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Beyond Limitations

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Summary: Mr. Belding has a job for Zack...

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Television > Saved By the BellAngrycupcakeFR714,609351,91828 Nov 0328 Nov 03Yes
Title: Beyond Limitations (1/1)

Author: Marie

Pairing: Willow/Zack Morris

Rating: PG13

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns BTVS and Willow. Same goes for Peter

Angel Owning Zack and Saved By The Bell. I lay no claim. I make no

cash. Don't sue me.

Spoilers: Set in season 2 of BTVS goes AU after the Halloween

Episode. Oz? Oz who? SBTB is harder… Lord knows they spent like six

years in high school. I guess it's set in Zack's junior year. There's

an itty bitty little spoiler but if you haven't seen every episode of

this show like 80 times over and hate being spoiled don't read.

Summary: Mr. Belding has a job for Zack…

A/N 1: Anything between / / takes place in the past.

A/N 2: A bit inspired by Jinni's odd couples challenge plus…I've yet

to see a BTVS crossover with this show so I just decided to go for



"That's it Morris, this latest escapade is going to cost you two

months of detention." The stern principal declared.

"Two months! Mr. Belding I swear that the Bayside Girl's Volley Ball

website I set up was only meant to instill pride in our school's

athletic program. Any profit made was purely accidental…" The

teenager protested.

Richard Belding shut his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose

wondering how he could like a kid that just aggravated the hell out

of him.

"Zack your detention stands and we'll both be meeting with your

mother. That way you can explain to her all your creative ideas of

what constitutes school pride."

Zack's eyes widened at the implications of what the principal just

told him.

"Oh but Mr. Belding you can't, my mom will kill me."

"Good hopefully she'll let me watch."

"But sir…"

The ring of a cell phone cut off Zack's pleading. It wouldn't be his

phone that was for damn sure. The school had this stupid rule banning

cell phone use on school grounds. Zack looked expectantly at his

principal, since it was his pocket that was ringing. Mr. Belding had

the decency to look a little sheepish at being caught breaking a

school rule.

Mr. Belding answered his phone. He turned his back to the teenager to

speak to his wife. Zack could tell it was the missus from all

the "but honeys" he heard Belding say. He watched as the principal's

body tensed in what Zack could only assume was a heated argument. The

Principal shoulders sagged in defeat and the young schemer knew that

the man was the loser in whatever he had been discussing.

Remembering exactly where he was, the older man straightened up and

turned around to face his teenage audience of one.

"Well Zack it looks like I may be able to give you a break after all…"

The calculating look on Belding's face did not to bode well for the

young man.


"You have to what?" A.C. Slater asked for a second time not sure if

he heard correctly.

Zack Morris rolled his eyes at his athletic friend. The two young men

were sitting in a booth at their favorite hang out, The Max. Right

now Zack wished their food would arrive so Slater would shut the hell


"Belding is going out of town this week-end, so I have to devote my

entire Saturday to entertaining his niece."

Slater choked on the soda he had been drinking from.

"You have to take out his niece?" the young wrestler asked


"Uh-huh." Zack unhappily affirmed.

"You do remember that Saturday night is Kelly's party right?"


"You can't miss it though??"


"Cause that would make you look like the spiteful ex-boyfriend."

Slater concluded.

"Bingo." Zack said with a sigh.

"So you have to go to Kelly's party, in order to not hurt her

feelings. Face her and her current boyfriend with a Belding on your

arm?" The jock started to laugh.

"Slater it is not funny."

"Yeah Preppy it really is," He chuckled dogging the wadded up napkin

that Zack threw at him. "So what are you getting out of the deal?"

"You know my current suspension from the whole Bayside Girls Gone

Wild endeavor?" Slater nodded in response prompting his friend to

continue, "Belding nixed the meeting with my mom, cut my suspension

down two weeks and gave me a ten page research paper to write. Which

of course I can always get Screech or some nerd to do for me. So this

really was an offer I couldn't refuse."

"So what are you going to do about it?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I know you, Zack Morris. You always have some scheme up your

sleeve, what are you going to do to get out of this?"

"There's nothing I can do. I was going to get Screech to fill in but

he's also leaving town this weekend. And get this; Belding actually

printed my id picture out so his niece would be able to recognize me.

Never thought he'd be able to think of that on his own." Zack said a

tad bit frustrated that Belding had one-upped him.

"Damn Preppy, so you're really stuck with the Femi-Beldi huh? Well I

really can't say I envy you."

"No Shit Slater."


