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Seeing Clearly

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Summary: What do you do when you find yourself stuck somewhere that bans the use of superpowers, like you have. Maybe the local supers can help?

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Chapter One

Seeing Clearly


Disclaimer:  If you recognize it, it belongs to someone else.  I make no profit from the following.



It was the end of a school day, and Violet Parr was happy it was over.  The day had been more interesting than most because there had been a couple of exchange students join their class. Interesting enough, they had all been girls from out west somewhere.  One of them, Dawn Summers, had been her lab partner in chemistry. Violet had been surprised, Dawn was a year older, but she had explained that her Mom had died the year before and she hadn’t dealt with it well so she had to repeat a year. She had also met Dawn’s sister Buffy, who was the new guidance councilor for the school. It had mostly been a just getting to know you meeting, but, Violet had changed a lot in the last couple of weeks.  Originally she had been someone who tried her best to be invisible, wearing black clothing and keeping her long black hair combed over one eye.  Two weeks ago though she had shown up at school on Monday with her hair combed back and wearing brighter colors.  She knew there had been some talk, whether she was now on drugs, or had she just gotten off of them?  Buffy had been friendly, but had asked more than a few questions in that area.


Violet frowned as she noticed Dawn Summers seemed to be tracking Boyd Rodgers. Boyd was the starting center for the high school’s football team.  He was also, an ‘A’ class jerk. She was wondering if Dawn was following him to try and meet him, or if he had pissed her off somehow and Dawn was looking to get some revenge.


Glancing at her wristwatch she decided that she had time before her mom picked her up so she could see where this went.  If it turned out Dawn was interested in Boyd, she’d be able to give her heads up about what kind of person he was.  The problem was of course, if she started following Dawn, while Dawn followed Boyd, it would look like a parade. But, Violet had an answer.  She glanced around and ducked into an empty classroom.  She reached into her book bag and opening a concealed compartment she pulled out her costume.  You see, Violet was special, her parents were the superheroes Mr. Incredible, and Elastigir… er woman.  All of their children were supers, in her case; she had the powers of invisibility, and she could generate force fields.  Her reddish and black costume and black domino mask had been specially made so when she went invisible, so did her costume.  She quickly slipped the costume on and putting her regular clothes back into her book bag she stashed it on a shelf in the class and then faded out. 


By the time she exited the class room, Dawn and Boyd where nowhere in sight; but she was pretty sure she knew where he was headed, so she hurried that way down the now empty halls.  Sure enough, she caught up with Dawn just as she was sneaking through a set of double doors that led to a group of service corridors. The students were supposed to stay out of them, but Boyd and his friends used them to sneak a smoke.


Violet let Dawn go through the doors first, and then waited a couple of seconds to follow; making it seem like the door had just swung on its own.  Dawn stopped though and turned around looking at the door with a frown on her face.  Violet froze. Most people would have just dismissed the extra swing; Dawn obviously wasn’t one of those. She’d have to watch what she did.


Dawn must have decided it was nothing because she turned around and headed quietly down the corridor.  Voices were soon heard coming from around the corner and tobacco smoke hung in the air.  The voices soon became clear enough to be understood, Boyd was saying, “Yeah, that new girl Rachel seems like a spaz, it will be fun getting her going then dumping her the Friday before the dance!”  Cruel laughter accompanied the remark.


There was an alcove just back from the corner, so Violet ducked into there, to be out of the passage, while Dawn moved up to the corner and stopped.  From the set of her shoulders Violet thought her lab partner was planning on ducking around the corner and confronting the bully, but she just bent down and listened. None of what came around the corner was complimentary. Suddenly though, “Damn, look at the time,” Boyd said.  “We are going to be late for practice, and you know how the coach is.  We need to get moving.”


Dawn ducked back into the alcove, she had checked it as she passed and she knew that it was deep and dark enough to hide in, what she hadn’t counted on was the invisible body she ran into as she ducked around the corner.  Violet would have gasped, except that Dawn clapped a hand unerringly over her mouth and pushed her back into the darkness.  Violet was so surprised that she didn’t even put up a struggle, so when Boyd and his crew went jogging past there was nothing to attract their attention.


“Don’t worry,” Dawn whispered once they were past. “I know someone who can help you, and once you are visible again I promise I’ll be your friend and won’t ignore you!”  So saying Dawn grabbed her hand and started pulling Violet back out into the hallway and down the hall.


Violet was, to say the least, confused.  Dawn did not seem to find running into an invisible person strange, or at least if she did it didn’t put her off any, and what, exactly, did she mean by not ignoring her once she was visible?


Dawn pulled her along to the typing classroom.  Inside she found Buffy Summers talking to the new typing teacher who Violet hadn’t met yet.  “Buffy! Willow!” she exclaimed as she pulled Violet into the room with her. “I found someone with a Marcie Ross Problem!”


Violet noted that both Buffy and the Red Head that she guessed was Willow started.  “She’s with you?”  Buffy asked eying around where she was standing.  Dawn nodded.


“Don’t worry; we’ll have you visible again in a jiffy!”  Willow exclaimed, “Once I figure out how,” she finished in a more subdued tone.


