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Seeing Clearly

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Summary: What do you do when you find yourself stuck somewhere that bans the use of superpowers, like you have. Maybe the local supers can help?

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Chapter 4

Seeing Clearly

Chapter 4


Disclaimer:  If you recognize it, it belongs to someone else.  I make no profit from the following.


Constructive Criticism always welcomed, flames cheerfully ignored.


“I’m not sure I’m happy about this,” Bob Parr, Mr. Incredible, said to his wife as he pulled on his sport coat.


“Anything special your not happy about, or just things in general,” Helen Parr asked her husband as she finished up getting ready to go too.


Bob glanced at his wife, he wasn’t fooled by her moderate tone; he knew she had reservations about the newcomers too.  “Specifically, a bunch of these girls are Violet’s age, she’s going to be hanging out with them as they can understand her problems better than any of the normal kids. I want to get to know them before I give that my blessing.  Generally, did you ever run into anything with ‘Slayer’ in its name that was a good guy?”


“Dragonslayer,” Helen answered as she put on her coat and grabbed her purse.


Bob now faced his wife squarely. “I’m not sure I’d qualify him as a ‘good guy’.  Oh sure he talked a good game, but the clean up after some of his fights….”


“I seem to recall the Streets Department usually sending you a Christmas Basket every year in thanks for the job security you provided,” Helen teased her husband as they left the house.


Bob smiled, but turning serious he said, “Yeah, but I can count the times I needed to go back in after a fight to rescue people trapped in damaged buildings.  Dragonslayer? The fire department rolled their heavy rescue equipment every time he started a fight.”


Helen nodded as they climbed into the car. She wasn’t sure what she thought of Buffy and the Slayers.  They seemed nice enough, but having traded some war stories she knew that Buffy and Company saw nothing wrong with not ending a fight until your opponent was dead.  That, was defiantly not an attitude she wanted Violet picking up, especially since her power set could be adapted to lethal attacks so easily.  On the other hand, she thought that Violet could help the girls, who were new to their powers and the responsibilities that went with them. It would be good for her daughter to have someone who she could talk to about problems she had dealing with the non-superpowered world too.


They were heading out to Edna’s to help the first set of Slayers and Willow get set up with their costumes, and to act as a buffer between Edna and the new comers, she could be a little abrasive, and she was prone to swatting and throwing things at people who disagreed with her.  Helen somehow thought that might not be the best idea, considering Slayer reflexes.   


They discussed things as they drove, in the end they decided to see if Violet might be interested in organizing a sleep over with some of the younger Slayers so they could see up close and personal what the girls were like without their adults around.  They decided that Dash needed to be out of the house for it too, just to maximize the supercharged elder son of the Parr household chance of survival too.  Neither of the senior Parr’s was willing to bet against Slayer reflexes there either.


Bob made sure there was no one around and then hit a button on the dash of his car. The outside structure of the car subtly changed and the black finish turned white and the windows tinted so no one outside would be able to see in.  Bob and Helen largely believed that Edna’s was neutral ground, but having Syndrome show up at their home reinforced their mania in protecting their secret identities. 


Ten minutes later they pulled up to Edna’s gate and were buzzed through. Driving into the underground garage they found the Slayers had beat them in. Five figures were grouped around a green VW Micro Bus.  They recognized Buffy and Willow, there was also a leather clad black hair woman about their age. The other two were younger, though both were old enough to be in college. One was raven haired and dressed in jeans and a white blouse, the other was red-headed, also dressed in jeans, but wore a light blue peasant blouse and an orange floppy hat on her head.


Buffy smiled as Helen and Bob climbed out of their car, “Hello, nice car.”


Bob smiled, “Thanks, we got a deal on it.”


“Great, maybe you can point us at the dealer; we’ve got three girls who want to get their licenses.


Bob shook his head, “It’s kind of a custom job, but I’ll ask if the mechanic is up to three jobs and let you know.”


“Thanks,” Buffy replied.  Turning to the others she said, “This is Faith,” pointing to the leather clad woman, who nodded at the Parr’s. Pointing to the second red-head she said, “This is Vi.”


“Hi!” Vi said, “Happy to meet you.”


“And this is Kennedy,” Willow finished.


The last Slayer gave the Parr’s a belligerent look, daring them to say anything.


Bob and Helen greeted the Slayers, with Bob giving Kennedy a disapproving look in return.  He had been somewhat surprised that Willow and Kennedy were lesbians.  He didn’t have anything against them, truthfully they were the first he’d ever personally encountered. He and Helen had a discussion about it, and they decided that it didn’t really matter one way or the other.  Obviously Kennedy was expecting a negative reaction to her sexual preference. Bob decided that as long it was limited to dirty looks, he’d ignore the younger woman.


Helen led the way to the elevator that took them up to the first floor of Edna’s place. “One thing to remember about Edna,” Helen began as the elevator rose, “is that she is a very physical person.  Don’t take it personal if she throws something at you. She does that to everyone.”