Willow Rosenberg was incredibly nervous. She was going to have to

spend the entire day with some guy she didn't know because her aunt

and uncle were abandoning her. Okay the word abandon was a bit

strong, but they were still leaving her. It's not like she'd never

been left alone, God knew how many times Sheila and Ira had done it,

but her Uncle Richard and Aunt Elizabeth were the total opposites of

her parents. The redhead still found it difficult to believe that her

mother and her uncle Richard were raised in the same family. He was

so warm and affectionate and Sheila was…not.

Quite surprisingly Willow's parents had sent her packing for a three

week vacation to Bayside, California muttering something about her

needing to spend time with extended family to deepen familial bonds

and some other psychological crap that Willow did not care to

remember. She just found it amusing that her parents felt it was

necessary to send their only child away from them in order to instill

into her a greater sense of family. Ass backward logic if you asked

her. Of course they never did.

Not that the redhead was begrudging her holiday away from the

Hellmouth. Bayside actually was the quaint Californian town that

Sunny Dale pretended to be. She'd been there for a few days now and

had been having a great time with her aunt and uncle. They paid

attention to her and actually enjoyed her company. It was a

refreshing change from being neglected. But this had brought her to

her current dilemma. Uncle Richard and Aunt Liz had to leave town all

the sudden but worried about leaving her alone. She tried to reassure

them that it was perfectly fine and that she was use to it but they

remained unconvinced. While they didn't doubt her maturity, they

wanted her to have fun and meet people. They were just so good to

her, it was hard to say no, which was why she didn't.

So Uncle Richard roped some poor kid to be her babysitter for the

day. Someone please shoot her now. This had a high potential for

embarrassment. Upon learning of her aunt and uncle's plans, Willow

had insisted on knowing what the kid would look like so she wouldn't

be going into it totally blind. Her nerves were shot enough as it

was. The picture her uncle had handed her was of a boy, a cute one

too. Oh God it was hard enough to handle meeting new people, let

alone cute boys. Willow didn't do cute boys. No pun intended.

Willow was pacing the length of her bedroom as she waited for this

Zack person to show up. Maybe she should fake an illness or

something? As soon as the idea came to her the doorbell rang. Damn

the luck, it must be him.


Zack stood on the other side of the door cursing his bad fortune. The

unfavorable predicament he now found himself in should teach him a

lesson and if he ever figured it out, he'd shout it from the

rooftops. Deciding that the girl was taking too long, the teen made

to leave but stopped when he heard the door swing open. Crap. Zack

plastered a phony smile on his face before turning around to meet his

executioner, err date.

"Hi I'm Zack Morris." He said checking her out from head to toe. She

was a redhead not bad looking either. Sort of cute in that way too

young and innocent way he concluded. She wore bright red corduroy

pants topped with a fuzzy green three-quarter sleeved shirt.

Something about her cast off a geek vibe, maybe Zack would introduce

her to Screech once this whole ordeal was over.

" Hi I'm Willow Rosenberg." She said. "Uh look um I really want to

thank you for agreeing to take me out today. I know you're probably

really busy, so it was really nice of you to do this. Uncle Richard

and especially Aunt Liz want me to meet people my own age. So if you

hadn't of said yes I'd probably be sitting up in this big ole house

all by myself, not that I mind being home alone, I'm use to it. It's

not like I'm going to go throw a massive party or dance around in my

under wear like Tom Cruise did in that movie…cause I saw it last

night and it was a really good movie and oh God I'm babbling." Willow

blushed a deep red when she realized the young man was staring at her


Zack had barely been able to follow that. "Okay," he slowly drawled

wondering how she had been able to get that all out in one breath. He

really was going to have to find away to pay Belding back for

this. "Your welcome and it's really not a problem. Look my car is

over there so why don't we get in and we'll talk about our plans for

the day." He said unenthusiastically.

The red-faced girl simply nodded and followed him to the vehicle.


`Smooth just smooth Rosenberg', Willow thought as she watched the

scenery roll by. Put her in the presence of a hot guy and watch her

fizzle. This time though, it wasn't completely her fault. The guy

just blatantly inspected her like a like she was a car or something

it made her nervous. It was times like these where she wished she

were a bit more like her blonde friend. Buffy never got flustered

with guys. Human ones anyway.

The red head spared a glance at the car's driver. He looked like the

type that Cordelia would go for. He was handsome in that tanned blond

surfer type way. He exuded confidence and drove a convertible. This

was exactly the kind of guy the cheerleader would go for. Which

probably meant that he was a jerk, God why was she here again?

