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Love of a Different Kind

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Love Knows No Bounds". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander sought freedom from his life and instead got involved in a whole new set of problems

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The Before

Disclaimer: I don't own any of it. Love to but Xander and all the others belong to their creators

As the only son and heir of James Alexander Harris-Montgomery-Orleans, a member of the Blessed Family. Which was a family that can traces it line back three thousand years and have always had good luck. Which is why all royalty in Europe have always had Blessed blood in them, and its why James was the richest man in the world, a trillonaire. Alexander, Xander as he prefers to be called was expected to be great, especially as his mother was Elena Isabella Kennedy-Medici, the only daughter of Bobby Kennedy and Maria Medici.

Xander had the greatest education while still being a normal child. Going to school, having friends and living as much a normal life as possible. Until at age ten he lost his parents to an assassin bomb. He was devastated but vengeful.

He called his uncle, Lorenzo, Duke of Florence and asked for vengeance. Hours after his parents death, twenty-two people were dead. All assassins. Lorenzo took custody of Xander but allowed him to stay in Sunnydale, at his ancestral castle. Xander buried himself in a clown persona, burying his emotions deeply.

Five years later Xander met Buffy and lost Jesse, discovering a new world in the process. The next few years were chaotic. Especially that first Halloween, where Xander dressed up as Pagan.

A character that Xander and Jesse created, a being of unlimited power. For he was a part of all DC and Marvel characters and thus had all powers of them. Thanks to Ethan, Xander became beyond powerful, beyond omniscient. He Became godly. And because he was changed so radically once the spell ended, he stayed that way. As nothing could undo it now. Then Xander met Faith and everything changed.

They 'came together' just once and created the Prophesied Eternal -Trinity. An impossibility as Slayers are incapable of having children. While Faith lay in her coma, a Cesarean was done and they came out. Lucius James Alexander, Hope Elena Trinity and Isabella Catherine Marie Harris-Montgomery-Orleans-Kennedy-Medici. The Eternal-Trinity would bring about eternal peace. They would change the universe. All that are evil wanted to kill him.

Taking care of children, going to school, controlling his family's hundreds of businesses and fighting/protecting the World wasn't easy. But he did it. And he fell in love with Anya and then married her two years later. Another was added after Willow made them all forget. Tara. Anya and Xander took Tara to their bed and we were happy.

Even more so when Anya gave birth to twins: Julian Thor Pagan and Julianna Valkyrie. They were powerful, of course but not like the Trinity. Evil didn't come in mass to kill them. Everything was going well until Warren came, shot Buffy and Tara. Xander saved Tara, preventing her from leaving him. Us.

Willow saved Buffy then went after Warren. She may have lost Tara to Xander, something that cost him her friendship. Which he willingly sacrificed for Tara's love. Willow lost Tara but wasn't about to let anyone hurt her.

So she got vengeance and Giles came to take her to the Coven. She healed. Then the First came and eventually we learned it was because of us. Because of us bringing Buffy back. We prepared to fight while a pregnant Tara was sent away with the children and Dawn. When Faith arrived Xander refused point blank to be alone with her or to tell her about the children. Telling her that he would never allow someone like her near his children. Nor would the Powers.

Eventually Buffy came up with the idea of empowering the Slayers and though he mourned for them he agreed. Willow and he did the spell. Connecting Xander to thousands of girls. Then he vaporized the bad vamps and thus destroying Sunnydale and absorbing the Hellmouth into me. Afterwords Xander learned of Anya's death and was devastated.

The next few years we gathered the Slayers to them while the USA granted vamps legality. Expect for the Slayers, of course. No one in the government wanted to go after Xander's girls after all. They weren't that stupid.

Five years after that he was tired of this life so he decided to leave it for a while. Buffy and Willow were sick and disgusted by what they viewed as his cowardice. So Xander turned them into ants until he was gone. Giles and Dawn understood and gave him their blessing. Tara, the children (all eight of them) and he left. Touring the world until we landed in St. Louis and decided to stay there for a while.
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