Surprisingly it was Kennedy who replied, “Yeah, I’ve known designers like that. You don’t disagree with the artist.”


“As long as it’s not anything lethal I can deal,” Faith murmured and the other agreed.


The elevator opened onto an open living room. At the bottom of the steps stood a short oriental woman dressed in a black business dress holding a cigarette holder. Short? She made Buffy look like an NBA player.


“DARLINGS!” she gushed.  “Comecomecome, we have a lot to do and I already have some ideas.”


The Slayers and Willow looked dubiously at this woman as they came down the stairs, but Buffy didn’t resist when she grabbed the head Slayer’s hand and dragged her to the couch.


There were several carafes on the table, as well as a selection of finger sandwiches. There were also several sketch books which Edna grabbed and opened. “These are some of my basic ideas, they lend an air of mystery to your girls, allowing them to fade into the darkness and emerge from the shadows,” she said as she opened a sketchbook.  “Of course I had no idea if you were going to go with a single theme for all of your girls, or if you where going to allow them individual costumes. If you do, then I’ll need to talk to them individually to get a feel for them.”


The costumes were a deep blue with black knee high boots with a low heel. Buffy’s and Faith’s gloves were black, while the basic costumes were the same deep blue as the rest of the costume.  The head piece of the costume was a cowl that covered the whole head, though again Buffy and Faith’s were slightly different, the basic cowl covered the whole head, while theirs allowed their hair to hang out the back.


“Will we get a cape and a utility belt with that costume?” Kennedy asked from where she was looking over Buffy’s shoulder.  There was no way Kennedy was going to let Buffy make any choices as to what she was wearing with out instant input.


“No capes,” Edna said in a cold voice, barely turning her head to look at the dark haired Slayer.


“Why?” Willow asked as she came around the couch to stand next to Kennedy and glancing down at the book.  She wasn’t even sure she was going to get involved in any super-heroing.  She was mostly here to spend some time with Kennedy, who badly wanted to show off her powers, rather than really wanting to finalize a costume.


“Several Heroes where killed because of their capes catching in something.  We actually got to watch a villain get sucked into a jet engine by his cape, it wasn’t pretty.  Edna refuses to design costumes with them,” Helen explained, before an argument could erupt between the Slayer and designer.


“Nothing personal Edna, but Kennedy is right about the costume looking like something Batman would wear.”


“Who?” Edna asked, she thought she knew all of the heroes and that name was not familiar.


“A character from where we were from, Ms. Mode,” Willow interjected.  He wore a dark blue gray costume and a cape; in fact one of his nicknames was the Caped Crusader.”


Edna sniffed, she hated when someone could accuse her of plagiarism, even if it was a different dimension. She tore the page out of the note book and crumpling it up she threw it into trash receptacle next to her chair where a flash of flame finished that costume idea, “Okay, not that one,” she said in a stiff voice.  “Maybe this one?”


Vi had also wandered over, leaving only Faith on the other side of the couch munching on one of the finger sandwiches. Faith already knew what she wanted for a costume so there was no reason to look at any drawings.


Buffy had taken the sketch book from Edna and had it open on her lap, allowing the others to see it.  This set had no real difference between the costumes for the various Slayers; it was basically a ninja suit. With a baggy top and leggings in a deep black, the head piece was a loose cloth cowl and a scarf that covered everything but the wearer’s eyes.  This idea could work, Buffy figured the bagginess would help the girls hide in the dark, but she didn’t like how it covered her nose.  “If we can change the head piece a little, I don’t like the scarf over the lower part of my face, I don’t want anything to obstruct my breathing.”


Edna nodded and grabbing another book she flipped it open to a blank page and did a brief sketch, “Something like this?” she asked, holding it up.


Buffy considered the a variation of the head piece of the original costume, it looked more like the mask Dread Pirate Roberts wore in ‘Princess Bride’ than something Bruce Wayne would wear.


Buffy smiled, “Yeah that’s much better, I could wear that.” Buffy had been resistant to the idea’s of costumes, after all, she had been patrolling in just her clothes since she was fifteen. But after talking to Helen a couple of times she realized to be taken seriously in the hero field, she’d need one.  Plus Helen explained the need to protect their identities if they wanted any kind of a normal life. That was the idea that finally penetrated and got Buffy to agree to this.  Buffy had flat out refused Andrew’s idea for a costume that made Wonder Woman’s look like a parka.


Kennedy opened her mouth to object, but Buffy beat her too it, “The rest of you can either use this, or talk to Edna about a personal costume. Kennedy, you and Vi are going to be squad leaders, so you can decide if want your girls can have their own costumes, or if they will be based off of yours.”


Kennedy shut her mouth and frowned, she hated being anticipated.


For her part Edna smiled, there was a lot of designing to do, what fun!.




The End?

You have reached the end of "Seeing Clearly" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 May 11.

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