Violet had enough; she became visible and said, “See? Don’t need any help!”


“Violet?”  Dawn asked in a shocked gasp.


Violet blanched, “No, I’m Invisigirl!”  She said, striking what she hoped was a dramatic pose.


All three of the others got a really dubious look on their face as they examined the rail thin costumed teenager.


“The name kid, it really needs work,” Buffy told her seriously.


“Doesn’t work Violet, err Invisigirl, you aren’t changing your voice, and your hair is distinctive, plus, you didn’t even change your hair band,” Dawn explained.


Violet started to panic, the anti-super laws were still in effect, she could get her, and her whole family into so much trouble.  But running wouldn’t help, they knew who she was, what she needed was Mom.


Buffy could see the teenager starting to panic, so she said, “Look, we don’t want to get you into any trouble.  When we talked you said your Mom comes and picks you up, right?


Violet nodded jerkily.


“So when she gets here bring her back to us. We have some stuff we need to talk to her about.”


Violet nodded jerkily again and left.  Once she was gone Dawn asked, “Do you think we’ll see her again?”


“Yeah, if they want to stay in town they’ll have to talk to us.  It’s kind of a shame we had to put her through this, but we did need to talk to someone in the super community,” Willow said.


About ten minutes later, Violet, back in civilian clothes, and her mother, Helen Parr, carrying a cute baby with wisp of blonde hair sticking up from the center of his head, entered the classroom.


Violet was looking embarrassed, but Helen looked very, very, concerned.  Buffy looked the older woman over, she was not what Buffy normally pictured a superhero to look like.  She still had a good figure, but her hips had a bit of spread to them.  Buffy hoped that hers didn’t when she hit that age.


“I’m Helen Parr,” she said uncertainly.


“Mrs. Parr, I’m Buffy Summers, I just started as Guidance Councilor at this school.”


Helen checked the young blonde over, how; exactly did she manage to get a job like that? She didn’t look old enough to have the qualifications that would go with the job.


“My sister ran into Violet and she thought she had found a problem similar to one I had in high school.  Imagine our surprise when it turned out you daughter could become invisible voluntarily.”


Helen couldn’t help herself, she should have been concerned about what this guidance councilor was going to report her daughter’s use of powers that, would at the very least force them to move again, and might have more serious consequences, but she had to ask, “Similar problem?”


“When I was in high school, there was a girl that everyone ignored, eventually she faded out and became invisible.  Unlike your daughter, she could not become visible again.  She decided to have some revenge on the people who had abused her and I was forced to stop her.”


“Stop?”  Helen began.  Dammit, she wasn’t going to sit here like a dunce and just repeat things back, after all she was Elasiticgi…er woman. 


Buffy smiled and picked up a piece of rebar that was on Willows desk, “Where I come from, I was the first, last, and usually only line of defense against all kind of ugly creatures,” She took the rebar between her hands and bent it into a circle.


Helen was kind of impressed, oh she would have been very impressed, but her husband could probably squash that piece of rebar by pushing in from the ends.


“You’re a Super?”  she asked.


“Where I come from, it’s called being a Slayer.”


Helen defiantly didn’t like the sound of that.  Anything she had fought in her career that had ‘Slayer’ anywhere in its title was not on the good guys’ side.


“And where would that be?”  Helen asked.  Bob would be home at his normal time tonight. That meant if they didn’t get home, it would still be over an hour and a half before anyone started looking for them.  Helen planned on keeping Buffy talking as long as she could.


“A place called Sunnydale, California.  Don’t bother looking for it on any map, its not there.  We are from another universe.  We got dumped here after an epic fight because the local Powers That Be was sick of trying to deal with us. and They were afraid to try and kill us, so they sent us here.


“Originally we thought we had lucked out, there didn’t seem to be any supernatural entities in this dimension, then we came across old news stories that chronicled the exploits of real superheroes against real super villains.   We also found out about the anti-super laws that were on the books, which presented us with a problem. Because, to win the last fight. We activated anyone with the potential to be a Slayer to become one one.  That means that nearly everyone with us would be classified as a Super.


“We chose Municiberg to settle in because of the fight with that giant robot thing , we’d hoped to meet up with the superheroes that took it down and hopefully get some help.  Have we?”


Helen was in a bit of a quandary.  The tale that Miss Summers was telling was just strange enough to be true.  During her career as Elasticgirl she had never come across any dimensional travelers, but she had heard of them.  Unfortunately, the only expert on that subject had died abut ten years ago and with the passing of the Anti-Supers Law, had not bothered to pass on his knowledge to anyone. 



As she saw it she had two choices, she could, a) Take a chance and trust these people, and take them home.  Or, b) Take the kids and run.  At first glance the first option was the riskiest, but if Miss Summers didn’t already know where they lived, it certainly wouldn’t take much effort to find out, and it would take almost fifteen minutes for them to drive to her house, plus getting to their cars.  She’d have to keep them occupied for only about an hour before Bob got home, and if her, Violet and Dash couldn’t do that, then they didn’t deserve their powers.


“All right Ms. Summers,” Helen replied.  “Lets head back to my house, and we can talk.”
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