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Inheriting Family

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Summary: Giles is related to Dr. Janet Frasier. Giles has inherited the guardianship for Cassie. This is post Sunnydale crater and deals with how some familes are made. How two groups of champions can become one.Beta: Genuka

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Stargate > Giles-Centered > Pairing: OtherFireWolfeFR185174,06925330196,2092 Jul 1016 Dec 13No

Dark News

Challenge 5430: Family Found
I know that there are a lot of SG/Buffy Crossovers that deal with one of the gang having family in the SG program. I would like this Story to be centered on Giles. He should be related to one of the SG people. McKay, Beckett, or Woolsey come to mind. Maybe even Janet Frasier. It might be interesting for Giles to inherit the guardianship for Cassie. This should be post Sunnydale crater and it should include the gang making Cassie a part of their family. I would like to see A Buffy/Giles pairing with Dawn becoming close to Cassie. I think she could use a sister closer to her age and a friend. It would be cool to see Cassie/ Connor or Cassie/Mini Jack, Dawn/Mini Jack or Connor. I would love to see the family Connor is placed with By WH be Giles. It would serve Angel right if Giles becomes his father figure.
I think the council should find a way to save Cassie from the bomb in her chest and perhaps make her a witch. I do not want her as a slayer.
Faith should take to mentoring the girls much too Buffy annoyance. Buffy will be more mature and calmer because of Giles influence.

Bonus points if you can work in the AGA people. Faith/ Sheppard would be a great mix.
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or worlds portrayed it this work of fan fiction. It is meant to be purely entertainment for anyone crazy enough to read it. The worlds and characters belong to their creators and corporations.


By: Fire Wolfe
Beta: Genuka Who rocks as a beta.

Part One Dark News

The phone rang and Giles grabbed it. Years of living on the Hellmouth made him a very light sleeper. "Hello."

"Is this Dr. Rupert Giles?"

"Yes, it is."Giles said he looked over at the clock. He wanted to curse, as it was just now going on 6am. "How may I help you?"

"My name is General George Hammond. I am... was Doctor Frasier's commanding officer."The voice said. It was clear that the man in question did not want to be calling. Giles stiffened at the military title but, waited for an explanation.

"I regret to inform you that Dr. Janet Frasier has been killed in action. She listed you as her family and emergency contact for her daughter Cassandra."

Giles froze he had not talked to Janet in over three months. With the fall of Sunnydale and the rebuilding of the SWC he had little time. He had been keeping in touch through letters. Janet knew he had a recently taken a job as a top level diplomat for the British government and they had planned to get together soon to celebrate. Giles had meet Cassandra and found the child to be lovely and bright. He had readily accepted her as family. He froze as the implications of the call suddenly hit him. He swallowed hard and said. "When is the funeral General?"

"It will be in two days. Cassie is staying with a friend of Janet's for the moment. She listed as her guardian. "The last was said with clear disapproval.

Giles swallowed hard and said. "I will be there and, of course, I will be willing to take Cassandra in. Where shall we meet?"

General George Hammond was not happy with this situation. He had always thought of Janet's daughter Cassie to be family and never considered she might name a stranger from outside the program as Cassie's guardian. However, Janet had named this man Rupert Giles as her daughter's guardian and that was a concern because he did not know him. The president had been informed but he still had no orders yet. However, he was legally required to inform Dr. Giles. "If you will come to Colorado we can pick you up at the air port."

Giles knew there was something the general was not saying. However, he would play along. "We will be there General. I will fly in as soon as a flight can be arranged. "

"My number is 555-8887." Hammond said. "I will have someone come get you from the airport, once you send the details."

"Of course that will be fine."Giles replied. "Now if you will excuse me I have arrangements to make."

"Good bye for now, we will meet again."Hammond said hanging up. He had no sooner hung up his office phone when the red one rang.

Giles looked at the phone and felt a tear fall. Janet had been more than his younger cousin. She had been the one person in his family who had never judged him. She had never cared that he had been wild in his youth. She loved him for being Rupert. Giles had lived with the idea of death for many years. All watchers did. He had lost Buffy three times and it still scared him when she patrolled. Yet, somehow he had never considered he might out live Janet. She was a doctor and was not stationed anywhere dangerous. Yes, she was in the military but, as a doctor she should have been safe. He knew there was more going on than he had been told and he would find out. However, for the moment he had to clean up, dress and gets a flight to Colorado to go bury the only remaining blood family he truly cared about.

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