunlight without a stillsuit. They killed two more vampires that way.

Apparently, vampires were using stillsuits to move around during the daylight right under the slayer noses. Things were far worse than they had realized. She remembered what she saw through the portal that had delivered her son. She saw the sands of Arrakis covered with millions of Turok-Han and a sky the color of blood and fire.

When her son had appeared, everyone looked at her with awe and fear. They had no idea what she was carrying. They knew the damage that had been done to humankind the last time an Atreides was born on Arrakis. Motorria felt slightly overwhelmed and afraid. She had no idea what she was carrying either other than the fact that she knew it was a boy and that she loved him. Motorria rubbed her belly. The baby had been quiet all night. Usually he would start to kick just before dawn but today he was quiet.

“The kid’s probably still in shock from that run in with his future self.” Motorria thought as she made her way towards the central eating area.

Motorria remembered growing up on Arrakis. Her mother was a fish speaker in the imperial guard. Her father was a hydroponics engineer in the reclamation corps. She grew up in one of the dozen Fish Speaker warrens that lined the outskirts of the Arrakis capital city which now lay in ruins after a biological attack on the church of universal light by the Bene Gesserit. Motorria resisted the urge to get her scythe and very calmly and very deliberately walk over to reverend mother Bastra and cut her head off, slowly. She smiled.

“I’m getting bloodthirsty in my old age.” Motorria thought to herself. She was only twenty six years old.

When she was a kid, she and Surayya use to hunt sand vipers at the edge of the desert for fun. One afternoon, they had chased a bunch of sand vipers into a shallow pit they had dug. They wanted to roast them later. Vipers tasted great with peppers and salt. Motorria remembered how hot it was that day. She and Surayya were covered with dirt and sweat when her mother came to her with a weird sad look on her face.

Leto had demanded that the daughters of the Fish Speakers be brought to him to be activated in something called the slayer program. Motorria had not seen her mother since then. She often wondered how her family was doing. She often cried when she imagined them killed by the biological weapon that had wiped out capital city. She was Bene Gesserit so she prioritized.

“Step one, save the world. Step two, call mom” She thought.

Motorria rubbed her belly and understood at that moment that there was the possibility that she may not be able to spend very much time with her son if his future war occurred.

“So much depends on us slayers.” She thought. “We really are the only thing between the golden path and eternal darkness.” Motorria rested a moment as she felt the weight of her years come upon her.

There was a commotion near the mouth of the cave. The “Sietch Tabr” was landing. The stubby winged craft kicked up a cloud of dust as its whining engines died down. The door to the ship opened. Surayya walked out followed by Buffy Summers.

Motorria was struck with awe and surprise. The last time she had seen Buffy was aboard “Her Graceful Measure” right after they had released the Destroyer. They had returned Buffy back to the Sunnydale of over ten thousand years ago where she lived out a full life and then died of old age.

“That girl just won’t stay dead.” Motorria thought. As Buffy and Surayya approached the sietch, the baby began to kick.

Motorria noticed the white skin tight suit Buffy wore then noticed that the white suit was her skin. She had the same outfit as Illyria who was an Old One of incredible power. Speaking of Illyria, where was she? She was with Surayya when they disappeared into the night together. Motorria noticed the dried blood on Buffy’s white suit. She remembered the light show a few nights ago and the sound of distant thunder echoing through the planet.

“Illyria’s dead.” She understood that as a flat fact. The part that freaked her out was the obvious conclusion.

“Buffy killed her with her bare hands.” She thought.

She lumbered forward and she thought to herself “Our lives are not like other people lives.” Motorria went forward to meet her friends.
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