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Summary: 200 word turkey challenge. Enjoy!

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Harry Potter > GeneralserenduFR1311990170028 Nov 0328 Nov 03Yes
Title :

Author : serendu

Rating :PG-13. 1 swear word folks....

Disclaimer : Buffy owned by Whedon et al, Harry - J K Rowling. But you all knew
that anyway...

Feedback: Yes, please.


Draco Malfoy sneered. The new transfiguration-teaching assistant,(American
*muggle* transfiguration teaching assistant his mind supplied) was too
condescending for his tastes. Potty and Weasel however, seemed quite happy with
the dark haired witch Amy Madison.

Correction, more than happy with Amy, he decided, noting just how the Weasel's
eyes followed the mudblood's body around the room.

"Please close your mouth Weasel," He drawled, "The rest of us
would prefer not to be drowned by your drool."

Ron Weasley turned red. "Shut up Malfoy!" He hissed.

"Gentlemen!" Professor McGonagall raised her voice. "This is a
most delicate spell. The slightest inattention could end up in disaster."
She paused and peered over the top of her glasses at them. "I trust you
both are paying attention?"

Draco sneered as she turned away and then amused himself as he watched his
classmates conjure up what their Animagus creatures would be by means of a
complex spell. Pansy got a pug, Potter (disturbingly) a snake. Something he
should really mention to his father he noted, Granger a cat.

"Mr Malfoy? I believe it's you turn now."

He waved his wand and muttered the spell.



The End

You have reached the end of "Animal?". This story is complete.

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