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Inheriting Family

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Summary: Giles is related to Dr. Janet Frasier. Giles has inherited the guardianship for Cassie. This is post Sunnydale crater and deals with how some familes are made. How two groups of champions can become one.Beta: Genuka

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Stargate > Giles-Centered > Pairing: OtherFireWolfeFR185174,06925329195,3092 Jul 1016 Dec 13No

Part 45 Paranoia

Disclaimer: See Part One
31 August 2012

A/N: This is kind of a filler chapter to get a handle on everyone's concerns. Thanks for all the reviews I will try to post more soon.

Part 45 Paranoia

It seemed that the joint team’s paranoia was actually a very good thing. The group had just finished settling both of their ships into their new underground hanger when they heard the rather unique sound of the star gate dialing and then the wirling noises that the death gliders made. It seemed Ba’al had arrived and he was sparing nothing in the search for his escaped prisoner. Fortunately Teal’c and Daniel had just sent a message to the SGC about their location and that they were hanging back until they were certain that Ba’al was not following them. It would hardly do for him to decide that attacking Earth was a good thing to put onto his to do list. They had also fortunately been authorized to look around and to see if this planet might do for a back up base. Of course the arrival of Ba’al might put a crimp into those plans but it would all depend on if he chose to stay and establish his own outpost. Then again it still might not be a bad idea as they could perhaps gather intelligence from his ranks.

Jack was not happy that they now had to hide from Ba’al and his forces however he knew that at this point it was not wise to risk a direct confrontation. He hated having to keep a low profile and to do nothing but wait. It just went against his nature. He was rather pleased to see that his team shared his frustration though they seemed less agitated as they were still all so excited about Janet being alive. That to was a complication. He sighed and remembered why he had wanted to stay here for the moment. He wanted to protect his friend. Jack O’Neill was many things but he was loyal to those he called friend or family and Janet had started as the first but had like SG-1 rapidly come to be the second. He looked over at Jon who despite their differences had the same look of protection on his face. It was clear that like Jack he was worried.

Janet was now so much more then they had ever known or expected. Now that they had found her safe and relatively unharmed Jack O’Neill could and did take the time to consider what the implications of this situation were. It was more than clear to him that they did not really know the real Janet Frasier. She had clearly compartmentalized her life and it was rather disconcerting to realize she was far more complex than he ever realized. Jack was worried about it. Now that the initial panic was over and he knew his friend was safe he was worried. What did this mean for the SGC? The fact that Janet had dual citizenship and was connected to a high ranking diplomat was going to raise red flags all over the pentagon. More so when they realized that the president not only knew but had allowed her to gain her place here. There was also the concern about his involvement with the people who claimed to be her family. It was more than clear to O’Neill that he knew at least this Giles character and it did not sit well with him. Especially when he was called to the carpet for trying to protect Cassie; that was beyond forgiveness in his book, he wondered again if his commander and chief was somehow compromised. He seemed entirely too ready to bend over backward for those people and it made Jack nervous and if he w as honest deeply worried.

He looked over at Carter and noted she too seemed to be deep in thought. She was staring at the ring Janet was wearing intently. Long ago she had once asked Janet what that ring was. Janet had laughed and said it was merely a family heirloom. Jack’s eyes followed Carter’s long ago he had learned to trust her and her hunches. She was almost as good as he was going with the gut. He saw the ring and then looked back at Rupert Giles. His eyes widened as he saw the same ring on a masculine version on his hand. He swallowed hard as he recalled the same ring on his commander and chief’s hand only it had been in gold. Sam watched and wondered what materials the ring was made of. At first she had assumed it was white gold now however she was not so certain. She noted that both Janet and Rupert Giles kept their hands away from the controls of the ship. It was as if they were afraid the materials in their rings might interfere with the workings. Given that the Gaould used gold for everything and that it could not be likely that gold would affect the controls it made her wonder what the rings were made of. She looked over and saw Ethan Rayne pick up a bottle for his son. There was a brief flicker as the light played off his ring. It was gold like the president’s. Suddenly Sam wondered what the differences were all about. She had a feeling it was significant. Teal’c however distracted her from her thoughts as he came over with Daniel to give a report on the number of Jaffa that had arrived to search for Janet.

Rupert noted Major Carter’s interest in their rings. He made a mental note to speak with Janet and Ethan about them. It was not something he wanted the military to know about. Watcher’s rings did indeed have significance however that was not information that he wanted those outside the Council to have. He had not agreed with Travers on much but on this given the magic involved he agreed whole heartily. The last thing they needed was to have someone try to gain control of the rings and use them against the Council or the newly called slayers. It was going to be hard enough as it was. However that issue would need to wait. He wanted to know what potential threats they were facing. He hated hiding but it was an option. Sadly he knew in this case he might well have to depend on Colonel O’Neill’s insights to their enemy or on Ethan’s. It worried him deeply that in this case he was more than willing to trust his old friend who had almost killed him a dozen times over the military. He wondered if that made him jaded or paranoid or perhaps both.

George Hammond was not pleased at all. He was gratified that SG-1 had found Janet but the news she was now a blended ToK’Ra did not sit well at all. He could see a lot of issues arising from that. Of course if Janet/Eugenie was a queen it would save their allies species. Of course that was not going to go over well with certain people at the Pentagon. He pulled out a bottle of Tums and absently chewed a few. With a resigned sigh he called an airmen into his office. He had to speak to the president at once. At least the President was here and they could have this conversation in person it would make it easier to judge his position in a face to face meeting. The only positive was those rings that they wore. Somehow George Hammond had a feeling that ring might well protect Janet along with her friendship with Henry Hayes. A friendship he had not known about but was now grateful for. With luck his CMO would be protected and be able to come back home without any undo issues. Who was he kidding the NID was so going to be an issue.

Senator Robert Kinsey was angry. His retrieval team had not returned. Worse yet his agents inside the SGC reported their capture. He threw the phone against the wall. He just hoped Makepeace kept his mouth shut. Oh well if not well he would soon be down a lot of lab rats. He now knew that the demon families they had under guard were really of no use. He almost hoped that Makepeace messed up because frankly he was tired of spend hard earned cash on those demons. He looked down at the pen area and sighed. Braken demons really were kind of useless.

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