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Inheriting Family

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Summary: Giles is related to Dr. Janet Frasier. Giles has inherited the guardianship for Cassie. This is post Sunnydale crater and deals with how some familes are made. How two groups of champions can become one.Beta: Genuka

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Stargate > Giles-Centered > Pairing: OtherFireWolfeFR185174,06925329195,3042 Jul 1016 Dec 13No

Part 47 Surprising Messages

Challenge 5430: Family Found
I know that there are a lot of SG/Buffy Crossovers that deal with one of the gang having family in the SG program. I would like this Story to be centered on Giles. He should be related to one of the SG people. McKay, Beckett, or Woolsey come to mind. Maybe even Janet Frasier. It might be interesting for Giles to inherit the guardianship for Cassie. This should be post Sunnydale crater and it should include the gang making Cassie a part of their family. I would like to see A Buffy/Giles pairing with Dawn becoming close to Cassie. I think she could use a sister closer to her age and a friend. It would be cool to see Cassie/ Connor or Cassie/Mini Jack, Dawn/Mini Jack or Connor. I would love to see the family Connor is placed with By WH be Giles. It would serve Angel right if Giles becomes his father figure.
I think the council should find a way to save Cassie from the bomb in her chest and perhaps make her a witch. I do not want her as a slayer.
Faith should take to mentoring the girls much too Buffy annoyance. Buffy will be more mature and calmer because of Giles influence.

Star Gate > Giles-Centered • Fire Wolfe • Responses [1] • Date Added [19 Apr 10]

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or worlds portrayed it this work of fan fiction. It is meant to be purely entertainment for anyone crazy enough to read it. The worlds and characters belong to their creators and corporations.

Monday, February 18, 2013

By: Fire Wolfe

Part 47 Surprising Messages

Chief Master Sergeant Philip Evreux of the Royal Marines message arrived at the Council House/Headquarters in London. The secured transmission was sent as soon as the message of Janet’s survival came through. The news would help clam a very upset council and it would also ease the worries of some of the elder watchers. Edmund Giles wheeled his chair into the communications room. He could not help the smile that came over him. He looked at the communications director and said. “Tell Philip we will arrange everything here. It may be wisest if they bring Janet and Cassandra directly here. It seems Henry is as wary of the National Intelligence Division as we are. You would think with his position he would have those fools under control by now.”

The communications director David Ward nodded. “Yes sir I would think so but perhaps he has no clear idea who is behind the corruption. Henry always was one who liked proof of something.”

“Yes, perhaps. I suppose that is logical. Then perhaps it is well he never heard of my demise of he would never believe I was alive now.”

The younger watcher grinned at that. Sir Edmund Philip Giles survival had been a rare fluke. He had a magical amulet on his person and used it to escape the explosion at the headquarters of the watchers council. However he had been injured badly and the place he had been transported to had only a few witches and minimal medical facilities. Due to the nature of the attacks and the uncertainty of the situation advanced medical help had not been immediate. He had paid dearly for that. While he was not a complete paraplegic he would never walk long distances again and he needed the chair for easier mobility.

The fact that all believe he was dead had saved him from assassins sent to eliminate any remaining council members. He had hidden until his son had already taken over the council. In fact outside of the coven only his queen and her consort had known of his survival something his wife had still not totally forgiven him for. However he had stayed dead as long as he had to keep her, Dee and Rupert safe. It had not been an easy choice but the seer Magdalene had warned it would be necessary to save his son and families lives. So he had stayed dead.

Not that he had honestly had a choice at first. He had been in a coma for two months before he awoke and by that time Edmund Giles had been dead and buried. Now he was still Edmund but he went by Darius Edmund Giles Black a distant cousin. He had even remarried his beloved wife. Fortunately or unfortunately the injuries he received had caused him to eventually need extensive plastic surgery and rehabilitation.

