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Inheriting Family

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Summary: Giles is related to Dr. Janet Frasier. Giles has inherited the guardianship for Cassie. This is post Sunnydale crater and deals with how some familes are made. How two groups of champions can become one.Beta: Genuka

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Stargate > Giles-Centered > Pairing: OtherFireWolfeFR185174,06925329195,3032 Jul 1016 Dec 13No

Part 46 Warning

Part 46 Warning

General Hammond was not happy at all when he received orders that Janet Frazier was to be detained. While the president wanted to be fair and help them retrieve their lost comrade who was also his friend he was sadly forced to balance that against the potential security risk Janet now posed. It meant that until they had more details his CMO would not be allowed to leave the SGC once she returned. In a way George understood the reasoning. However he was also a bit angry at the orders that being said however he would follow them. Of course that did not mean he would not give his friend a fair warning. While he honestly believed the president would attempt to keep Janet safe he was equally certain that the NID would make a play to take her into custody. He also knew that the order he was given might also be a warning. He had been specifically told to tell Janet she was going to be held at the SGC for a time. It was enough to give her a chance to perhaps make alternative arrangements. Under normal circumstances he might be placing his base at risk however, orders were orders and he knew deep inside his heart that Hayes was giving Janet the option of not returning using the gate. After all if they had a ship they could technically fly to say the UK and she would not have to risk a detention. She did hold dual citizenship and she had been declared dead. So technically, it would not be desertion. Of course she would have to resign but…it did give her an option to stay out of the NID’s hands. One that George had a feeling that President Hayes wanted her to take at least for the short term. The Council being as connected as it was could keep her safe. It angered George that he and the president had to play such games. However until and unless the NID was taken down they had few options. The best he could do was warn his friend and CMO and hope that this did not cause them a problem with one of his nations firmest supporters.

“Well sir it looks like we have company.” Carter said.

Jack wanted to roll his eyes at that. However he could tell Carter was trying to ease his tension so he simply nodded. He noted that Janet’s so called family was alert even if they might appear to be relaxing. He could now see how truly dangerous they could be. They were deceptively normal in appearance but then again he and his team did not look all that threatening either and they had taken out numerous System Lords. He sighed and ran his hands through his hair.”Yeah, Baal had to crash the party. I hate when he does that.”
Xander and Buffy wandered over. “Yeah the big bads have no class these days they don’t even R.S.V.P.”

Buffy laughed at that and Jack O’Neill had to resist smirking. Ok maybe these kids weren’t all bad after all.

Chief Master Sergeant Philip Evreux of the Royal Marines read the coded message and cursed. He tore the paper up and rose. Looking leaving the communications center he walked toward the elevator. The duplicate message he received from the president was very clear. He had to warn the Council. While he was not a great fan of Rupert Giles or his so called Scooby gang they had saved the world many times. Philip appreciated that at least and the Giles family was one of the oldest in the Council. Hayes despite his position or maybe because of it as the president had warned them of the danger to Doctor Major Janet Frazier nee Giles and they had to be ready to help her. He walked toward his car. He had to be well away from the SGC to send his message to the Council. They would need to prepare an identity for the lost watcher. Perhaps it might be wise for Janet to remain deceased. It would certainly simplify matters if they could merely remove her from the Air Force. It would also make acquiring her daughter far easier for Rupert. Plus if she was dead then the NID could be dealt with. It would also mean that perhaps she could and would return as a Watcher which was a positive to his mind. Hopefully they could pull this off. Because how hard would it be to make a new identity or rather let Janet slip back into her old one? It would at least help the elders of the Council feel more secure because Janet had always been a stellar student and faithful to her studies and never strayed ok at least not until that mess with Ethan. In any case they had to know she was alive and that she was coming home.

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