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Inheriting Family

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Summary: Giles is related to Dr. Janet Frasier. Giles has inherited the guardianship for Cassie. This is post Sunnydale crater and deals with how some familes are made. How two groups of champions can become one.Beta: Genuka

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or worlds portrayed it this work of fan fiction. It is meant to be purely entertainment for anyone crazy enough to read it. The worlds and characters belong to their creators and corporations.


By: Fire Wolfe
Beta: Genuka Who rocks as a beta.

Inheriting Family

Part Two

The Red phone ringing was never a good sign. George Hammond picked it up and said "Hello Hammond speaking." His mind drifted to when he had been forced to inform the president of Janet's passing. She had to receive special clearance to adopt Cassandra and her death put the child in danger. They had barely kept Cassandra out of the NID's hands the first time and George was not taking any chances with the teen. She had already suffered enough trauma and loss with our becoming a guinea pig. George had hoped that his contacting President Hayes would stall any NID attempts to gain control of Janet's daughter. He considered Cassandra as much his grandchild as he did Kayla and Kelly. SG-1 had already decided that between them they would take custody of Cassie and help keep her safe. Samantha Carter and Jack O'Neill both considered it their duty as Air Force officers and friends as did Daniel and Teal's.

"George I just read your report. This could cause us a problem."

"How, Sir? Cassandra needs to stay with her family." Hammond said thinking of the SGC.

There was a deep sigh on the president's end. "Yes, she does. I am afraid however it will not be the family you are thinking of."

"Sir, what do you mean?" The general asked he was not about to let a grieving and vulnerable child fall into the NID's hands. Janet Frasier had been a friend and he would protect her family. He owed her memory and he would do what he could to pay that debt. He was even thinking of taking Cassie in himself.

"George I know you are grieving. The doctor was a fine lady and an excellent Chief Medical officer. She died saving a man's life and the medals you put her in for will be approved. She earned those honors and she will be remembered for her sacrifice. She cared about everyone at the SGC. I know because we talked that day I visited. She thanked me for letting her have Cassandra and asked for a favor. I know that you and SG-1 were close to her. She loved you all and respected you personally. There were things in her past that made her the ideal guardian for Cassandra. In the end it was something you were never informed of. It required the upmost secrecy and clearance from an allied nation to know. Janet was an American citizen but she held dual citizenship in the United Kingdom."

George Hammond was stunned and had no reply. Instead he listened with care.

"Her family is rather well connected and most were not happy when she decided to study medicine and live in the United States. The name you know her under was her married name. Her maiden name was Giles. She was the cousin to Lord Sir Dr. Rupert Giles who has recently been appointed as a special envoy from the crown to the United States."

"I spoke to him just before you called sir." Hammond said, Stunned at the man's connections. "He seemed upset and wanted to come to get Cassie as soon as possible."

"Well, yes I suppose you informed him of the situation. He will want Cassandra to come live with him. It is my understanding they were quite close."

"What about disclosure sir?" Hammond questioned grasping at straws knowing he was facing a losing battle to keep Cassie. He had no idea what SG-1 might think or feel. They would most certainly want to fight to keep Cassie safe with them. They would feel betrayed by the president if he allowed Cassie to be taken away by some stranger.

"Lord Giles has some very high clearance. It exceeds yours in his home country." The president said. "We may have to disclose the program to him. This might need to be done to protect not only Cassandra but he and his family.

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