So no one who was not on or connected to the council knew he was alive. In fact only a handful of people knew the truth outside of his family, David had been told as his family had saved him. David’s mother Hannah was a powerful earth witch who had once been very close to a younger Edmund. Her mother Magdalene had not allowed the match saying that while they loved each other they were not each other’s soul mates. Both had railed against it but in the end their sense of duty forced them into different matches. However Hannah had not wanted him to be in danger so she had gifted him with an amulet that went on his watch. Its runes would bring him to her if he was every badly hurt. She had some medical training and she would not risk the man she loved. Well time went on and both actually found Magdalene was indeed correct their matches ended up being their soul mate. However first loves are never forgotten and they remained close friends. That friendship saved Edmund’s life. They had been close since they were children and that friendship had molded their entire lives.

He had taken David who was six month younger under his wing after Rupert left as the young man loved the Council. Sometimes Edmund could almost think of David as his own, not that he did not love his son but, David was what he had hoped for a son to follow in his footsteps. He sighed and pushed that thought aside it was not fair to compare the men. Because as much as he liked David the boy no man was not his, he was merely the son of his first love.

David watched Edmund Giles with care. He worried for his mentor. Of course he knew that his mother still had a soft spot for the watcher despite his choosing duty over their love. He even understood why Edmund made the choices he did. Hell he would have made the same ones. Of course he still wanted to kick his half brother in the ass for all the pain he had caused but, he knew that Edmund was a harsh taskmaster.

Hell he’d been hard to deal with as a mentor. As a father well he shuttered and got why Rupert had gone all Ripper. He was just glad he was the younger son and that his father never recalled the one night of drunken debauchery he and his mother had gotten up to. Of course it had been after learning that he had inherited the title and the council seat. His father had been grieving his own family and so had his mother. The two of them fell into each other’s arms. The result was himself and his twin sister Dara.

Of course his “Adopted Father” had never known or cared as he had adored Hannah. Hell David had four other siblings so he knew that his parent’s truly did love each other. He understood why his mother never told the truth and he agreed. He loved David Ward as his father and he loved his mother and was in many way's Edmund's opposite loving and indulgent to all his children.

So David just wisely took his birth father on as a mentor. He loved the old bastard but, he would never openly claim him as it would be too complicated. However he would keep him safe.

“Dara said she can have the papers ready in an hour Uncle Ed-Darius.” Recalling that he was supposed to use the man’s new name he had to keep him safe using the wrong name in the wrong company would cause complications.

“Good let your mother know she will want to check Janet over. I have to call Janelle and let her know about Janet and Cassandra coming here. I am certain she will want to have them stay with us at Brookes House. Oh and David call the PM and warn him about this situation we may need some cover. It is the least I can do for Rupert. He does not need to deal with the red tape this may cause.”

“Yes sir, I’ll do that at once. Shall I contact the coven as well? If Ethan Rayne is returning he may need some counseling. Plus Cassandra sounds powerful as well maybe as much as the Red Witch. Maybe she's a bit dangerous too.”

Edmund snorted that was like saying the Red Witch might be a little dangerous. Well maybe not so much now that she was mated and paired but it never hurt to have her check in and work with the coven too. It also made him think that a younger Ethan might need guidance as well, they had failed the young man and it would not do to make the same mistakes twice. “Yes, please do, we should also have them check his “son” just as a precaution.”

“Yes sir I can see your point.”

Edmund nodded and headed out to call his wife. He had mended fences but, he still was working on letting her know he did not deliberately try to hurt her. Sometimes he hated the choices he had made but one thing he never regretted was marrying his wife. Or at least now he did not. The Seer was right she was his soul mate. He may have loved David’s mother and a part of him still did but Janelle was the very air he breathed. He would not mess up again. If that meant contacting her a dozen times a day and letting her know what he could well so be it. Rupert was right about one thing it was past time they all cared for their families as much as they did the Council. Besides she’d skin him if he did not warn her to have the house perfect for a family visit. He had to admit he was looking forward to it. Because he could hardly wait to surprise his son; Rupert only knew his mother had remarried not that he was the husband. This prank was a fair trade for all the crap his son had put him through in his youth. Of course he had to be careful or his son’s own mate might make his demise reality. Buffy Summers was one tough lady he was not about to anger her even for a joke.

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