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Love of a Different Kind

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Love Knows No Bounds". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander sought freedom from his life and instead got involved in a whole new set of problems

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Anita Blake > Xander-CenteredXanderLuvsAllFR1564,7910719,6763 Jul 107 Apr 11No


Trying t0 explain Drac to Edward was in no way fun and Tara was no help what so ever as she couldn't help but to laugh. It had been hilarious watching Dracula try to seduce Buffy and Xander at the same time and watching both of them become almost 'love sick.' Romantic as well when Xander overcame Dracula's mind games because of love for Anya. Never before had Tara seen the true force of love until that moment and had been truly amazing. Still their behavior until that moment had been great. So while Tara was happily remembering, Xander was trying to explain to Edward while preventing him from going off in a killing rampage.

Edward was trying very hard not to overreact to all this new information about his lovers but it was really hard. Xander had been messed with by Dracula, the Dracula. He had known that Xander's life was truly fucked up by that was really different. After everything Edward had faced, it shouldn't be possible for him to be surprised but he was constantly but everything Xander had lived threw and even Tara to a lesser extent. That they were both sane and relatively normal made it simply beyond amazing in Edward's mind. The fact that he had experienced far less and was willing to admit that he was not quite all there made it impressive as hell.

It didn't mean he wouldn't hunt that Stoker bastard down and keeping killing him until he found a permanent solution. No one touched what was his. Not Xander, not Tara, not the kids, not Donna or her kids. All of them were his to protect even if most of them didn't need it, he would protect them. As those government idiots learned a month ago when they tried to hire him to assassinate Xander to get at the girls. Edward had managed to discover that they were working with someone named Twilight and they feared the Slayer army before he finally killed them after an extensive session of 'talking'. He had yet to tell Xander or Tara about any of it. Wasn't planning on it either until he got all the facts. So Dracula would learn and soon.

Xander just sighed at Edward's expression and knew he was no longer listening to him. Was probably planning on how to hunt Drac done and kill him which he didn't want. It may be what was left of what Drac had done but Xander had no desire to see him dead under any circumstance. Xander was attached to him on a certain level and was unwilling to change it, Drac was harmless. Xander wouldn't tolerate him to live if he wasn't after all. No threat great or small could come within a state's distance of his Family without dying a most horrible death. Xander sighed.

"Well, since your obviously not listening to me at all, I might as well stop. After one last thing, don't go after Drac. I don't want him dead." And with one last kiss, Xander rose and went to the library. Where eh spent hours reading until Samantha came into the room. She smiled at him and sat beside him.

"What are you reading, Xander?" He tipped the book at her so she could see the cover, The Three Musketeers. Xander loved Dumas above almost all authors, save for Shakespeare and Dickens. She laughed." I love all of the movies, though Disney's is my fav by far..Never read the book though, to busy reading magic books...and romance. My guilty pleasure."Xander laughed, he could easily picture her curled up reading some cliche romance book. While Serena was series and focused, Samantha had a tendency to
be off in the clouds.She was always having her own little dreams, kinda like JD from Scrubs. It made her unique and he loved her for it.

The twins were his children almost as much as his actual children, even with the age difference not being very big. A fact that they used to their advantage to get away with things as they were both incredibly mischievous. Just like Serena from Bewitched they were partly named after. Ironically though it was Samantha that was the most mischief though, maybe because she had magic as well as strength. The only known Slayer to ever have magic. The Council had believed that the mystic power that made a Slayer a Slayer had prevented magic from being able to 'settle' in Potentials. So how Samantha could be a witch was beyond anyone's understanding.

Samantha looked at him and smirked, suspecting what he was thinking but then she grew serious for once."Xander...I know whats going on....The bond between you and those you were with yesterday.And I .....know that you don't want anything to do with them because of Tara but...I read up on bonds of all kinds and they are not something you can ignore...Not without severe consequences, perhaps even death or insanity....You have to find out what type of bond it is...Learn if its necessary to be in their presence
always as is common in a lot of bonds..You need to know this and so many other things before the bonds force things."

Xander looks at her wearily and wishes for the first time that she would just go away and never come back. He wasn't ready to face any of this. Sure he had let Nathaniel stay here but that was different on a level that he couldn't explain. Xander just didn't want to deal with the others he was now bound to, in any shape or form. Sadly though Xander knew that Samantha was right and he had to deal with it now before it became an issue that he could not control. So with a sigh, he rose and moved to where Edward was.

"I need Anita's number." Edward gave it to him and Xander picked up the phone. It was time.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Love of a Different Kind" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Apr 11.

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