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Obligatory Idea Dump

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Summary: Behold the wonders of insomnia and isolation. Read at your own risk.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OtherCameronYoungFR181010,51602813,96530 Jun 1018 Jun 14No


"Sign them. Now." The hateful little man's voice brooked no argument. He glared at Buffy with the emotionless deadpan of a life long administrator. "All three of you."

Buffy, Xander and Willow flinched in harmony at the thought of the lost night but put their marks on the Halloween sign up sheet.

"Sure. Great, I love babysitting screeching kids who didn't get the costume they wanted." Xander tried to joke as he took the pen. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad, he had some old army fatigues in the back of his closet he could use to make an easy costume cheap.

"I'm sure." Snyder drawled. "You will all pick up your approved costumes from Ethan's Costume Shop on 3rd. He donated some of his wears to the schools to ensure that none of you hooligans show up in your underwear and spread your... delinquency to the children." He handed them the coupon stubs with a sneer tailored to each of them and walked away in disgust.

"I hate our school so very much." Xander groused as he dragged himself to the approved costume section.

Then he got a look at the selection. "But I love our school board, yes I do!" Buffy glared and Willow giggled.

"Xander! You make a great Captain America."

"Thanks Mrs..." She didn't glare, he was trained well enough that all she had to do was raise an eyebrow. "Joyce. The creepy British shop keeper donated them to the escort program so we get to keep them too." He stepped inside as she moved to let him pass, the customary non-invitation all Sunnydalers learn, and closed the door behind him.

"Buffy's upstairs helping Willow with her costume and should be... Buffy! I thought you were kidding when you showed me that costume."

"Nope. Someone is conspiring to get me into spandex and I'm not going to play their game so tonight I'm gender confused Thor, wielder of jollynar and smasher of bad guys."

Xander turned away in pain and asked, "Why must you hurt me so Buffster? What did I ever do to you?"

"You hit puberty." She responded immediately. "And I'm not alone in protest. Willow..."

"Hey Xander." At the top of the stairs stood Willow, in full Ironman regalia. "Sorry it took so long but the chest piece sitting funny."

"World that denies thee, thou inhabit..."

Steve Rodgers was confused. The last thing he remembered was fighting the pro-reg forces when he felt a sudden pain in the back of his head then nothing. Black. Oblivion.

Shit. He must have died again. He was too old for this shit twenty years ago.

But there was chaos around him and children being attacked so he would do what he always does.

The best he can.

As he finished with the little monsters, he heard a familiar crack of lightning and felt a cool, Nordic breeze and he smiled.

"Good to see you again old friend."

"Hail and tidings to you as well Captain. Tis an ill wind that blows this night and bewitches children towards evil deeds. Not even I, the God of Thunder himself, am immune to these foul magicks. But no matter my form, Mighty Mjollinir swings true!"

"Steve! Thor! Thank god your here," Tony Starks filtered voice dampened Steve's smile, but not much. "I thought I was going to have to face an involuntary sex change alone."

Huh, Steve thought as he set out with his teammates to solve another mystery and deal with another threat, maybe being dead wasn't so bad.

"S-so you all kept something from these, these, Avengers?"

"Oh yeah! Tony was a genius! The technology they had for available to the general public alone was decades ahead of us..."

Even as Willow began lecturing, Giles could almost see it there, in the way they sat, completely at ease with each other. Something was there beyond friendship. Trust, he realized, and history, more than he could guess at, stared at him from across the table. Willow had moved onto all the patents she planned to steal from Stark's memory, talking animatedly with her hands.

'Well, I can certainly think of worse figures to spend a night with in your head than a group of heroes.'


A/N: I own nothing and have no Idea where I could go with this that isn't a horrible plagiarism of Iron Buffy or the Iron Tau'ri or Thunder over Smallville's prequel. Or Buffy's Hammer. Maybe something with Cap? Don't see a lot of him around other than 'omg xander is nao a soopa soldier yay!!' or 'xander waz abuzed but his reel dad is Cap an he wont take no shit animor.' Done because I've had writers block for the better part of a year and that one guy asked me to. There you go that one guy.
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