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Take a stand

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Summary: In an attempt to get Dean out of Hell, Sam and Bobby goes to see the Slayer, looking for someone else.

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchestersunriseFR181418,3580169,13430 Jun 101 Jul 10Yes

Chapter One - The Dawn or time

Author: Sunriserooftops
Title: Take a stand
Rating: a general FR18
Fandom: BTVS/SPN
Pairing: Dawn/Sam
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their respective owners; all things Supernatural belongs to Erik Kripke and everything Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon. No copyright infringement intended.

Chapter 1 - The Dawn of time

It had been a long time since anyone stood up to her or even pointed a gun at her. That’s why she laughed quite happily when this guy – whoever he was – came around looking like Riley without his gear. Gun pointed and that look in his eye.

Fight, kick, kill.

He didn’t seem too amused by her laughing at him; in fact, he seemed more than a little confused. He lowered the gun, and she put the knife back into the bag.

“You lost?” he asked, his tall figure looking down at her.

“No,” she said, her smile smug with knowledge. “But you seem to be.”

“What are you doing out here all by yourself, moaning and groan-” he stopped short his eyes wide with surprise. She could only imagine what he imagine… She chuckled, feeling giddy from the fight.

“This was a surprise,” Dawn said, sitting down opposite the tall man, his dark hair falling into his eyes and the older man, the one she knew.

“Sure is,” Bobby said with a smile. “I had no idea you were back in the country.”

“Well, we got a little bored overseas,” Dawn said, with a slight smile. “And then Buffy broke up with her boyfriend in Italy so we sort of-”

Buffy poked her sister in the rib with a sharp elbow, and Sam hid a smile.

“Anyway, we’re back,” Buffy said, her eyes sharp as they looked at her little sister.

“I’m glad,” Bobby smiled. “We need a little help.”

“With what?” Buffy and Dawn asked in unison.

Sam smiled a little uneasy. “We need your help to get my brother out of hell.”


She’d seen him once before, when she’d visited Bobby. Dawn hated being kicked around like a hacky-sack, from one person to the next, just because Buffy had to find all the new slayers. But she liked being with Bobby, he was nice and warm, and he let her help and come along on a hunt.

Not like Buffy, all overprotective and whiny.

This time he came with someone else, a taller guy, dark hair, dark eyes, good-looking in general. Younger. He looked younger than the other guy, Dan. No, wait, Dean? Yeah, Dean. He’d been a real tease when they met, but right now, Bobby didn’t want the three of them in the same room as her. She wondered why.

“Yeah, sure, let me just-” Bobby pointed to the door, Dean seeing her through the blinds, where she was looking at them.
He smiled, and gave her a slight nod, too small for the other boy to notice. She smiled back, and let go of the blinds. She’d seen enough, no need to be a peeping tom.


“Dawn,” Buffy said, and she snapped back into the room, first now realizing she had tears in her eyes. “What is with you tonight?” Buffy asked in a subdued tone. Dawn shook her head.

“Nothing… When did he go to hell?”

Sam hesitated. “A week ago, and I just…”

“We tried to figure it out before he got snatched in, but we were too late,” Bobby said, the dark
circles around his eyes more prominent all of a sudden.

Dawn had been around Bobby and other hunters a lot more than Buffy, and she knew how headstrong they were. She knew Bobby would have exhausted every chance of getting Dean off the hook, before turning to Buffy.

“Why?” Dawn asked, her voice shaky with tears. Buffy was still looking at her funny, but she didn’t care. All she cared about now, was helping her friend.


“Hey, kid,” he smiled, sitting down across the table from her. “How you doing today?”

“Tired, a little sore.”

“What?” The look on Dean’s face was one of complete confusion. “What the hell did you do?”

“I fought-”

“With a-?” Dean started.

“She got in a fight at a bar,” Bobby rumbled, looking almost a little please, trying hard to look the opposite.

“Ooh, quite the little wildcat, eh?” Dean teased, and she shook her head. She got up and pulled two beers out of the fridge, handing them to the guys around the table.

“How’s your dad doing, Dean?” she asked when she sat back down. Dean nodded.

“He’s good, still sulking about my brother, but good.”

“You got a brother?” She couldn’t help but imagine the possibilities. Man, she was growing up.


“I died,” Sam said, swallowing hard. She looked him up and down.

“Yeah, and then he ran off and got himself a deal, am I right?” she asked, Buffy still staring at her liked she was an alien. She shot her sister a look saying the same thing that came out of her mouth.

“What? I can’t help it I have a life when you’re out living yours!” Dawn looked at Sam, saw him nod.

“Yeah,” Sam said, his voice rough with sorrow. “And if I may say so, it was a dumb thing to do… Since our father-”

“Traded his life for Dean’s? Yeah, I know.”

Sam shot her a look of confusion, again, and Bobby smiled.

“You’re growing up nicely kid, getting tougher every day I see,” he smiled, the smiled sad and sort of empty, but still – it was a smile. Dawn reached across the small space between her and Sam’s leg, putting her hand on his knee.

“We’ll try to help, I swear.”

“Dawn, can I talk to you?” Buffy said, sweet and sharp. Dawn wanted to say no, but then Buffy’d just yank her out of the chair and drag her along anyway.

“What the hell are you thinking?” Buffy asked in a low voice, clanging bottles of beer out of the fridge. “We can’t help. I’ve been in the Hellmouth, I don’t want to be in Hell. Even if it means getting some hot guy you have a crush on out of there!” Her voice wasn’t a shout, but it sure looked like she was yelling.

“I don’t have a crush on him Buffy, you don’t understand.”

“Make me.”

“I can’t, I promised him I’d never tell anyone.”

“A promise to a dead man,” Buffy said, stalking out of the kitchen and back into the living room.


“Okay, look down the barrel – pull at the trigger – remember the recoil – and press.”

The gun echoed as the shot was fired. She laughed.

“I’ve never shot a gun before,” she said, a little amazed at herself.

“Well, you’re a natural,” Dean smiled.

“Thanks…” She looked at the mark on the board. “Again,” she said, with a giddy smile.


No, it hadn’t been a crush.
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