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Dawn Takes a Wrong Turn

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Summary: Dawn leaves out some of her portals gone awry when she reports back to her sister. These are her encounters.

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Multiple Crossings > Dawn-CenteredCathaignFR1331,849033,5603 Jul 102 Sep 10No

Chapter One

BtVS/ Sailor Moon Cross
Characters: Dawn/Three Lights
Chapter Summary: Dawn ends up in the PSSM world and observes.

Disclaimer: BtVS belongs to Joss. PSSM belongs to Naoko Takeuchi.

Dawn looked around, still slightly disoriented from her tranatlantic portal ride. She saw Tokyo Tower, so it looked like she was in the right place.

A shiver ran down her spine. It didn't fell like the right place.

Suddenly, a tall, garishly colored humanoid crashed through a nearby jewelry store.

["Give me your energy!"] It squealed in Japanese. The civillians around her started screaming, panicking. That stopped as soon as the monster thing shot tentacles from its/her arms.

'I wish my boobs looked that awesome without a bra,' thought Dawn as she dodged a tentacle aiming for her shoulder.

["Halt! How dare you inturrupt these people's pleasant day!I am Sailor Moon, champion of love and justice! In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!"] Rang out a high, young voice from above.

Dawn looked around to find it, and saw a teenage looking girl in a... truncated, space age school girl outfit. In primary colors. Standing on a light post.

Yeah, this didn't seem right. Dawn was fairly certain it was Thursday.

The creature responded, but between the obnoxiousness of its voice and her limited Japanese vocabulary, all she made out were the words wretched, girl, and mask.

And the girl responded back! Was this chick really a super hero?

More voices rang out, all with long speeches and planet names, until the lst three, which sounded in unison, and in an amalgamation of English.

"Starlight, stage on!"

These chicks, dressed in what Dawn thought was more appropriate as bondage gear, immediately startef attacking, which pushed the other eleven girls into action.

Dawn could have been impressed with their athleticism and power, combined with their teamwork, if they didn't dance around and yell out what they were doing before every attack. She started laughing though when the three bondage chicks yelled out their attacks.

["Star gentle uterus!"]

Tears began to roll down her face, she laughed so hard. Then, a piece of flying debris, possibly concrete,scratched her shoulder. She felt the familiar tugging of the portal power, and concentrated on her home dimension, where super heroes didn't give away tactical advantages and dress like something out of a high school boy's wet dream.

Dawn shook her head to clear it, and noted the familiarity of the surrounding energies. Locating Tokyo Tower lit up against the night sky, she smiled.

Then, a vampire tried to eat her. As she staked him -without unnecessary speeches or pink sparkles-, she thought, 'I am so never telling Buffy about this.'


*author's note- just to be clear, I'm a huge Sailor Moon fan. I hav been for years. I just thought it was funny that they, by giving these speeches and yelling out attacks, put themselve I'm more danger because they lose the element of surprise. Kunzite never had to yell out his attack, nor did Nephrite or Jaedite. Yeah.

Hope you enjoyed!
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