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Take a stand

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Summary: In an attempt to get Dean out of Hell, Sam and Bobby goes to see the Slayer, looking for someone else.

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchestersunriseFR181418,3580169,14830 Jun 101 Jul 10Yes

Chapter Fourteen - The End

The End

They were in the middle of the road when the world started shaking. Dean told Sarah to pull over, and she obeyed without hesitation and without arguing.

The trio surrounded the car, they saw how the grey sky broke up in vanilla coloured flames, the clouds looking like they were catching on fire.

Dean knew he was there even before he spoke. “It’s not coming anymore,” his dark voice said. “It’s already here.”

Dean nodded. “The final battle-”

“We’re done for,” said Sammy. “I need to find her Dean, we need to keep driving. We need to get going!”

“Sam,” Sarah said with a serene voice. “You’ll see her. Don’t worry. But he’s right Dean, we do need to get going.”

Sarah had been facing away from the other two the whole time, looking at what was behind them. Sam and Dean turned to see the Castiel, and behind him, the cloud of black sweeping up against the vanilla sky. Like a swarm of flies…

“Oh God…” he said under his breath. “Get in!” he roared. Castiel disappeared in a quick flash of white, with a flutter.

“Get in!” he repeated. This time Sarah and Sam obeyed.


Dawn shook.

Her body burnt like she had a fever, her insides feeling more like charcoal than anything else. The loud hiss had died down as had the white, bright light. In it’s place was now a faint ringing and fire-y darkness. The small figure that had once been her sister paced the dust covered floor.

“They think they can burn me with their little angel tricks?” she muttered, sounding more like an annoyed teen than the source of the end of the world. Dawn shivered again, the cold was eating her up. And Faith had stopped making sounds.

Were was Willow? What had happened? Really?

She tried to remember everything after the loud hiss erupted.

Buffy had folded over, covering her ears, screaming. Dawn hadn’t been effected at all, and Faith had groaned loudly. Behind them she had heard a whimpering sound, and Dawn had almost been sure there were plenty of other people back there.

The slayers.

She remembered that had been her one thought. Buffy had been looking for all of them for months. What if she’d been possessed all those months? No, what if she had just been plain evil that whole time?

The thought scared her. A lot.


“Schusch! You – this is all because of you! You and those boys – sticking your noses in places they don’t belong! You should have stayed out of this, far out Dawn!”

“You crossed a line Buffy-”

“Shut up!” she yelled. “Everyone knows there’s a demon in every slayer, Dawnie. I just let mine out to play!” She sounded happy, and almost like her old self.

“Oh. So that’s what you did,” Dawn mumbled. “That, that makes it…”

“Different, I know!” She smiled, still pacing the dusty floor. Little stones fell from the ceiling, scattering all over the floor.

“They won’t fine me, will they?”

“Not likely.”

Dawn nodded. “And if you have it your way, the world will end. Soon.”

“Very soon,” she beamed.

That’s bad, Dawn thought. That’s very, very bad.



He was staring out the window. The hail kept coming down from a clear blue sky. Big, golf ball sized hail that made the roof of the car echo with reverb. In the back seat Sarah was trying hard to see, as she called it.

“The angels are trying,” she’d said. “They won a battle. But lost another… I can’t find Dawn.”

She couldn’t seen Dawn. What if she was-

“Sam, stop thinking. Focus. We have our own battles to win. Without the angels’ help, okay? When we find Dawn, odds are there’s trouble around. You need to rest. Be sharp when we’re up. It’s your girl we’re talking about.”

Sam said nothing. He couldn’t. He could just about stand the idea of Dawn being kept hostage somewhere. He knew he’d have to fight for her. But…


Sarah’s voice snapped him out of it. “What?”

“I see her! She’s, she’s okay. A little dusty and a lot tired. But she’s okay.”
Sam collapsed against the window of the car door. The cold glass seemed refreshing in the stuffy ait of the car. He found himself thanking someone. Any higher power there might be.

“Can you-”

“I’m trying to tell her we’re coming. But I can’t get through the rubble. There’s too much chaos!”

“The demons. Who let them out of hell?” Dean mumbled. There was a long and silent pause. Dean turned the volume of the radio up, Sarah was meditating hard in the back seat. Sam was trying hard not to think of Dawn all tied up and hostage, tired, hungry, dusty. He was going to break and get severely pissed off if she was hurt. If he hadn’t been able to protect her, how could he live with himself?

