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Love Against all Odds

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Love Knows No Bounds". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: As the Master of Death, Harry expected odd things to happen. Falling for a vampire wasnt one of them

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Twilight > Non-BTVS/AtS StoriesXanderLuvsAllFR1564,8290810,4573 Jul 106 Apr 11No

Planning a War

A/N:Sorry I've been gone so long. Spring break is here so are more chapters for most of my stories.

All was well until on day some scouts out for blood returned with startling news, their was an army in Greece. An army of vampires. The scout had managed to discover that the few who had managed to escape Forks with their memories and loyalties unchanged had gathered others to them and told them what the Voltaire had done. All who heard it were furious and agreed to fight so as to be free of the tyrants. They believed that they could overpower the Voltaire with sheer number, despite all the powers of the Guard. A fact that Harry found sheer stupidity in thinking such a thing. Especially considering his power.As Harry would allow no one to take from or try to hurt his mate.

Aro began to organize the guard while Harry contemplated calling the wizard world for help, demanding it from them but Cauis somehow knew what he was thinking and put a stop to it. As in no way would Cauis allow his mate to go back to the ones who had so betrayed him. Still Harry wondered if perhaps he should as while he had faith that he could protect his mates and children, he was unsure if he could defeat a vampire army that reports said was bigger then the one in Seattle. Hundreds. How such an army had been created so quickly and without any warning was troubling but was not Harry's problem.

Harry's problem was that the only things he cared about was now in danger and he would not tolerate it, not again. Harry would never allow himself to lose anyone ever ever again. The coming army would not know what had hit them, the Master of Death would destroy them all for even contemplating being a threat to what was his. So Harry approached Aro and Marcus while Cauis was with the children and spoke to them in confidence.

"I think that this time it should be a show of brute force. Every single one of them should be wiped out, no saving some because of their power. The world needs to remember why they fear the Voltaire. They need to remember why you are only whispered about in respect and fear. They need to be reminded in such a way that they never ever forget why it is a bad idea to even contemplate being a threat to what is mine." As Harry spoke, his magic was pulsating all around him in his anger, destroying windows and anything in the room not nailed down. Aro was impressed and for the first time in milenia, he was afraid. As was Marcus, who was the first to speak.

"Calm down, young one. We will do it your way. Our kind seems to have forgotten what it means to challenge us..Perhaps because we have recently been merciful..No. We will kill every single one of them. It shall be a blood bath." Harry looked at Marcus in surprise, he had known the vampire for years and had never heard him speak so much or in such passion. Aro also looked at Marcus in amazement as his brother had not spoken like that since Aro had been forced to kill his beloved sister to keep Marcus at his side so many years ago. Still, Aro shook off his shock to focus on the plan.

"I agree with both of you.No mercy but I don't agree with what you are planning." Harry looks at Aro. He knew that Aro hadn't touched him and even if he hadn't, Aro's power didn't work on him. So how in Merlin did he know.Aro smirked at him."It wasn't difficult to figure out my little princling. You are after all a wizard and your planning the destruction of an army of vampires and doing it in secret without Cauis here. Meaning your planning on doing something he wouldn't like and he has spoken of his hatred of your world for all it did to you or didn't do to you as the case may be. That is the only thing I am aware of that holds his displeasure when it comes to you, other wizards. And I have no desire to have wizards in our business. Still..Your idea will work without them."

Harry wasn't so sure of that and was about to say so when the door opened and Alice came in with Jasper, her mate and ever hovering bodyguard. Harry couldn't think of a single instance where he had seen one without the other. Not that he could comment as this little adventure of his was the longest he had ever been away from both Cauis and Edward. Alice moved to our side and did her little curtsy she always insisted on doing in our presence. No one forced her to do it but she always did it for what ever reason. Edward said she had always been eccentric.

"The decision that was just made will cause the vampire army to lose and I....saw that my..former family is the one that is leading it..Along with the werewolves."That got Harry's attention. His views were clouded by Cauis, who hated them as they had almost managed to kill him centuries ago, which filled Harry with righteous fury at the mere thought that he had almost lost his mate before he was even born. That he would never have even met Cauis and lived his eternal life alone, without the one he loves beyond all others.And even before meeting Cauis, Harry had only ever met one good wolf and that was Remus, the others he had met had been like Fenrir. Utterly evil. So to deal with them in the army was an annoyance.

Still perhaps Harry would be able to destroy them all with one little Silverous, the spell that shot silver. It was designed by Lucian Malfoy in the 14th century, it killed werewolves almost instantly. Alice looked at Harry and frowned, causing Harry to look sharply at her, wondering if Chelsae's little loyalty change was failing at the prospect of the death of the Cullens. It would also explain why the Cullens were doing this in the first place when they should believe that their members left willing. Harry focused solely on Alice and used his magic so he would know if she lied.

"Why are the Cullens attacking us?"Alice looked at him.

"The wolves were unaffected by what you and Chelsae did to the others and were able to inform them of the truth. The Romanian were also able to shake it off somewhat on their own. So they come to get revenge for the violation and to get us back..Not that we want to go back. We are loyal to you and you alone."And despite the fact that Jasper had moved slightly in front of her and was preparing to be attacked, every word that Alice spoke was the truth. Still Aro moved forward and reached for her hand. Which she offered willing. Aro stayed with her had for several minutes, as always fascinated by all that she saw. While it just gave Harry a headache to imagine seeing all the things that could possibly be. The sheer number was simply astronomical.

After a while though, Aro pulled away and nodded."This course of action will lead us to our victory. Very good, Harry."Smiled at him then walked out, needing to return to my mates and children's side as we had been apart far to long.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Love Against all Odds" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Apr 11.

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