They had yet to really speak and it was now getting a bit

awkward. `What the hell' Willow thought, `he probably has me pegged

as a nerd already.'

"So…what do you have in store for me today?" She asked.

This seemed to shake him out of his reverie. "I was thinking of

taking you to an amusement park, but if you're not down with that, we

can come up with something else."

Willow gave a smile at that; an amusement park was something she

could handle. "Yeah that sounds fine."

"And then a party later at night." Zack quickly mumbled.


"A party later." He repeated.

"Uh Zack I know you don't know me too well cause we just met like

five minutes ago, but me and parties and new people don't mix so I'm

going to have to pass."

Oh no, there was no chance in hell he'd be reverting back to his

original school punishment. Time to pull out the old Zack Morris

charm. "Everyone will be cool, I promise you'll have a great time."

He assured her throwing a sexy wink in her direction for added


Willow turned her eyes away, looking anywhere but at him. She could

feel her face heat up. Oh no she was blushing…again. Damn it she had

finally gotten control of herself and he had to go and do that.

Conceited bastard. Did she mention how much Cordelia would like him?

"Why don't we go to the movies instead?" Willow suggested. Where it

was dark and talking prohibitive.

"No, I just think we'll have a better time at the party." He insisted.

Willow frowned she did not understand why he was pushing this. "Well

if it's so important, you can go I have no problem with that."

She wasn't falling for it as easily as he had expected her to.

Desperately the blond young man began to plead with the redhead.

"Willow please you have to come, everyone knows about the party so

Belding's expecting me to---

Willow immediately caught on. "Expecting you to what," the redhead

demanded. "Show his poor little niece a good time or else?"

Zack must be off today, there was no other reason for why he just

fucked up the way he did. He sighed in defeat.

"Willow I didn't mean to hurt…"

"Don't say things you don't mean." She said cutting him off.

Once again Willow took to looking out her window. She refused to cry.

Not in the presence this blonde surfer boy. Asshole. The atmosphere

in the car became extremely tense neither person said a word.

Zack stared ahead at the road, tightly gripping the steering wheel in

his hands. Out of the corner of his eye he saw her blinking her eyes

rapidly as if to keep from tears. He didn't mean to hurt her

feelings. "I'm Sorry."

The redhead shifted to face the blond. His eyes remained intent on

the road, her intense scrutiny causing him to feel uneasy. After a

moment Willow turned away from him to focus on the traffic ahead.

"Good you should be." She nodded. "Now what time will you be picking

me up?"

"What?" Zack was confused.

"What time are you taking me to the party?" She clarified.

Zack couldn't believe she was willing to go. "You want to go with me?

Why? Shouldn't you be really mad at me and you're uncle?"

"Yes but despite his machiavellian tactics I know my uncle has my

best interests at heart. As for you I can see that you're apology was

sincere so I guess I'll cut you some slack and just go." Willow said.

"What? And why do you think I need slack?" He was still not following

her logic.

"Let's just say I have some experience with pushy principals." She


"Belding told me that you're a quiet straight A student. He also

threatened me with death if I corrupted you," Zack gave the sweet

looking girl a once over. "There is no way you've had even a day of


"Straight A student, yes. Quiet, again yes. Not one day of

detention? Please." Willow snorted. "With the friends I hang around

with detention is like my second home."

"No way." Zack said skeptically.

"Way." Willow confirmed. "Our principal totally has it in for us,

especially for my friend Buffy. Principal Sneider has made it his

personal mission to straighten out the undesirable elements in his

school, namely us. Even when he doesn't have a slightly legit reason

to toss our asses in detention, he still makes us `volunteer' for his

various projects. Which I figure is what happened to you. So spit it

out what did you do?"

"Hey what makes you think I did something?" Zack queried slightly


"Simple unlike my principal, Uncle Richard is neither unfair nor

evil. You had to have done something. Besides the bad boy vibe rolls

off you in waves." Willow added off hand. Did she just say that?

Stopping at a red light, Zack used the opportunity to turn around to

give Willow the most innocent look he could muster.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." He sniffed.

Willow took a good look at the wide-eyed routine and burst out

laughing. "You are so full of it. You look like Xander did when I

caught him watching porn. He tried to look all innocent-like and told

me it was for `research purposes', but come on I had caught him red

handed so to speak. "

That did it. Zack lost his composure and laughed right along with the

redhead. "Okay fine," the blond teen conceded when they both calmed

down. "Let's just say a website and the girl's volley ball team was


"Oh…okay enough said."