He found himself sounding a lot like Dean.

“The Demons. Sarah, can you see who let them out?” Dean asked. Two seconds went by. The silence as the song changed filled their ears, and Sarah’s answer burned in Sam’s ears.

“Buffy did.”


The knife dug into the host of the demon, a taped exorcism ringing in the speakers of a car. Bobby yelled to one of the young girls, his friend. “Behind you!”

But the friend fell.

And her phone began to ring as she fell to the ground. Bobby heard the shrill sound and knowing what the world was coming to, he stabbed his way over there and flipped the phone up.


Her question broke up in noise.

“No, it’s Bobby Singer.”

“Can you help?”


“My church is surrounded by black smoke. I have a little boy here. I think they want him. I don’t think they can come through my doors or windows, but we can’t stay here forever,” she said.

“Where are you?”

“Roswell, New Mexico.”

“I’m close. I’ll be there soon.” With the last word his knife dug into another host and with that the last of them was dead. Two hunters dead, along with twenty demons.

But there was still two hunters alive.

“We gotta go,” yelled Bobby.

“Sure,” the other girl called back. “You drive,” she said as she chucked him the keys. “Where are we going?”



It had been a grey morning, and it seemed like it would turn out to be a grey day.

She’d seen the fire burn, burn down her home and even if it hadn’t been more than just restored, Ellen had been sad to see it go. It was all she had left in the world.

Jo had packed off with Bobby when the lightning started two days earlier.

How strange a morning, she thought as the last of the fire went out.

“How’s life?”

She turned to face a stranger. “Who’s asking?”

“A friend. I need to see the Winchesters.”

“Never heard of them. We’re closed.” She turned away from him.

“I can see that,” he said. “I’m here to help, Ellen, okay? I was sent and I need to see the Winchesters.”

“Why? Who are you?”

“I’m Chuck, okay, look?” He showed her his ID. “You don’t trust me, and I really get that, more than you know. But you need to understand that this is worse than your house burning down.”

She looked at him, her eyes narrow and her doubt obvious. “How much worse?” She was sceptic against the neat and tidy man, he didn’t look anything like a hunter.

“The end.”




Sarah screamed.

And screamed. Her panting breaths came closer together and she knew the odds of her slowing down, anytime soon, were close to none. Dean held her hand, looking seriously worried. She started crying.

“Pain,” she panted. All the pain in her head was killing her. It went from the link she had to the future to every human being in the world to herself. The pain that the would bring was putting her in a strange catatonic state.

He clutched her hand, but she didn’t hear a word he was saying to her to comfort her. There was too much screaming.


“We have to do something!” she yelled.


“Get going, do something-”

“There’s nothing we can do.”

The stone-faced dark figure barely looked over his shoulder at her. Damn, was he handsome!

“Look, I know you had your own personal tragedy or whatever, but this is about-”

“It’s the end of the world. Again. Only this time, I can do nothing to stop it. They will try to get here, and succeed. I’ll be killed when I step outside my door. Even if I was going to try to do something, it’d be worth nothing. If they come here, I can take a few of them with me. I’m staying.”

“Angel!” She was desperate.

“Leave. There’s nothing you can do.”


She dreamt of fresh air and Sam.

But when she woke up to Buffy yelling at Faith the dream slipped away, faster than ever.




The car skidded to a halt, and Dean looked terrified. “What?”

“Here. It’s here,” Sarah almost whispered. Sam looked at her.

“Are you sure?”

Sarah nodded. “She’s here.”


It felt like a dream, when she saw the flashlight somewhere in the end of the darkness. Faith groaned beside her, and suddenly she knew who was coming. The dark shifted, became heavy against the single flare of light.

“Hello?” she called, and the echo that came back to her was a voice she knew well. She heard it as the same sentence, more like an echo in a soul than anything else. She laughed to herself.

“Why are you laughing?” Buffy asked, her brows furrowed. She hadn’t heard or seen them yet. She had no idea – and they didn’t know it was Buffy.

The relief turned into unspeakable, mind numbing terror.


Bobby looked around the empty parking lot. The church was up ahead, and he knew just what the woman on the inside was going through.

The thick black smoke that surrounded the church made him think twice about going out. The girl next to him was a bit too trigger-happy, and he was a little scared about the fact that one of the girls had already fallen.

