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Lost Connections

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Summary: What if Death was more then Buffy's Gift? What if he was her father? What if immortality is a family trait? BetaedSiti Noor Adilla

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherFireWolfeFR184961,76911164119,5883 Jul 1014 May 14No

Part 40 Bad tidings

Lost Connections
Disclaimers: Please See Part One

Friday, October 05, 2012
Part 40 Bad tidings

The door bell rang which in and of itself was highly unusual. Xander rose from the couch and moved with caution. He suddenly had a really bad feeling about this. He looked over at his mother who was watching tv. She seemed to be sober and really quiet. That had bugged him a lot. It was such a rarity these days the sober part anyway. He looked through the peek hole and froze. It was Joyce, Willow, Howard along with Giles. This so was not of the good.

He opened the door and said.”What’s happened? Why so glum?”

“Xander we have some new….it is not good.” Giles said. He did not ask to come in but he pulled his glasses off and began to clean them. Xander stood side and they all entered. He was worried but even so he would not invite them in it was after dark.

“What has happened?”

“Xander it’s about your father…” Giles stopped as he saw Jessica. He paused and looked at Xander. “We should talk in private.”

“Sure Giles come on into the kitchen. I can make us some coffee. I’m afraid we don’t have tea.”

“Coffee is fine Xander.” Giles said with a sad smile. Even now the boy was trying to be supportive.
Joyce wanted to weep. She saw Jessica had fallen asleep in the chair. However she looked peaceful for once and it tore at Joyce’s heart that they had to do what this, however Xander had to be warned and they had to keep him and his mother safe and secure. She followed Xander and the others into the kitchen.

Xander made the coffee and then looked at his mentor. “Spill Giles, I can take it.” Xander looked at Willow who was pale and looked about ready to cry. She and Joyce had him worried.

“Yes I suppose you can … only I’m not sure I can.”

Willow ran forward and hugged him hard. “Buffy and Cordy would have come but we have an emergency. There is a monster at the Mall.”

“Ah huh and this is a problem why? Oh yeah it’s the Mall I’m sure the girls are freaking out.”

Willow smiled sadly ”Yeah its bad but….Xander that’s not t he problem. Ah….Oh hell mouth. Its your dad.”
“Huh? What has Tony done now? I mean he is a mean drunk and all but that hardly calls for Queen C much less the slayer?”

“No Xander Adam…Adam got your dad and he killed him and made him….” Willow began to cry.

Xander’s eyes grew wide as the implication hit him. He suddenly felt faint. “Tony….he’s the monster as in one like we deal with?”

“Yes Xander. I’m so sorry.” Joyce said.

Xander looked at Giles for some reprieve and saw only sadness.

“Right ok, so we go stop him and put and end to this. Ah…we have to slay him right? No soul?” There was almost a pleading in his voice.

“Xander…he’s gone and he’s part machine and other demons. I….I don’t think we could save what was left of Tony.” Giles said sadly,”Willow thought of the soul restoring spell but, a mean drunken Tony in a monster’s body…he could hurt you or your mum without meaning to and ….we cannot take the risk.”

Xander nodded sadly and then left the kitchen to compose himself he came back carrying an ax. “Ok then. My dad my problem lets go stop this before he trashes the Mall. Cordy and Buffy would never let me live that down.”

Willow could tell he was fighting tears so she simply grabbed him and hung him tight. Xander held her for a moment then pushed her back. “Will we gota go.”

“Yeah, we do.” She agreed and they headed out. Xander glanced at his now sleeping mother wondering what he would tell her. He sighed and put that off. At least now Tony would not and could not hit her again.

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