Once again the convertible filled with silence, although this time it

was a more comfortable one than the last. A few minutes passed by

before Zack broke the silence with a question.


"Yeah Zack?"

The blond young man's handsome face broke out into a devilish smile

once he caught the redhead's eye. "You think I'm a bad boy?" He asked


Why oh why was she a natural born blusher?


Willow stood in a towel trying to decide what to wear for the party.

She chewed on her lip as she looked from one garment to the other and

then back again. On the right lay a long sleeved purple dress with a

flower-patterned design that stopped a few inches above her knee.

Typical Willow wear.

The left held what she dubbed as the alterna-outfit. When she and

Buffy had gone clothes shopping for The Halloween Gone Horribly Bad,

Willow purchased two outfits because she couldn't decide between them

at the time. She ended up wearing the black mini skirt for Halloween

and forgot all about the slinky number currently lying on her bed.

Buffy had found it when she was helping her pack for Bayside. Willow

had initially refused to pack it claiming that there would be no need

to bring it along, but the slayer would have none of it. It wouldn't

hurt to just take it along she argued. The blonde held the outfit in

her hands and sat the redhead down.

/"Willow, people like to live in comfortable little boxes. These

boxes don't mean that they're happy, only safe." The slayer said.

"Hey I like being safe." Willow protested.

"But you can only learn and grow if you're willing to take risks."

The blonde insisted.

"I take risks."

"Of a non-hellmouth related nature?"

"Um uh…define risks."

"See? If you truly want things to change, you're going to have to

make them happen. Push beyond those safe boundaries. You think my

sort of dating a vampire qualifies as safe?" Willow shook her head in

the negative at the slayer's inquiry. "Exactly, no, but I'm taking

the risk anyway for a chance at something wonderful even if it is

temporary…and kind of dangerous."

"But Buffy…" The redhead attempted to interrupt.

"No," Came the command. "You are Willow Rosenberg and you are above

mediocrity. You owe it to yourself to wear this slightly skanky


"So I can look like a ho?" Willow asked in confusion.

"No! So you can see who you really are when you step outside that

comfortable box," The slayer proclaimed while energetically waving

the outfit over her head./

Buffy could be incredibly profound at the oddest moments, fashion did

that to her. "Hope your right Buff." Willow whispered to herself as

she gathered the courage to select the second outfit.


Once again Zack made his way to Mr. Belding's porch. He rang the

doorbell and waited for the young lady inside. This time he was

ready, completely at ease with who his guest for the party would be.

When he had chosen to take her to the amusement park, he picked the

spot solely on the basis that he would encounter few of his friends

there. To Zack's surprise, however, he enjoyed the time he had spent

with Willow. At some point they had ended up sitting on a bench

somewhere just talking. He hadn't enjoyed talking to a girl so much

since Kelly. Willow had a great sense of humor. She was also

incredibly smart, not just book smart, but clever too. She kept

catching his bullshit and calling him on it. Something Bambi or Tammy

would never have the brain cells to do. And he kept making blush, it

was just so adorable the colors she would turn. Screech would

definitely like her. She was a cute kid.

Zack's musings were cut short when the door in front of him opened

and Willow Rosenberg stepped out of it.

"Hi Zack."

Zack's jaw hit the floor at the sight before him. The girl who had

gotten into his car earlier that afternoon was not the woman he saw

tonight. He couldn't help but stare. Once again he took in her form

from top to bottom, this time with a new sense of appreciation. Her

long red hair had been pulled into an elegant French twist with soft

tendrils framing her face. Her eyes looked just… amazing. Zack's eyes

traveled downwards to see that the rest of her continued the theme.

Willow's beige ribbed tube top stopped just below her belly button to

show off her trim tummy. Her white knee length skirt sat low on her

hips hugging all the right places. The journey ended with strappy

beige sandals that emphasized her shapely legs. Good Lord.



"Are you okay?"

"Sure." He said slightly dazed.


Okay that snapped him out of it. "Oh sorry Willow. You just look so

amazing, I forgot myself." He stuttered. Look at that Zack Morris

getting flustered by someone he had considered Screech worthy just a

few minutes prior.

Willow looked slightly shocked at the compliment. She blushed and

looked down at the ground. "Thank you." She replied shyly. Oh yeah

this was the same redhead.

"Well then shall we leave my lady?" Zack said with a formal bow.

Giggling Willow curtsied in kind. "We shall kind sir."


They parked across the street from a house that bumped with a hip-hop

beat and rocked with an energetic force.