The day he had to tell her mother would be a hard day.

But for now he had to focus on the job at hand. He rewound the tape in the stereo, and smiled. He was trying to be encouraging, and she noticed.

“Don’t worry so much Bobby, it’s going to be fine.”

Her blond hair was pulled back with avid hands, turned into a ponytail with no more than a moments pause. The girls were so alike. For a moment he got really sad, not totally like Bobby. But the world was ending. He could take the time to grief a friend, and the child of a friend.

“Come on,” she said, jumping out of the car and into the swarm of black. He turned the stereo on and picked up a knife.

How did you fight smoke?


Dean put his hand on Dawn’s shoulder. She looked at him with a big grin.

“Are you sure you’re here this time?” she mumbled.

“I’m sure,” he said.

“Sam?” she whispered.

“I’m here,” he said, kissing her forehead. “I’m right here.”

“Where’s Buffy?”

“You knew she’d turned evil?” Dean looked tired.

“No. Not until…”

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it Dawn, it’s okay.” Sam caressed her cheek, smiled gently at her and took his knife to the ropes around her arms and legs.

“We’ll get you out of here in no time,” said Sarah. Dawn’s eyes fluttered open and she fixed her wandering eyes on Dean.

“What was that?”

“Don’t you mean who?” he asked, a sparkle in his eye.

“Sure,” she agreed tiredly.

“I’m Sarah.”

Dawn looked from Dean to Sarah and then laughed tiredly. “I told you, someday.”


There had been no dramatic rescue.

There had been no real victory.

There had been no one left to save.

There was too much blood, to many of them. Only one of him. His last thoughts went to the boys. He hoped they’d found Dawn by now. He wished someone would find him, give him the right and proper burial. And with a tear falling from his eye, Bobby Singer fell asleep.


“It’s Dean – again! Where the hell are yah Bobby? I’ve left yah four messages- we found her. We found Dawn. We’re gonna swing by Roswell, see if you’re okay and then we’re heading home to you. Hopefully we’ll see you in Roswell. If not, see you at home.”


Ellen picked the phone up, having heard what Chuck had to say. There wasn’t much time to loose, not really. If the Winchester’s were in danger, there was no choice.

“Dean, it’s Ellen. Listen, you need to- oh you have? Well, that’s good then. Alright. Fine. See you in a bit.”

“What?” Chuck asked.

“They’re gonna swing by.”


Two shots to the chest was all it took, to take down Chuck when his eyes turned black as night. Ellen folded to the dry desert ground.

“Next time,” she mumbled to the sky. “I’d like a bit more than a seconds warning, if you don’t mind.”


The fresh motel sheets smelled nice, like fresh laundry and sea salt. Dawn’s eyes fluttered, she could feel them doing so without her consent and she didn’t like it. But her body was bruised, beaten and tired.

Thankfully she’d gotten to take a shower, with a little help from Sarah, so she didn’t feel completely un-fresh anymore. But she felt like she had the darkness under her skin now, like she would never be happy or clean again in her life. She felt him stroking her hair. As her eyelids fluttered open he was sitting there, big, strong and warm, beside her with a book in his lap and his back against the wall. So smart, so beautiful she had almost forgotten. And kind.

These were all good reasons to like Sam Winchester. But the one reason, above all, that she liked him, was because she – beyond anything – loved him. For none reason whatsoever did she love him. It had just been there one morning when she woke up, and it wouldn’t go away. Now she never wanted it go anywhere.

“I love you,” she whispered and he looked down at her, smiling from ear to ear.

“I love you too.” He caressed her hair and smiled before she closed her eyes and fell back to sleep.


Dean watched his brother and the girl who’d grown up around him. The past few years had made Dawn someone else. Someone strong and willing to risk her life for anyone.

Not just family.

He was impressed with how she’d handled the news of her sister’s death. Her eyes had glazed over for a bit, before she’d nodded and said “She’s been dead for a long time, as long as that demon’s been in control, my sister’s been dead.” She’s cried some, for the sudden loss of her only family, folded herself into Sam’s arms and he’d longed to be there for her.

Dean had felt like he had a sister he had to protect. Even from Sam.

He got up and left the chair, looking over at Sarah who was fast asleep on another bed. He smiled to himself, closing the door to the bathroom.

“You need to be careful.”

“Hey Cass, how you doin? Everything good? Need something?” Dean said in a slightly annoyed, sarcastic voice.

“No time for jokes, Dean.”

“So, the world has begun to end. What else is there?”

“You need to get going, fast. It’s Bobby Singer.”


Dawn barely woke up before she was in the backseat, fully clothed and told to try to relax, and hold on tight when the car turned.

When the car skidded to a halt Dawn began to cry.

Bobby was lying there, just lying there on the pavement. Beaten, torn, defeated. Bleeding and from the looks of it… Not breathing. Her heart broke all over again as she realized another family member had been killed. She just didn’t want to believe it. She turned her face into the backseat, crying gently. Sarah caressed her arm, her bright eyes connecting with something in Dawn.

“No worries Dawn. There’s still hope.”

She wanted to believe Sarah, but the sight of him tore Dawn’s heart in pieces.


“What?” Ellen said, her voice unsteady and about to crack. Not Bobby.

“He’s in the hospital. The doctor says he’ll be ok, but who knows? Anyway, there’s not much time left either way, now is there?”

“I’ll be right there.”

Ellen hung up the phone and hurried over to her car, taking one last look at the burnt down house.

She mumbled a goodbye and then hit the gas, a cloud of dust stirring up behind her.


Bobby opened his eyes and looked around the room. Never in his life had he been so happy to see so many people in the same place. They were all huddled around his bed; Dean, Ellen, Sam, Dawn, the four best people he knew. And there were more people, other people whom he’d gotten to know, to respect and even to love. Giles, Faith, the new girl, Sarah, Xander and Willow. All of them huddled in the little room.

“Good to see you awake,” said Dean, his eyes fixed on Bobby.

“Hey boy,” he replied, causing Dawn to burst into small sobs again. “Hey, hey. None of that in here, I’m all right.” Dawn looked up at him, and he saw something beyond tears. She was happy.

She threw herself on the bed, hugging him close. “I was so scared. Don’t you do that to me again,” she said, gently hitting his good shoulder.

“Won’t be much time for it,” said a dark voice. Bobby looked up to see a man with a trench coat standing in the corner of the room.

“Why not?” Bobby demanded.

“Because the final battle has begun. And the end is coming. Soon.”

And with that, Castiel was gone. “Always with the doom and gloom,” mumbled Sarah. Dean smiled.

“Well, get me out of here if that’s true. I want to be at home when the world ends. We all deserve a proper place to sleep and eat in the final days of the world, don’t you think?”


They all packed into Bobby’s house, having a laughing family dinner together. It was everything they had all been missing for all those years. And even if Ellen and Dawn was grieving, daughter and sister, they laughed and loved like it was the last night on earth.


“Kiss me,” she whispered. He wasn’t one to say no. Sam put his lips against Dawn’s, their bodies intertwined as the kiss got deeper, passionate and explosive.

Her body heated up against his, as her shirt left her body. His hands found the small of her back, pressing her hard against him. She panted softly, kissing his neck as he began to unzip her jeans. She leaned back into his touch, feeling the burning sensation that was exploding in her mind.

“I love you,” he whispered, his mouth on hers again. Repeating the same words, making them the soft song they would make love to.

His t-shirt hit the floor, along with his jeans and her bra. The bed was hard underneath them, the cool sheets crisp as they dove onto the bed. Dawn fell, falling into a pool of unspeakable lust and want for the strong man on top of her.

He was warm, and strong, and he took her into his arms like he had done nothing else his entire life. As he entered her, the first earthquake began. But instead of stopping he continued. The earth may be shaking, she thought, but he’s truly rocking mine.

That was her last thought she could remember before it all went deliciously hazy.


Afterwards, they just stayed there.

Together, holding each other tight. The world was shivering, shaking, trembling and ending under them. They house still sounded of the joyful music Bobby had put on earlier. They could hear laughter from downstairs.

Outside the world is burning, she thought, holding tightly to the warm body next to her. She had thought she’d be more scared of the world ending. But instead she found herself drifting off into a happy place where this world, the world inside Bobby’s house, would go on and on, forever.


We're so safe, in our guarded little world
We see the evil, and let no one in
To fight we must take a stand
one way or the other,
the world will end...

The End

You have reached the end of "Take a stand". This story is complete.

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