"You sure you want to do this?" Zack asked. Now that they were

actually there he didn't want her too feel pressured into anything

she didn't want to do. A pretty kamikaze type thing to do considering

what the consequences will be should she decide to turn back, but he

didn't care.

`Push the comfort boundaries.' She thought. Willow looked at the

house in determination. "Yeah I can do this." She said taking a deep

breath to calm her nerves.


"Yes I'm positive now let's go before I change my mind." The red head

grabbed his hand leading them both to the party. Willow didn't know

where this burst of courage and confidence had come from. Did Buffy's

speech inspire her more than she originally thought? Maybe her

clothing was possessed again. Or perhaps it did her some good to know

that a cute boy found her to be hot as well. She did note that the

young man trailing behind her seemed to find her ass extremely



"…And then Candy actually wore the shoes that totally clashed with

her blouse, it was so bad. I mean oh my gosh couldn't you just die…"

A.C. Slater sat on a sofa nodding to whatever the pretty blonde was

talking about. It was just so hard to pay attention when Ginger's

conversational skills mainly consisted of wondering if there was

lipstick on her teeth. The girl was so lucky that she was hot.

A flurry of shouts and greetings let the wrestling star know that his

friend Zack had just arrived. Thank God a plausible excuse to

leave. "Hey Ginger I have to ask Zack about something important, but

we'll talk later."

"Okay." Came the vapid response.

Slater rolled his eyes as he made his escape. Once Zack came into his

sights, however, Slater couldn't keep the grin off his face. Zack had

his arm around the waist of some hot redhead. `That dog,' he

thought. `I wonder how he got rid of Belding's niece?'

"Yo Preppy." He called out.

"Hey Slater." Zack greeted. They then did that man hug/hand shake

thingy that men did so well.

"So who is your lovely friend?" The jock couldn't help but ask. The

girl blushed. Very cute.

"This is Willow…Belding's niece." Zack smugly answered.

"You're Belding's niece?" Slater gaped. How the hell did Zack always

luck out like this?

"Uh huh and you are?" Willow politely asked.

"A.C. Slater, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"Thanks likewise."

"I swear I have to get detention more often." Slater muttered.

"Pardon?" Willow didn't quite hear what he had said.

"Oh nothing." Slater covered.

Zack did, he snickered knowing that his friend was regretting the

words he spoke that day at The Max.


The rest of the night went off without a hitch. Willow got along

wonderfully with his friends once she relaxed. Lisa simply adored

Willow's outfit. Ever the fashionista, Lisa managed to convince

Willow to go shopping with her. Zack did not envy the redhead there;

Lisa was a hardcore shopper. He'd gone shopping with her once before

and barely survived to tell the tale.

There was some friction between Jessie and his date, however. That

thing Willow had with calling people on their bullshit, she did it

with Jessie. The student council president had once again gone off on

Slater about how he and the rest of mankind were chauvinist pigs.

Willow chose that moment to politely point out to the strawberry

blonde that it was just as sexist of her to make sweeping

generalizations about an entire sex because she didn't like what one

of its members had to say. Jessie didn't take that too well and now

plans to engage Willow in a `friendly' debate on feminism.

Not surprisingly Willow and Kelly got along superbly. They were both

very sweet girls and bonded on their mutual love of all things Sailor

moon. He didn't see that coming but it was adorable. Zack would have

appreciated the scene better if Kelly's boyfriend, Jeff, weren't

there. While Zack was finally over the brunette and content with just

being friends, it didn't mean he had to like the asshole that split

them up.

There was one thing, however, that he had learned from his former

girlfriend it was always to look at the bright side of things. After

all if he and Kelly hadn't of broken up he wouldn't have discovered

Willow. He liked Willow.


Willow not only pushed her boundaries, she fucking trampled them.

Buffy would be so proud. She voluntarily wore the alterna-outfit.

Went to Kelly's party with a cute guy, danced with that cute guy and

did not spazz. She had had fun with popular kids who would have

snubbed her had it been Sunny Dale. The night had been amazing, the

redhead was almost sad to see it end. Wait Willow was wrong; the end

of the party was the best part of the night.

The moon was full and the stars were bright. It had been an hour and

a half since Zack had brought her home, but they were still on

Richard Belding's porch talking. His arms wrapped around her, keeping

her warm against the chill in the air. She sat in Zack's lap content

to hear his heartbeat. Where she was from heartbeats were very good.

A small smile remained poised on her lips as they discussed the finer

points of hacking into school computer systems.

The End

You have reached the end of "Beyond Limitations". This story is complete.

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